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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


After reading about it from a friend's blog post, I decided to bring the kids to try out a new indoor playground called SingKids at Vivocity. It was pretty small but very comfortable as everything was padded. And I do mean EVERYTHING... even the floor and the seats! The children's favorite part of the place was the balloon room with humongous balloons. In fact, Joash asked to go back to the playground with BIG balloons during bath-time. It was big enough even for adults to go in and play with the kids.

Ready for a volleyball spike!

Are you taking my picture? Hee...

A video of the kids in the balloon room

Together with the teddy bears

On the bouncy slide

Oh-Ee-Oh-Eh-Ohh.... I'm Tarzan!

Joash and Jayna have their own preferences:

Joash liked the big squishy bear...
...and the ship.
While Jayna enjoyed gentler play...
Wow! I can touch the ceiling!
Resting at the slow-moving cuddly frog

Monday, December 26, 2011


Yesterday, we finally had the chance to re-visit the restaurant Nandos! It is a memorable dining place for both Joshua and I since we discovered it while on our honeymoon at Gold Coast and then visited it again when we went to Melbourne for my best friend's wedding. Both of us simply love the peri-peri sauce. Yumz! However, it wasn't available in Singapore in the past. So when we stumbled upon one during our shopping trip, we were really pleasantly surprised. Coincidentally, we were all wearing the Australian t-shirts! LOL

This was the first Nandos restaurant we stepped
back when we just got married in Jan 2007. :)

This was the reprise in Sep 2008 with one addition.
(We were too busy with Joash crawling happily along the
super long high table to take a family picture!)

Some pictures of the Plaza Singapura branch in Singapore.

Joash: "This is nice, Mummy!"

Jayna: "Ehh... I think it's just alright for me."

And so here we are in Dec 2011, with yet another 2 additions!
(Jaide was peacefully sleeping in the pram so
we decided not to wake her up to take pictures.)

Strong Neck

Can you tell who's who?

Like her older brother, Jaide has a very strong neck. She too can lift up her head while being placed on her tummy and hold her head steady while in the air at one month old! I watched an old video of Jayna's tummy time and all I saw was her squirming around and making unhappy sounds. :P

On the other hand, like her older sister, Jaide has a disproportionately big head with regards to the rest of her body. This makes her look like a doll. Seems like Jayna's old clothes with broad necklines or with buttons to open up the neckline would be most suitable for her too. Hee...

Jaide: "Hello!"

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blessed Full Month, Jaide!

On November 17, a lovely princess entered our lives and brought us all great joy. Yes, Jaide is one month old today! As with her older sister 2 years ago, we are celebrating it with cakes and vouchers for our friends and family. Thanks to my sister-in-law (with her fiance), my father-in-law and my dad, we only needed to make one trip to my parents' place to pass my mum the boxes of cakes for her side of the relatives while my in-laws came to our place to pick up the boxes and helped us deliver them to the respective relatives. I'm so grateful for their help!

Here are some photos of the day's activities:

Some sister-bonding in the morning
(Still in their PJs)

Jayna: "I love my 小妹!!!"

Jaide, all dressed up for the occasion

Her cute booties

The siblings

I really like the design and packages available at Sweetest Moments. I find them very modern and stylish. Made me wish that we'd discovered them earlier so that we could have ordered from them for the older kids during their first months. :)

The traditional package
(Cover of the box)

The traditional package
(What's inside)

10 cupcakes set
(Cover of the box)

10 cupcakes set
(What's inside)

5 cupcakes set
(Cover of the box)

5 cupcakes set
(What's inside)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Looks About Done

It is pretty hard to tell when Jayna's last few teeth came out since she is fussy most of the time. Before I knew it, she has all of her teeth, albeit a few of them look misshapen. This is my best guess. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Trademark Dance

Here's a clip of what my sis-in-law calls "不倒翁".
It's Jayna's own unique way of displaying happiness.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Her First Smile

Jaide can now make more types of expressions. The best of all, she smiles when she sees me! She may not be able to see me very clearly but her eyes will follow me when I move. So adorable....

Sticking out her tongue

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Return of the Pram

The trusty old 3rd-handed Aprica pram we got from a friend had served us very well since Joash's days. However, it has been quite a while since we've last used it. From the time that Jayna had learnt how to walk steadily, we'd placed it in "cold storage". Now, with the arrival of Jaide, the pram has emerged once again!

A brand new pram garage!
(I just constructed it this afternoon.)

How it looks with the pram.
(Stylo, milo, right? hee...)

Jaide's first experience in the pram

She looks as if she's poised for a boxing match

Sound asleep within the comfort of the pram

Friday, December 2, 2011


Praise be to the Lord! Jaide did not need to be hospitalized after all. Thank you for praying with us. *beam* Although the jaundice level is still a little high, it is finally on the decline. I'll just have to continue bringing her down for checks till she's out of the woods.

Jaide is now going into the third week of her life and is most likely on a growth spurt since she's now feeding every 2 hourly. It's pretty tiring, especially at night. When my milk is not enough to satiate her appetite, she has taken to biting me. *ouch* That reminds me of Joash when he was a newborn... (Click here for an old post about it) So I've taken to supplementing once again. Might as well. So many people have told me that formula will help to bring down the jaundice level.

Now, Jaide is able to sustain at least 15 min of staying awake after her milk before she needs to take a nap. Thus, I brought out the mobile that had served me well for Joash and Jayna in the past. She seems to like it. :)

Gazing at the blue bird as it passed by

Perhaps she knows she has to put on more weight since she is very small and skinny at the moment, Jaide gets really impatient when we have to change her diapers before or in the middle of a feeding. She'll scream her lungs out the whole time. Power...

Jaide: "Mummy, I'm still hungry.
Let me try my mittens..."

Jaide: "It didn't work.
I'm still hungry! Where's my milk!!!"