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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Family Bike Trip

After the successful experiment at East Coast Park, Joram is ready to go for a real bike trip with the rest of the family! *clap clap clap* We all cycled to Little Guilin almost 2km away from our home. Previously, only the older two went with me while Joshua stayed behind with the younger two to practice riding around our neighbourhood. This time, the whole gang could travel there together in a single file. 

To my dismay, the ofo bikes which Joshua and I have been renting are getting harder and harder to find. It took walking a few streets away to find them when there used to be so many of them just downstairs. We are now contemplating buying our own bicycles but I'm still figuring out where to store them...

Anyways, the children were rather disappointed with the place because it was terribly hot and the cobbled paths around the granite lake made it difficult to move around on our bikes. Looks like the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, where I rode to with the big brother and big sister in the past, were more appropriate destinations. That shall be where we'll go for our next family bike trip.

Thursday, December 27, 2018


The boys in the family have not gone to Kidzania before so I planned a family outing there as a final hurrah for our year-end holiday. So, off the six of us went! I still hadn't recovered from my week-long illness so it was a struggle for me to last throughout the physically taxing day. However, the eager smiles of my four darling children made my sacrifice all worthwhile! Here are some super adorable photos of Joram trying his hands at some of the jobs.

Joram activating his bank card

Willing Hearts

We continued with our family tradition of giving back to our community for Christmas as our heartfelt thankfulness towards Jesus. This year, a CG mate planned the trip down to Willing Hearts' food kitchen. A pity, Joram and I fell sick so the both of us could not help out in the end which resulted in Joshua going with the older three to do lots of packing for the organisation. Another sad thing was that our family also did not manage to do our annual Orchard Road Christmas lights tour since the family organiser (me lah) was bedridden. A "silent night" for us indeed...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

First Ice-skating

This is Joram's and his second sister's first ice-skating experience! *applause* It was quite challenging to watch over 4 kids and actively guide TWO young newbies at the same time and I'm thankful that God protected all of us from any harm. In fact, I was already tired after making sure everyone was wearing their skates properly. *sweat* We rented two penguins for the younger ones and those skating aids were pretty heavy for me to handle too...

The older two had prior experience so I left them mostly to fend for themselves. Joram and his Er Jie took some time to get used to moving around on skates with the penguins. My youngest boy was really quite the daredevil and required very little supervision after the initial tentativeness despite my expectation that he would need more assistance than his older sibling. Naturally, both of them required a short break at halftime due to the unfamiliar exertion. I'm so glad that towards the end of our two-hour slot, they could do without the penguin although Joram looked more like he was "ice-walking" rather than ice-skating! ROFL You can check out the video below to see what I mean. :P

So exciting!

All geared up and ready to go!

I can skate by myself

Left to their own devices

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

HomeTeamNS Pool

I originally wanted to take the kids to the Laser Quest again at HomeTeamNS. However, they are having a corporate event today, so no walk-ins allowed. Instead, I brought them to their swimming pool. It was nothing fantastic but the kids still had fun making up their own games especially since we basically had the whole water playground to ourselves. 

Since the water was so shallow, my elder daughter took the chance to master floating on her back. She tried teaching her sister but to no avail. Sadly, the boys were simply too scared to try. In fact, my older girl seemed to be the bravest as she was also the only one willing to go under the huge water bucket when it tipped over and emptied its contents.

Our tickets
Not really worth spending the $9

Hiding within the water "shield"

Joram was thrilled with the
police and fire department
theme of the playground

Floating along...

All dried up and ready
to cab home and bathe

Sunday, December 2, 2018

ECP Bike Trip

After training just riding around in our neighbourhood for a couple of months, we experimented letting Joram ride to a coffeeshop a few streets away with Joshua to buy dinner. It seemed that he had developed enough skill and stamina for longer distance. 

Thus, we decided to test him out at East Coast Park where the route is quite straightforward and easier for him to manage and focus on endurance. It turned out pretty well. He could cycle all the way from the bicycle shop to the Bedok Jetty and then back again, albeit much slower than the rest of us. He definitely clocked more than 5km.

We were there with another CG family and we especially enjoyed the company. I prepared some simple picnic food for dinner and the children had fun together at the Marine Cove playground afterwards.

Here's a short clip of Joram riding the rented bike. I took the video one-handedly while I was cycling behind him. It was truly a test of my balancing skills and dexterity! *sweat*

Picnic Dinner: Coloured rice-balls,
seasoned corn, sausage octopus/crab,
scrambled eggs and braised broccoli

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Our adorable angel

Joram truly brings to our family much joy with his adorable antics. Even when he throws a tantrum, his response to our efforts to handle him is simply so cute. There are many laugh-till-our-eyes-tear situations and here's one hilarious moment.

I was hugging both my girls who were sitting on my right and left during lunchtime. Joram saw it and became jealous. He started crying saying that he desperately wanted me to hug him too. Since I was sandwiched at the wall seats, I couldn't move over to the dear boy sitting opposite me. Joshua and his older brother, seated beside, attempted to appease him by offering to do the hugging instead but to no avail. He even refused the "remote" hug from me (yes, we invented such a thing in our family) and continued sobbing miserably as if there's no consolation. Finally, Joshua told him, "Your oreo cheesecake is coming soon!"

The moment he heard that, his face lit up and he started look around with his eyes big as saucers. His reaction was so immediate and the change so drastic that the whole family burst into mad laughter. Ah, my dear Joram, may you always remain so endearing to us.