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Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day present

This is what the school taught Joash to do. Isn't it sweet? *swoon*

Joash at school

All smiles and eager to go to school... :)
Helping Daddy to press the button for the lift

Going straight for the flash cards when he arrives.

Joash: Mummy, Mummy! Here's my favourite one!

Joash: Daddy, look at the toys I can play with!

Praise God that Joash loves school so much! *beaming*

The 4th first molar

Err... What happened to the last cuspid?

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I've been rather busy these few weeks so I've not posted anything for quite some time. Ever since Joash had started playgroup, I've had finally the time and energy to do the many things that had been sorely neglected with my limited capacity like washing Joash's toys, changing bedsheets, cleaning the fridge, sorting out my kitchen cabinets, preparing for Jayna's arrival (which includes sorting out the hand-me-downs, purchasing the missing items, washing the newborn clothes, clearing out space in the wardrobe for her stuff etc) and preparing my hospital bag. Phew! What a lot of work to do!

Joash has been enjoying his playgroup very much. He no longer fusses when Joshua drops him off at the centre and even waves goodbye to his Daddy while he leaves for work. The teachers calls him "Baby" fondly as he is the youngest and the teachers are all very impressed with how easily he has adapted to the new environment. (Praise God!!!) I'm constantly being referred to as "Baby's Mummy" too. Hee hee...

His teachers keep commenting how well he naps there, how much he eats there (he seems to eat more than his other classmates!) and how happily he plays with his peers. He has even 2 so-called best friends in his class! *all smiles* Joash is also eager to show me what he learns in school when he comes home. It is such a joy to see him flourish there. He is indeed a social learner! There were a few things which I tried teaching him for the longest time but he had never really gotten it but he manages to pick them up very quickly in school such as pointing to his eyes, sending flying kisses and waving goodbye 'the correct way'.

I simply love the sweet way he calls 'Daddy' and 'Mummy'. These two words somehow have a very soft and loving intonation to them when he says them that is different from all the other words he says. I can't help but smile whenever he calls Joshua or me... *heart melting*

Today was one of those rare days when I had a bit more energy than usual so Joshua, Joash and I had a fun family time together. Perhaps because Joash loves having the BOTH of us with him (most of the time during my pregnancy, it is either just a tired me or just his father while I catch some rest), he was exceptionally well behaved today. Even during our two-hour afternoon rest in his room, Joash was simply playing with his toys on his own while Joshua and I snoozed on the bed. He would occasionally climb onto Joshua's tummy and bounce on him playfully or he would pass some toys to me which I would thank him for and hide under my comforter. Today had been so enjoyable that I was really sorry to see the end of it.

I can only pray for more days like these in the last two months of my pregnancy when both Joshua and I can shower all our attention on Joash before Jayna arrives and Joash will have to share us with his little sister.