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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Look how he's grown!

Many have told me that Joash looks so different from when he was a baby and his features have changed significantly. At first, I thought I think otherwise only because I see him everyday and thus dun notice the change. But when I compare his photos taken at the same angle with the same expression, he still looks the same to me. Only with more hair, with teeth and with less baby fats. :)

摆 pose

Jayna on "stage"

Jayna: "Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'm going to present to you a series of items.
Pls sit back, relax and enjoy the performance!"
Jayna: "First, watch me devour this lemon over here."
Jayna: "Munch munch munch..."

Jayna: "Now, that was really delicious!"

Jayna: "Next up, admire the way I brush my teeth."

Jayna: "Let me check how my saliva smells..."

Jayna: "Shall I dance for everyone too?"

Jayna: "I can even do it with my eyes closed!"

Energizer Chipmunk

This is the regular after-dinner-exercise that Joash loves to do. I get exhausted just watching him...


Haiz... What a scenario for me to wake up to in the morning...

I think meimei won in the end.
Look at her enjoying 
the spoils of her victory.

"Bubble Machine"

Looks like Jayna isn't the only one blowing raspberries these days. Joash must have pick it up from his classmates. He likes doing it so much that, a couple of times, I caught him standing in front of the mirror looking at himself and the saliva bubbles that he blew! Good thing that I managed to capture a bit of the "bubble-making" in action. LOL

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holding her own...

Tada!!! The new bottle handles for Jayna!

Jayna's motor skills are definitely developing less quickly than Joash's. She is only learning to flip recently when her brother could do it 2 months earlier. She took quite a while to learn how to grasp things properly and thus I'm starting to train her to hold her bottle at such a late stage.

The siblings are so different. Joash could not be bothered about anything else the moment he laid his hands on the milk bottle and so he could be left alone to finish his milk by himself. However, Jayna wants me to keep her company while she drinks. The moment I stand up and walk away, she'll drop the bottle and start to cry even when she is obviously hungry. That's such a far cry from being independent. At least she's a girl and it's not really irritating to me for her to be so sticky to me. Okay. I admit. I'm bias. :P

For some strange reason, she keeps holding the bottle only with her right hand even after multiple attempts on my part to put her left hand to the handle too.


I made these just for fun today. Hotdogs in the shape of octopuses. :P Hee hee...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Gift

I once told my bear bear that I would like to hear him sing the song "第一个清晨" by 王力宏. I wasn't exactly serious then but I had a lovely surprise tonight when he sang it to me!!! *swoon* Inspired, I put together a photo montage with him singing the song's chorus for the background music. Thank God for modern technology which makes this relatively straightforward to do at home.

Joshua, I love you so much for putting in the mammoth effort to learn a new song and try to sing in pitch when it's not easy for you. May I continue to be a good wife to you by the grace of God!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine Getaway

What a unique memento from Fish&Co!

Amusing ourselves before the food comes...

Here they come! Yum yum!

Silly fun shot at IMM


Photo with my parents and brother&wife

One of our favorite family photo so far.
Too bad Jayna was very cranky due to the onset of a fever...

Our darling children

Joash: Let me teach you how to play
Jayna: Orh... Gor gor, I wanna try too.

The guys in our family sure know how to sleep...

Cute little bundle of joy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


This year, we're all decked in the traditional costume in the typical CNY color RED again! Including the newest addition to our family. *grin*

Once again, Joash is unwell for the festive season. In fact, he had a fever of 38.9 degrees at 4am this morning! We were all worried and brought him to the doc again since he had this virus for a week now. The doc finally prescribed him some antibiotics which thankfully worked. Or else, we would have to deal with his extreme crankiness during the reunion dinner! Praise God he only wanted us to carry him quite often but was otherwise normal. Anyways, his illness kinda explains the moody expression he has in most of the photos...Bold
Family Photos

I found these high chairs 
very apt for a Chinese restaurant 
and pretty unique.

Sibling Love

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick meh?

I was asked to fetch Joash from school due to a fever of 38 degrees this morning. Though he was supposed to be sick, he was as active as ever.

He was pretending to pick up the phone when it "rang" in his imagination and started talking on it. After which he'd ask me to put it in my pocket till the next time he deemed it to have rung. This went on for quite a while.

Check out his handiwork
when I was away caring for his sister.

Look what he did to entertain his sister.

What a chipmunk of a son I have here!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Starting Solids

The first time I started Jayna on rice cereal at dinnertime, I was taken aback by her reaction. Joash was very eager to eat when I begun feeding him back then so I wasn't expecting Jayna's response.

She cried!

I tried 4 times and each time the spoon got close to her mouth, she protested violently. I gave up after that, not wanting to traumatize her.

Thus, for the next few days, I tried giving her very little cereal and let her chew on the spoon for a while whenever she's in a good mood throughout the day so as to get her used to it. Thankfully, after a week, she is now able to eat about 2 tablespoon of cereal before she gets upset. I hope that as time goes by, she'll come to love eating as much as her big brother. :)

A short clip of Jayna starting solids

Yumilicious Toes

Jayna: "Who says that Gor Gor is more athletic?
Look! I can eat my toes too!"Check out Joash doing the same.