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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Double Date

Since we started having kids so early in our marriage, we almost never had the chance to double-date with other married couples. The only other time we could remember was when we were at Melbourne and we left Joash to the care of a friend so that we could have the afternoon alone with my best friend and her new husband.

This was actually our second time when we had no kids with us to clamor for our attention and distract us from the conversation. The company was fantastic and we took some photos to commemorate it. :) Hope that there'll be more of such occasions in the future!

I love Christmas and all the decor that comes with it!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Deco

During our first Christmas in our own home, we bought a Christmas tree and put it up. Joash was a wee month old baby so there was no danger at all. The next year, Joash was at a very explorative stage and we thought it wiser not to put the tree up for fear of small sequins ending up in his little tummy or the lights and decorations being pulled out by curious hands. Last year, we took the tree out again cos Joash came of age to know what not to touch and had the self-discipline to refrain from laying his hands on forbidden things. Jayna was still an infant so it was safe from her too.

This year, we did not intend to put up the tree as it's Jayna's turn to be at the risky age. So when I saw the little table Christmas tree on sale at NTUC, I was very tempted to buy it. However, we didn't intend for people to come over during this season so there wasn't a need to decorate the house. So I resisted the urge to purchase it. Coincidentally, our CG decided to hold a thanksgiving Christmas party at our place and I finally had the excuse to buy the beautiful thing I set my eyes on and at the same time put up some simple deco.

The said tree placed on our coffee table.
(As it is, I already have a tough time
stopping Jayna from touching
it when I'm not looking. :P)

Making good use of the balls
originally meant for the big tree

This year, I received a special gift from my best friend in Boston in lovely Christmas colors. Even though it doesn't match my basic color scheme, I decided to put it up anyway. It makes me feel like she's near to me instead of being at the opposite end of the globe... Miss her sooooo much!

A huge Christmas stocking from the states!

The card that came with the gift.
*teary eyes*

Without any delay, the kids started
checking out the stocking from their Godma.
"BIG socks!" exclaimed Joash
"Small ball..." said Jayna as she
tried to pull the bead out....

Joash played a tiny part in decorating our place for the season too. He brought home from school something pretty and hand-made. He tried putting it together with the NTUC one but I told him that we don't need so many trees on one table. And here's where it ended up...

Right beside the dried flowers.

May everyone be blessed during this holiday season and understand the true meaning behind all the Christmas symbols and decorations! Click here for the meaning.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Party Fun

Last Sat, we went to my friend's son's birthday party. We were the first to arrive so we had some time to amuse ourselves before it started.

Playing with the trains and buses available.

To each a balloon...
Why am I not surprised at their choice of color?

Looking at the balloon that
Daddy has thrown into the air.

Joash: "Psst... Let me tell you a secret."
Jayna: "Hee hee... This is so funny."

Playing catch-the-balloon with Daddy

Daddy pretending to be a seal
to amuse the children.

Entertaining my girl with the ukulele