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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pendants Galore

I recently bought some beautiful princess pendants to be made into keychains. The girls were delighted to choose their favourite Disney character. Jayna chose Belle, Jaide chose Ariel while I picked Cinderella

I got some freebies from the retailer so I decided to use them to make these too.

And then there were these gorgeous jewel pendants. Don't they simply look stunning? 

To prevent the boys from feeling left out, I made these for them.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greater Independence

The eldest has been bathing on his own for quite a long time. Now, the second-born is also attaining independence in this area of self-care. They can now take turns to use the kitchen's bathroom to take their showers while we bathe the younger two in our bedroom's bathroom. Another milestone reached! I added more hooks for her clothes and got another toothbrush in her favourite colour to commemorate the occasion. Bath-time is now officially shortened by another 15 min!

P/S: Two months ago, Joram graduated from bathing in the bathtub since he was already able to stand under the shower. We gave away the trusty old bath stand which served us well over the many years. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to this piece of baby item. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Definitely Brothers

Can a pair of brothers be anymore alike than these two? 

I've already mentioned before that they are both nuts about vehicles. They are equally excited about lights and simply love to walk along drain covers and stomp on manhole covers. At a certain age, they are both crazy about throwing toys into strange places. The older one ever threw one out of the window. The younger one just slam-dunked one into the toilet bowl. And they both hurled countless things out of our front gate. 

Despite being hilariously mischievous, they are still much more obedient and sensible than most children. On top of that, they get along fabulously, having the same interests and sense of humour. I am simply blessed to have them as my sons!

Here's a little silly trailer I compiled regarding them. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blissful 8th Wedding Anniversary

This year's anniversary celebration was by far the most elaborate and enjoyable! A wonderful friend from our church CG agreed to let two of our kids have a sleepover at her place with her daughters while my mum-in-law took care of the other two at our place. Then, off we went to Quincy Hotel for our first staycation all by ourselves. 

We started with a soupy lunch at Soup Spoon in ION Orchard. We normally do not have the luxury of slowly choosing and sampling different flavours with the kids around, so we took this rare chance to do it to our hearts' content. The meal was followed by ice-cream from Gelateria Italia

Four different soups to try

Let's commemorate!

We made our way to check into the hotel and it was far better than we expected. The room had an open concept bathtub, which we totally dig, and a comfy window seat, where we spent quite some time chit-chatting and snacking away. The swimming pool was as beautiful and unique as rumoured, however, the water was exceptionally cold due to the strong winds at 12th storey high. The mini bar was complimentary and there was 24 hour light refreshments at the cafe downstairs. No need to fear starving in the middle of the night. LOL

The hotel from afar

We arrived!

The open concept bathtub

Gorgeous pool

Lovely lookout

Freezing cold water *burrrr....*

FOC tea break at the cafe

Joshua took me to Wan Yang for a nice neck and shoulders massage which melted away my muscle strain, an occupational hazard as a SAHM with very young children who need lots of carrying. After which, we went to Bliss House, a themed restaurant at Clark Quay Central for a luxurious dinner. The food was very well done. I enjoyed the cod fish the most, while Joshua found the Agnus beef steak extremely juicy.

The best part was a live performance with great singers. Most of the time, I would cringe at the voice quality of the performers in such a setting. I was most grateful when I was serenaded, instead, by two beautiful voices that blended perfectly. We even made two song dedications! 

The restaurant was truly stunning in its decor. There were even props to aid in our photo-taking. We had a blast exploring the enchanting dreamland. 

On the swing of happiness


Pretending to be a
haughty queen

Michael Jackson???

Act cute only... :P


The live band

The night was still young. We went down to Lido to watch a late movie, the last installation of The Hobbit series. When the movie ended, we packed some supper, collected the complimentary chardonnay and cookies, and continued to enjoy each other's fabulous company. It was so much fun! It reminded us of our honeymoon experience, only much better, as we know each other in deeper ways than 8 years ago.

Outside Lido 7

Breakfast the next day was sumptuous and it fuelled us for a nice ride on the City Tour around town, an exhilarating experience on a "topless" double-decker bus. Before we checked out of the hotel, we managed to have yet another soak in the bathtub and drink some left-over chardonnay mixed in Pepsi by the window for one last time.

Check out the view!

At the hotel lobby

Since we still had some time before lunch, we did silly poses with the remnant Christmas decorations at Orchard Central. Finally, we ended off our celebration by treating ourselves to crabs at Tung Lok Seafood Restaurant. This is something we love to eat but hardly get the opportunity to satisfy our cravings because it is simply impossible to tackle the shells with kids in tow.

As my reward for planning the entire celebration, Joshua let me have all the crab pincers to myself! *pure bliss* Thank you, Bear bear! Praise God for allowing everything to go so smoothly without a hitch and blessing us with good weather throughout the stay!

Off to dreamland... Zzz...

Martial arts performer? ROFL

Jaclyn in wonderland

Our turn to wear bibs! Haha...

Savouring the first bite
Hmmm mhh...