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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Off-peak Work Period

September is my favourite time of the year because it is my husband's off-peak work period. We can then enjoy frequent couple-time during lunch and chill out more comfortably at home without late-night markings to rush.

Here are some pictures of our hot dates. Hee hee... And I realised that we simply love Japanese cuisine! LOL

Sakae Teppanyaki

Osaka Ohsho

Teppei Japanese Restaurant

 老火汤 @ JEM

Hanare Japanese Cafe

Bingki Korean Dessert Cafe

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Down Memory Lane

One year later and
they're still doing
the same thing. LOL

Video of one year ago...

Recently, I have been trying to fix a million problems associated with the videos I've taken of my children these past 10 years. Those taken with devices before the iPhone era became incompatible with the iPhoto on my MacBook. There were numerous issues with the dates of a large number of clips due to the faulty date/time function of one of the old cameras I used in the past. Thus, the videos were pretty jumbled up and were not chronological at quite a few sections. 

As frustrating it has been to sort them all out, it is nonetheless very nostalgic to travel down memory lane once again... And discover gems like these two video below: the older two sitting on a toy boat together and years later, the younger two playing with the very same equipment in the same cradle room in church. It is so true that you'll never regret taking too many photos or videos of your children growing up!


A video of them having a partner of similar size 
to link arms with.

And another clip of them doing their fav activity together: Racing

Friday, October 7, 2016

[Mostly] Happy Children's Day

Inside the FilmGarde theatre

I'm not sure why but despite having so many kids in the family, we've NEVER celebrated Children's Day. Yup, pretty strange, I must say. My oldest boy made that observation earlier this year and that was when I realised it. So, I decided to add this day to our repertoire of family traditions from now on.

For starters, here's a video clip of the children wishing everybody a "Happy Children's Day!"


I brought the kids to Bugis Plus for a movie treat first. Since the show "Storks" has been in the theatres for quite a while, only selected places still run it. The children had their choice of snacks to bring into the cinema. After which, we had lunch at one of their favourite fast food outlet Subway, followed by choosing their presents at BHG. When Joshua finally knocked off from work, he joined us at Sakae Sushi at Bugis Junction for dinner.

It would have been a wonderful outing if not for Jaide, as usual... She kept crying that she was scared during the movie. I spent half the time comforting her and could not truly enjoy the show. Who in the world gets frightened by a cartoon about BABIES and BIRDS??? Lunch was chaotic with all her whining and she had to spill her cup of Fanta grape soda despite being warned several times to be careful with it. She also kept asking to buy toys priced way beyond the budget I set for them and harassed me the whole time. 

By dinner time, I was utterly drained by her and started raising my voice. I was grateful to be seated at a rather enclosed area or else we would have been a much greater disturbance to the other patrons. 

At one point, Joram was quietly drinking his water by himself while the older two made their own orders with the restaurant's iPad. And what about our royal highness Jaide? Despite having Joshua holding her water bottle for her to drink and me helping her flip the pages of the menu for her perusal, she was STILL UNHAPPY! Oh why, oh why, does she always spoil the occasion for everybody? God have mercy on the family... I can only pray that the rest of the children managed to enjoy the day regardless of the mess their obnoxious sister made of pretty much everything. 

I take heart that at least my oldest kid did thanked me many times for my efforts throughout the day.

The kids asked to pose with this cardboard Advert

Kiddos' pressies

Lovely enclosed area
just nice for our family

Just for laughs: Joram was so tired out by the day's activities that when we came back from getting his clothes for bath-time, we found him like this on the bathroom floor mat! ROFL


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Joram's First Performance

Looking cool with his
Children's Day umbrella

Just as Jaide got the chance to perform for the first time at Nursery One, Joram did his first ever gig today. I was rather worried that, being an introvert, he would get stage fright. However, he was pretty happy to see me right in front of him at the first row so he did quite well for the first two songs. However, the attention he was getting proved too much for him and he stood frozen on stage with a miserable look for the last two songs. I guess this would serve as a good experience for him. Don't give up, my little one!

First two songs
Last two songs

Watch him in action below!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I had been ill for quite a while and I have started cooking less because my eldest protests vehemently that he doesn't like my cooking anymore. Thus, when I do cook, I would only cook the dishes he likes: fried rice and curry rice.

Today, I could feel depression coming back to haunt me, threatening once again to engulf me and confine me to bed with no motivation to do anything. But as an act of the will and with the empowerment of the Lord, I managed to pull myself out of the state of inertia and started cooking, hoping that the happy faces of my children eating food they enjoy would cheer me up. Every movement was laboured but I pressed on.

As I worked in the kitchen, I was careful to make the curry thick and not add any ingredients into it, just the way my son likes it. I remembered my daughter loving noodles more than rice and proceeded to make a portion of spaghetti to go with the curry. I cut up the seaweed into strips so that my kids will enjoy their favourite garnish for dinner. 

I was almost done when my older two came back from school. They chatted excitedly, smelling the fragrant aroma wafting through the house. My eldest peered over my shoulder and asked eagerly, "Are you cooking fried rice?" But before I could answer, I could see the disappointment descending on his face as he saw for himself what was in the pot. 

"But I don't like golden curry anymore!" he yelled and stormed into his room in angry tears.

I was sure I could hear my heart literally shatter at his reaction. All my hard work and loving thoughts put in were negated with one ungrateful sentence. Is this how God feels whenever we reject Him and His sacrifice? I slumped onto the floor in a defeated pile. 

My son apologised to me eventually and I forgave him just as Christ has forgiven all my sins. This experience drives home to me the need to remain contrite and grateful for all that Jesus has done and not let depression get the better of me. God's heart breaks too when I despise the life that He had purchased for me with His own blood and start to entertain suicidal thoughts. 

The tendrils of negative thoughts released their hold on me and my heart is once again filled with worship for my loving God. Praise the Lord!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Birthday Program

When Joshua and I were dating, I created a birthday tour in the concept of The Amazing Race all over town. Fast-forward more than a decade later, it would be too tiring for us to travel to more than one place considering our aging bodies. So, I planned the birthday program with an itinerary within walking distance. 

First up, we had a Kagoshima wagyu buffet at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant. It was a dream come true for my dear Bear bear. LOL Especially since I was there to help him cook the meat optimally with different types of seasoning. Thank God for helping us find the perfect lunch place!

After the sumptuous meal, we took a leisurely walk along the Singapore River to digest the food before heading for our next destination.

As someone averse to exercise, going on the trampoline is probably one of the very few types of physical activity that Joshua enjoys. With that in mind, I booked a jumping session at Amped Trampoline. We've been to the one at Jurong before so we visited the one at River Valley today to check it out. It had a few things that were not available in the West. 

Joshua had some fun doing trust-falls into the foam pool, balancing on a rope, attempting to slam dunk a basketball into a hoop and somersaulting into yet another pit. There was an area dedicated to dodgeball but we did not come with friends so there was no point for us to go there. Also, the gladiator beam was always occupied by kids so we didn't get to try it too. 

What can be more blissful than a body massage after a workout? We ended the day with a relaxing time at Natureland Spa before heading home. It was such a pleasure to spend extended couple-time with my favourite person on earth. Blessed birthday, my beloved husband!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Washi Tape Projects

Starry skies & Northern Lights

A few friends of mine have been introducing to me the concept of washi tape craftwork. I have not really been too interested in them till I found these gorgeous ones at Tokyu Hands. I couldn't resist anymore. The first thing I did was to "zhng" (beautify) my Macbook. 

Then, I decorated my plain white balcony table in green clover to match the theme of that space.

Next, I added a touch of whimsical lilac to my yellow/silver kitchen. 

Finally, I did up the children's desks and drawers at their requests. You should see their great excitement while I was doing that. Hahaha...