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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Bread Factory Tour

A CG mate organised an excursion to the Gardenia Bread Factory. Since they had a minimum age policy, I could only bring the older three along. To help Joram get over his disappointment in not being able to join us, I asked Joshua to bring him to a small indoor playground instead. We took a chartered bus down together with 40 other people. 

On our way...

The first part was a simple introduction to the variety of bread produced by the company. Then, there was a video about the history of the brand. It was an eye opener for the children to enter the actual factory later on. They were shocked at the smell because other than the aroma of the baking bread, they said it reminded them of garbage. I had to explain to them that it was the smell of the yeast mixed into the dough at the first stage of production. They were pretty amazed at the size of the giant bread cooler. Sadly, photo-taking was not allowed in the factory. Before we left, the kids insisted on buying bread from the vending machine despite already having goodie bags of bread given to us by the organisers. *faintz* 

Video explanation

Bread vending machine

Meanwhile at Big Box...

Saturday, December 9, 2017

BB Nature Park

Because God was gracious to us for providing the perfect cooling weather for trekking, I decided to show mercy to my children by letting all four of them come along for this outing. I had half a mind to just bring along Joram, the most obedient child. Joshua originally took leave to babysit the naughty kids at home but ended up having the rare chance to join us! We had so much fun exploring nature with our CG mates, spotting quite a few interesting native flora and fauna along the way.



Brothers strolling side by side

Checking out the brook

Posing with a tree growing
on top of a boulder

Looking out towards the quarry lake

We ended the excursion at the sand playground and the children went nuts playing together there. Meanwhile the adults set up camp nearby to have our huge picnic. Some of us prepared food to be shared among all 22 of us. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we couldn't bear to leave till the sky turned completely dark. What a wonderful trip!

Eating the seasoned corn
and salmon seaweed
rice ball I prepared

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Airforce Museum

This is the third and final trip to know more about our country's defence system. We started off encountering  a challenge. It rained! We were famished but did not bring any umbrellas or raincoats to cross the road above ground from the MRT station to our lunch place since the weather forecast did not predict rain. What's more, the underpass was not yet open so we could not take that route too. Nourishment was so near yet so far... Thank God I brought some grapes originally meant for tea break so we staved off our hunger with them before taking a cab down to the museum since we no longer could take the bus there in the drizzle. 

Here we go!!!

If you are wondering why there are only 3 kids in the picture, it was because Jaide was barred from coming along as a punishment for her disobedience. She nearly drowned because she ignored my warning NOT to go into the 1m high swimming pool where her older siblings were at. *shudder*

Wah! Engine so big!

Pretty trinkets?

Since the troublemaker was not around, I could take my time playing the battle simulation with my older two kids. Joram was contented to simply watch us. After a few tries, we got the hang of it and our team achieved the top score. Check out our code names ZAC, CAT and JAC. They unintentionally rhymed! 

A 3-player game

Fiddling with the knobs
on the control panel

Guiding the aircraft landings

Successful formation
flying! Yes!

We tried to use the console which superimposes our faces onto a template photo. Our resident cheeky chipmunk made a monkey face at the last moment and ruined the effect. *face palm*

As close as they could get to the plane

Watching the short film about RSAF

Mummy, look at that!

This is what Daddy dealt with
most of his NS/reservist days

After the enjoyable experience at the museum, I encountered another problem. My no. 2 kiddo kept pelting me with questions while I was trying to figure out how to FINALLY get to our intended lunch place. Being thus distracted, we boarded the wrong bus! A short 10 min trip dragged on to half an hour with lots of walking under the blazing hot sun. Joram already started saying he was hungry halfway through the exhibition. Truly, grapes were far from adequate in fuelling us the entire afternoon. Praise God for making him such a trooper. He never once complained despite having to suffer needlessly from his older sister's impatience. The offending child will, too, be grounded for the next outing. *shakes head*

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Navy Museum

Here's the second installation of military museum visits: the Singapore Navy Museum. Getting there was quite a hassle and we were almost sabotaged by a very confused soldier who gave us the wrong information. He told us we had to change bus to get to the museum from the naval base. Thankfully, after double checking google maps, I decided to trust my instincts that we had arrived at the correct place and went in via another entrance. The sign for the museum was a very small A4 sized paper at the visitor's gate. I think they really should have made bigger and clearer signages. 

Since it was a restricted area, we had to wait for an escort and went through a security check. It was a 5 min walk from the entrance so I was actually grateful to have someone guide us there. Dragging 4 tired kids around such a large compound lost would really have been no joke. And guess what? Probably due to the inaccessibility of the museum, we TOTALLY had the entire place to ourselves despite it being the school holidays!!!

Aye aye, Captain Jaide!

Watching a short film
on the history of RSN

Exploring morse code

Completed the mission

Carrying a search light

Battle simulation

There were interesting decoration steering wheels at the toilet doors and the kids actually thought they had to turn them to enter. We had a good laugh over that! ROFL I had to tell them to just push the door. 

I found the museum very informative. However, the children were only interested in the more interactive exhibits and grew bored pretty easily. I could not really read everything I was intrigued with because I had a very troublesome Jaide and a clingy Joram to deal with. Looks like it would not be worthwhile for us to go back there again.