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Saturday, November 27, 2010

In the same room

Since Jayna's birth, she had been sleeping in the playpen in the living room. This was so that she would not wake her brother up unnecessarily when she cried at night for milk and during the sleep-training period. However, even though after Jayna had been successfully sleeping through the night, I did not think it wise to place a defenseless infant in the same room as a curious and sometimes clumsy toddler. I wanted to wait till Jayna could walk and climb up and down the bed with ease before putting them together in the children's room.

In July, I started to let Jayna nap in the toddler's bed so that she'd get used to it. (Click here for the previous post) I was praying for the day I would upgrade her to it during the night. Now that Jayna has been walking steadily for weeks, we've made the switch last night.

Throughout the day, I told Jayna to say goodbye to the playpen outside and placed a mosquito net over it so that it looked like it was all covered up. I brought her to the toddler's bed and said that Jayna has become a big girl now and can sleep in a real bed. Periodically, I asked her where her bed was now and she could accurately point to the correct one. She even climbed up into it and lay there on one occasion.

When bedtime came, I was worried that she would cry a lot but amazingly, during the first night, she merely went to the door and wailed for a couple of seconds before she climbed back to her bed and zonked out as she would normally have done in the playpen.

From the IP camera in their room, we know that Joash normally will amuse himself with some toys for a while before knocking out and I had feared he would wake his sister with his playing. Surprisingly yet again, Jayna slept through it all! Hallelujah! It is indeed a miracle for a light sleeper like Jayna.

Tonight, Jayna did not even cry at all and slept the moment her head hit the pillow and things are so far so good. Let's hope that they'll continue to sleep in peace together in the same room for a long time to come, even after new siblings get included in the future. *beam* At the moment, the playpen is empty and ready to receive new addition into our family next year if God is willing. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Playing together

Jayna pushing Joash around on a scooter
in the toddler's room at church.

Joash and Jayna play very well together and I know that it is a wonderful prayer answered from while she was still in the womb. This is something that I'll never take for granted. Jayna who cannot bear to be left alone when there's just the two of us, becomes very happy to play by herself when her brother is around. Of course much of this can be credited to Joash's love for his sister.

The below video shows their favorite after-dinner game and you can probably see how Joash is very considerate of Jayna's less developed motor skills and works around her whenever she can't move as well as him in a "traffic jam".

The next video shows Joash running in circles on the dance floor while Jayna walked cautiously around watching in amusement at Joash's speed. It is marvelous how Joash took care not to knock his sister down despite dashing around so quickly.

Joash also loves to teach his meimei the songs he learnt in school. Jayna is glad to pick up the action for the simple ones such as "Butterfly". She doesn't have Joash's flare for singing though... She can only mouth the words tunelessly.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random Yellow-ness

Just took some random cute shots of my two darlings... The family color theme of the day: Yellow!

First time in ponytails outside the home!

Eyeing on Gor Gor's chicken nuggets... *drool*

Now, it's her turn to have fishballs
while Gor Gor looks bored.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Jayna's hair has finally grown long enough to tie up in ponytails! Since this is the first time I have put her hair up, she kept pulling the rubber-bands down to examine them. I sure hope the novelty will wear off soon and she'll let the ponytails remain as they are. *grin*

Jayna: "Check out my new look!"

Jayna: "This is so fun!"

How about a flower to go with it?

Wearing her new sandals too...

A closer look at the silver FOX sandals

Let's see if she can take them off by herself.

She simply loves walking around with the bag

Jayna looks like she's all ready for school in the photo but... Alas! There isn't any vacancy at her brother's school! Please pray with me that a slot will open up by next Feb and that no matter what happens we'll trust in God's perfect plan for us. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brave, Protective and Sensible

These are words I would use to describe my elder boy. He has exhibited these character traits while my husband is away on reservist. I will explain the reason for each attribute.

This morning, before I could send Joash to school, it started to pour. I was keeping the laundry at that time as Jayna and Joash were in the kitchen with me, amusing themselves.

Suddenly, a cockroach flew in and landed on my hand. As most would know, roaches are my mortal enemies and my greatest fear. I screamed, flung it onto the floor and scrambled away as far as I could. Jayna cried in shock while Joash urgently asked me, "Mummy, Mummy! Why are you scared?" I told him that I was afraid of the cockroach and he became curious and kept wanting to look at it. The moment he saw the ugly black creature, he ran away with me to the living room, leaving poor traumatized Jayna wailing in the kitchen.

"Mei mei is still there!" Joash exclaimed. My maternal instinct took over and I dashed in with the Baygon in my hand, sprayed the abomination repeatedly, grabbed my daughter and escaped back to the living room.

"Hurry, Mummy! Go into the room!" Joash urged protectively. We all went in and he closed the door behind us. "Uh-oh, mummy's shoes!" In an instant, Joash shot out his hands to "save" my crocs which were meant for home-wear.

"Mummy is scared of the cockroach?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm very scared of it. Are you scared?"

"Joash very scared...." he replied with a rueful smile.

After a while, I wanted to check if the cockroach was dead. But Joash stopped me and said I shouldn't go because I would be afraid. "Then how?" I questioned him. He bravely answered that he would go. Afterwards, he came back and told me that it was not moving anymore. The crisis was over.

After dinner, I was playing with my two kids when Jayna suddenly hit my spectacles really hard. I whimpered in pain and told her to stop doing that. She thought that I was fooling around and found it amusing so she hit me again.

Immediately, Joash came forward, grabbed her hitting hand and said sternly, "Mei mei, you cannot hit Mummy!" Jayna screamed at him and hit him too. That was when I shouted at her to stop her barbaric behavior. Joash went to hide in a corner to nurse his hurt. I scolded Jayna and then questioned her about being sorry. She looked at her brother and said a very loud "Soorrwee". Joash actually smiled at her. I asked him if he had forgiven her, he came over and hugged the both of us.

Since I'm alone, I have to bathe Jayna and put her to bed first before doing the same for Joash. (Usually Joshua does the bedtime routine for Joash while I do it for Jayna.) I have always taught him that Jayna would cry if the lights were still switched on by the time she goes to bed and he has experienced how upset she would be first-hand once before. So I asked if he wanted to keep the toys, pack the cushions, switch off the fan and lights and close the main door together with me but he said he still wanted to play. I then told him to do all the above things before Jayna returns from her bath. He nodded his head.

Amazingly, Joash came to me with all the tasks done on his own without a second reminder. What was even more incredible is that after I put his sister to bed, I returned to the bathroom only to find Joash helping me drain Jayna's bath water! He even told me to sit down and rest while he does the work for me. I was very touched by his thoughtful intentions but knowing that it would be far to difficult for him, I said that I would do it instead.

I'm falling in love with my own son more and more each day! The Lord has indeed given him a teachable and loving heart. Praise God!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Jaclyn: Jayna, I'm very disappointment with your behavior just now. I told you before that spitting out food is a very bad thing. Why did you keep spitting out the food that you asked for?

(Jayna looked at Jaclyn, trying to lighten the atmosphere by smiling.)

Jaclyn: If you don't want to eat, Mummy won't force you to eat. But you kept asking for the food and when I gave it to you, you spit it out so many times! If you already know you don't like the taste, don't ask for it and just shake your head 'no' when I feed you. You shouldn't waste the food.

(Jayna started widening her big beautiful eyes in an attempt to look innocent.)

Jaclyn: Don't look at me like that. There are people out there who have nothing to eat, you know? And when you spit the food out, you're not respecting the food and not respecting the people who cooked for you. That's a very bad thing.

(Jayna began to avert her eyes.)

Jaclyn: Look at Mummy when Mummy is talking to you.

(She turned back to look but with pouting lips.)

Jaclyn: Mummy has taught you many times already, not to spit food out.

Jayna: (smiling proudly) Cake?

Jaclyn: Yes, you ate the cake without spitting out but the cake was Gor Gor's birthday cake. You kept whining and screaming to eat it when he hasn't even blown out the candle. It's his birthday today and you make all of us fuss over you the whole day. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

(Jayna looked about to cry.)

Jaclyn: Are you sorry for your bad behavior?

(Jayna leaned forward to pat Jaclyn's head as a sign of apology.)

Jaclyn: Good girl, Mummy forgive you. (hugged Jayna) Next time cannot spit food out, okay?

(Jayna snuggled in Jaclyn's embrace.)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Joash's 3rd Birthday

Joash's birthday falls on the 8th of November and since Joshua would be away on reservist that day, we decided to celebrate it on the Sunday before it as per our family tradition. This morning, Joash requested to wear his favorite Thomas the Train T-shirt which was something that did not happen very often. I obliged even though I already planned for all of us to be decked in yellow.

We took off to the Escape Theme Park in the morning and were really glad for the cloudy weather and the lack of the usual expected crowd on a weekend. The first ride Joash requested to take was the ferris wheel. He seemed to enjoy the bird's eye view of the park and during our many rides in the carriage, mildly swaying in the wind, I enjoyed his imaginative description of what he saw. There, apparently, was a train that caught fire, a flag that fell from the rooftop, a bird that flew away and perhaps an airplane that crashed into the park.

Joash's maiden "voyage"

Joash was busy describing the scenery

Meanwhile, our dear princess was very much occupied with the kiddy rides available at the central pavilion. She was not very impressed with the regular rides and did not indicate any desire to take them at all.

She was so delighted when she sat on the kiddy rides.
My Mum-in-law who graciously
helped us look after our barangs
while we were taking the rides

After that, instead of taking my suggestion to take the Choo-Choo Train, Joash kept wanting to go for the roller-coaster which looked like a more appealing train to him. I wanted to indulge him on his birthday so I agreed to ride with him. As I suspected, he was shocked at the speed and the thrill of the ride. The moment the ride ended, he scrambled to climb out of his seat saying, "I want to get out. I don't want the fast fast train!" I'm proud of the fact that despite his obvious fear, he did not even once scream or cry during or after the ride. He simply rejected going on the roller-coaster again and went on to try the "slow slow" train, making slow-motion movements as he described to me what he wanted.

Joash's favorite Choo-Choo Train

This is the only ride that Jayna joined in especially because Joash took the ride soooo many times that we totally lost count. He simply loved it! And thus it was rather boring for Jayna to simply watch her brother enjoy himself. She discovered that it actually wasn't half-bad. Heh heh...

A little apprehensive at first...

... but started smiling half-way through. :)

Joash loves the engine seat the most
because he could pull the lever to ring the bell!

I thought that Joash would also like the airplane ride but he seemed happy to ride it only four times in a row and then refused to go on it ever again. Not sure why though...

Enjoying the view and the breeze

A close runner-up would be the kiddy cars. A pity he could not coordinate steering the wheel at the same time as stepping on the accelerator pedal. Thus, Joshua and I took turns to help him shift the vehicle whenever he got stuck. It was tiring work!

Watch the following video to see what I mean.

The red racer car

Joash had fun pressing the buttons of this car
to produce honking sounds and music

Sadly, Jayna did not survive well the heat out in the open and had an eczema flare up. We brought her to the air-conditioned Burger King, took off her pretty blue pinafold, put slabs of moisturizer on her rashes, "water-paraded" her and fanned her using a piece of paper. For that half an hour, all three adults fussed over her while Joash quietly drank his tea-break milk.

So much happier after all the TLC and air-con!

Jayna is truly feminine without anyone teaching her. Joash always asks for my earrings to play with but he has never once wanted to put them on himself. Jayna, however, loves to try on my accessories since a few months old. As she hasn't had her ears pierced, I hung them on her ears instead. She was was very careful not to displace them and giggled gleefully when we praised her for being pretty.

Doesn't she look cute wearing them?
A close-up to see how they were hung on her ears

Joash had so much fun at the theme park that he was absolutely exhausted by dinner time and dozed off. It was really unfortunate as we wanted to do the birthday cake after eating our meal. So when we woke him up for the candle-blowing and cake-eating, he was quite grouchy and refused to do either. He only had stomach for some more milk and completely "concussed" immediately after the bedtime routine when we reached home. (He usually will take about half an hour to sing himself to sleep or play with Henry the train till he drifts off to dreamland.)

Staring blankly at his birthday cake
while we sang the birthday song for him.
Poor dear...

At least, I'm really glad he enjoyed himself thoroughly at the Escape Theme Park. It was a trip all meant for him as the adults were working very hard to occupy and humor his bored and fussy sister while one of us parents accompanied him on his adventures around the place. Just the train rides alone had gotten back all our money's worth!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On her own feet

Just when I asked my friends to pray in the morning for Jayna to learn how to walk on her own without relying on me to hold her hand, God answered that request in the afternoon!

I have been encouraging her to walk by herself for quite a while but in vain. I started out by asking her to stand on her own after I pulled her up on her feet. I was successful quite a few times today when before, she has always started crying the moment I tried to let go of her hand. Finally, she stood on her own for a couple of seconds before sitting down. Embolden by her willingness, I began to request for her to come over to me while she was standing alone. She responded with two or three steps before plunging into my open arms. That was great progress within a few hours! I was already very glad of her advancement.

So when it was time to pack up the toys, I was caught off-guard by her reaction after I asked her to pick up the blue donut ring from the other end of the room. She actually took about 6 steps towards it instead of doing her usual butt-shifting! I was absolutely delighted and praised her profusely.

After that, it was relatively easy to coax her into walk a short distance on her own. She was even eager to show off her new-found skill to her Daddy the moment he arrived at our doorsteps. All glory be to God! May she continue to learn how to walk confidently in the light of the Lord.

Here's a video clip of Jayna's
third time walking by herself.