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Thursday, April 11, 2019


My older kids' primary school gives out character pins to students who exhibit the traits which the school encourages them to cultivate. My no. 2 has been doing very well in this area and was awarded with 4 of those pins: Ambition, Self-discipline, Integrity and Respect. When no. 3 entered P1 last year, she clinched the Perseverance pin, demonstrating how she can use her head-strong personality for good. Now, we are only left with the last pin Empathy to form the word A.S.P.I.R.E. which is the full set of values the school embraces. I wonder if Joram will be the one getting that when he goes primary school next year...

Successful Bike Trip

OTW at a traffic junction

We haven't had the chance to go cycling ever since I started serving in the youth ministry which falls on Saturdays, the day we go normally on our family bike trips. So I took one Saturday off to finally take the whole family to Chinese Garden. The first time we went there last June, I took only the older two and we didn't have the time to explore the place, except for the first pagoda. This time, we manage to all ride our bikes there and went around as a family. I'm so glad that Joram has developed the stamina and ability to go such a long way from home. As oppose to our first destination at Little Guilin, this outing was much more enjoyable. 

As mentioned before, I got down to buying a foldable bicycle online since renting has become so difficult. I also purchased a big cupboard to keep it as the bicycle shed is already full with the children's bikes. It worked pretty well so we are getting one for Joshua too before all the bike rental company go bust. 

Me and my spanking new ride

All 4 kids at the top

Family Photo!!!

Joram admiring the scenery

Struggling against gravity

All our bikes parked together

A bird photo-bombed us! LOL

Spotted a monitor lizard

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Early Valentine's Day

Today, Joshua picked me up from my part-time work place so that we can have an early Valentine's Day celebration. We started the evening with a lovely dinner at White Kitchen where they sell the nicest yakisoba I've ever tasted and Joshua's newly discovered favourite drink, Summer Coconut, whereas my preferred drink was Okinawa milk tea with pudding, bought from Share Tea after our meal. Despite choosing 30% sugar level, my tea was still too sweet for me. It was perhaps due to the pudding. Looks like I'll have to go for zero sugar the next time I buy this beverage. 

This is so yummy!
I must remember to ask them to
withhold the sesame seeds next time.

After that, we went to watch The Lego Movie, the second part. We found the long corridor to the toilets, fraught with flickering lights, super creepy and I decided to star in my own horror movie! Bwahahaha!!! I asked Joshua to take a few short clips of me standing under the damaged bulbs from various distances. Then, I used an app to put them together with spooky filter, included some scary music and voila! Trailer for the latest horror movie acted by yours truly! *wink* On hindsight, I should have ditched my bags to make it even more convincing...

We ended off the night by challenging the special super spicy chilli sauce that goes with Eng's wanton noodles. I could only take a few bites before passing the rest of the bowl to Joshua to finish up. Hur hur hur...

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Movie Marathon

How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy

We did reunion lunch in advance on Saturday this year. Learning from last year's mistakes, our portion estimate was better though I still had enough leftover ingredients to cook for dinner. After the sumptuous steamboat meal, we watched the first "How to train your dragon" movie, followed by tea break and then watching the second installation. We finish up our fried rice and fishball soup before heading down to the theatres to watch part 3 on the big silver screen. 

This was the first time we attempted such a feat! We all enjoyed the strong sense of continuity very much and got to fully appreciate the development of the characters throughout the trilogy. Joram, being the youngest, was pushed to his limit since we ended the day later than usual. He got cranky the next day from tiredness despite being allowed to sleep in. 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Belated Celebration

On the actual day of our 12th wedding anniversary, both Joshua and I were really busy. I had a ministry function to attend while he had responsibilities at our cell group gathering. We even had to rush down to an advanced reunion dinner with my parents in the evening. It was really sweet of him to plan a song item right after our function with a dear friend who was one of the "brothers" for our wedding and is also currently in the same worship ministry as me. 


Even though I thought that last week's surprise was enough of a celebration, Joshua still wanted us to have a proper one with just the two of us just as we did in the past years. I'm so glad that my MIL moved in with us so it is so much easier now to ask her to eyeball the kids while we went out for a half-day date after church yesterday. 

After a sumptuous lunch at our favourite Shabu Shabu Hotpot place, we headed down to The Rink. All this while, whenever I bring the children to ice-skate, I would either be taking care of a baby at the spectator seats or too busy helping the younger ones learn to skate to enjoy it myself. We took this opportunity to go there by our carefree selves.

After that, we went around trying different types of interesting beverages which we have always wanted to try but had not the time or presence of mind to do so in our daily grind. They were really worth the extra sugar we consumed except for the one from KE茶. It looks pretty but it is simply lychee flavoured ice water with colouring from butterfly pea flower...

Despite the fact that I know those toy crane machines are rigged to stop anyone from actually catching the plushie, I still wanted to experience the thrill of the chase just once. I happily wasted $40 in total playing them, till the guy in charge of the place took pity on me and opened the machine to place a cute little squeaky toy near the edge of the drop zone so that I could simply nudge it down! ROFL At least I got a souvenir. Hahaha...

Finally, we ended the night with a Japanese anime movie "I want to eat your pancreas". I saw the poster and I was suddenly inspired for us to imitate the characters. Joshua's pose was super easy to do but mine was next to impossible to replicate. I had to tiptoe, stretch my arms behind me, arch my back and turn my head backwards all at the same time!!! We took the shot for each other and I pieced the two halves together. It's a little off but that's the best I can do using the photo app on the phone to do cropping. *sweat*

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Family Bike Trip

After the successful experiment at East Coast Park, Joram is ready to go for a real bike trip with the rest of the family! *clap clap clap* We all cycled to Little Guilin almost 2km away from our home. Previously, only the older two went with me while Joshua stayed behind with the younger two to practice riding around our neighbourhood. This time, the whole gang could travel there together in a single file. 

To my dismay, the ofo bikes which Joshua and I have been renting are getting harder and harder to find. It took walking a few streets away to find them when there used to be so many of them just downstairs. We are now contemplating buying our own bicycles but I'm still figuring out where to store them...

Anyways, the children were rather disappointed with the place because it was terribly hot and the cobbled paths around the granite lake made it difficult to move around on our bikes. Looks like the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, where I rode to with the big brother and big sister in the past, were more appropriate destinations. That shall be where we'll go for our next family bike trip.

Thursday, December 27, 2018


The boys in the family have not gone to Kidzania before so I planned a family outing there as a final hurrah for our year-end holiday. So, off the six of us went! I still hadn't recovered from my week-long illness so it was a struggle for me to last throughout the physically taxing day. However, the eager smiles of my four darling children made my sacrifice all worthwhile! Here are some super adorable photos of Joram trying his hands at some of the jobs.

Joram activating his bank card