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Monday, December 15, 2014

Forever Friends Live Show

We have not really actively participated in a cartoon character live show performed at a shopping mall before. There were only a few occasions when we just happened to chance upon a performance halfway. Since there was one today about Forever Friends at the right timing after our lunch, I decided to let the girls have a go at it, sitting from the beginning to the end of the show. (The eldest claimed to have outgrown such things. LOL) 

Jayna was very excited and even bothered to follow the dance steps. You can check out the video below for that. *wink* Jaide was far more reserved and kept wanting me to carry her throughout the show. It seems like she is still a little afraid of those human-sized character costumes! Jayna also tried to win the prize at the end of the show by raising her hands to answer the questions but she could not be as fast as the older kids around her. Poor dear... she looked about to cry from disappointment. *sobz* 

At least, we have a photo during the meet-and-greet session later on to remember by.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Great Travellers

This is my fleet:
Joram sits in the stroller,
the girls hold the sides of the stroller,
and Joash walks beside me

Without the luxury of a car, our family is very well-versed in going all over Singapore via the public transport. We also avoid taking the cab unless we are running late (which does not happen often because I buffer a lot of time for unforeseen circumstances) or that the destination is inaccessible by train or bus. 

However, when I am going around during the weekdays alone with the kids, I avoid pushing the children's limit by selecting places nearer home. Yesterday, I decided to test out taking a 1 hour train ride to visit a friend. This was the first time I went on such a long journey without my husband around to help in case of fussy kids. 

To my surprise, they behaved extremely well after all that training with shorter trips. They either played games with one another or simply enjoyed the scenery. At one point, all of them even dozed off together! Of course it helped that we had seats on the way there. But they merely complained a little about being tired from standing too long when we hit peak hour traffic coming home. All in all, it was a good experience. Thank God for such great travellers!!!

The usual formation is rather wide so when the path is narrow, I will say "quack quack" and the children will follow behind me in a single file with the oldest being the rear guard. Just like goslings waddling behind the mother goose, hence the code words. LOL When the coast is clear, I will pause in my walking and wait for them to fall back into the original fleet formation.

The "quack quack" formation

There will come a day when all these will become unnecessary because Joram will one day outgrow the stroller and the younger two will eventually not need to hold my hands to cross roads safely. In the meantime, I shall enjoy traveling all over the country with my darling children sticking close to me. 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Joram the Overcomer

Enjoying his baby biscuits

It is hard for people to understand my euphoria at the fact that Joram is finally able to eat table food and self-feed biscuits at 19 months old. For the longest time, due to his hypersensitivity gag reflex, he could not tolerate the slightest texture in his food. Even during the Frozen party a few weeks ago, he actually vomited his entire lunch after gagging on a little piece of raisin which he was so eager to try. 

I had been blending his porridge and feeding him baby cereal and jar food despite his age. Imagine my tears of joy when I retired my hand blender for good and put the thermal flask, which I used to bring out his blended porridge, into cold storage the other day. Eating out with him is now so much easier as we can order normal porridge or mix soup into rice with very cut-up vegetables and meat for him. 

I thank God that despite his aversion to texture, he had been rather willing to try new stuff while I attempted to get him used to eating different things. He cooperated with me even as I gradually pushed the boundary of the viscosity and coarseness of food he could take without emptying the contents of his stomach. Of course, there were many times when I didn't observe him closely enough and had tons of cleaning up to do after he gagged one time too many. 

The days of massive cleaning up and huge laundry loads are finally over. Joram has indeed overcome! Praise the Lord!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Joram on Trampoline

On the way to Amped Trampoline with backpacks!

Joram got to try the trampoline for the first time! Unfortunately, he refused to nap at his regular time slot and became overtired and cranky for the most part of the hour there. Thankfully, he did seem to enjoy the first 15 min there before exhaustion got the better of him.

What a new feeling this is!

Can I just jump down from here?

Let me try running on this...

Joram did not get the hang of bouncing so I did the bouncing for him. Watch his delight at the new sensation. Heh heh...

This was also the first time I tried the trampoline. In the few minutes I had to myself, I managed to do some star jumps and somersaulting into the foam pit three times. Here's a video of my newbie efforts.

Frozen Tea Party

Previously, I hosted an Elsa tea party for the girls. This time, my friend hosted a Frozen tea party for everyone! Yay!!! It was so much fun... *double grin*

Queen Elsa

Princess Anna

Olaf the snowman

Sven the Reindeer

Lovely house decor

Delicious food

Snowflake craftwork

There was even a pinata!

Hunting for numbers to
exchange for presents.

What a lovely Frozen corner!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Preparing for Advent

I've been wanting to do an Advent (the season preceding Christmas) curriculum with my children for many years but I've spent the past year-ends either pregnant or busy with Christmas outreach. I'm finally available this year to design a program to help the kids to understand Christmas better. Yay!

In preparation, we put up the Christmas tree to hold the ornaments we'll make. Each ornament will teach the true meaning behind a certain Christmas symbol. Since the older two are mature enough, they were the ones who decorated the tree with a little help from me. *beam*

Diligently spacing out the decorations

Admiring their handiwork

All done!

And of course, to enhance the Christmas atmosphere, I put up other decorations elsewhere in the home too.

Finally some use for the foil balloon given by a classmate.

I've seen some people make a thanksgiving jar but I fear the younger ones breaking it accidentally. Thus, I make do with a thanksgiving board instead. 

The board is so glossy
that it looks like a mirror!

Check out the glow-in-the-dark stars!

There will be 13 lessons leading up to Christmas. We are examining how the birth of Christ fulfils the Old Testament prophecies, using the verses from this WEBSITE. To drive home the point for each lesson, we will be making ornaments, relevant to the lesson, to hang on the Christmas tree. 

I pray that the children will enjoy the program and may it deepen their understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jaide is Three!

When I asked Jaide how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, she gave me a blank look. I tried giving her suggestions but she didn't respond at all. That was really strange considering how strong-willed she is and how she normally has very clear opinions about things. In the end, she looked relieved after I said that I'll plan it for her. 

So off we went to the airport to celebrate her 3rd natal day. I heard that there was a new FOC indoor playground at Terminal One so that was where we went. Jaide thoroughly enjoyed the place as you can see her obvious delight in the video below.

6 Pairs of Shoes!!!

Jaide: "I love this place!"

There seemed to have been a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme going on at the airport. God surprised us with people giving us their receipts so that we could clock enough to redeem a Minnie Mouse soft toy, let Joash and Jayna have a go at the bouncy castle and lots of tickets for the T3 Slide! Thank God for his wonderful birthday gift!

Minnie for the birthday gal

Birthday cupcake
(She chose the flavour herself)

The two whose height
qualified for the castle

Napping with Minnie

The thing that I was hoping for Jaide to be able to do was to try the T3 slide. She was too afraid previously. Thankfully, she was willing to give it a shot when I told her I would accompany her. After two trips down, she was okay to do it on her own, albeit with Minnie for company. You go, girl!

My brave little girl

Going down....

Kids Pose!

We ended the day with dinner at Pizza Hut. Jaide absolutely adores her Minnie Mouse. I'm just so glad to have been able to get it for her as a birthday gift. Praise be to the Lord!