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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Answered Prayer

At beginning of the year, I shared the long story about my hormonal imbalance issue. Thanks to all those who prayed for me, we finally found something that helps with the symptoms. All these years, many concerned family and friends have suggested different supplements to try. I would typically consume a recommended product for at least 3 months before moving on to the next one when it showed no effect. 

A couple of months ago, Joshua bought this brand of pills for me and there was discernible improvement within 2 weeks. My ovulation pain was almost gone; the mood swings significantly reduced in frequency and intensity. It became clear that this particular formulation is what works because there were times when it ran out and I needed to take another brand as a stop gap measure before the next batch arrived, the symptoms came back. 

I am very grateful that I don't need to suffer extended period of pain anymore, which can be very draining. Quite a few people have commented that I look much more energetic than before. I still tire easily, though, but I suppose it is just part and parcel of aging. Praise be to God for the answered prayer!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Green Bus

Joram's school is focusing on the theme of recycling and requested us parents to create something with the student using recycled materials. Joram wanted a green bus, so here it is! He couldn't wait to play with it after doing his show and tell in school. Hahaha...

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Airshow cum Kite-flying

We braved the immense crowd and sweltering heat to watch the RSAF 50th anniversary airshow at the Marina Barrage. It was quite an experience watching the planes and helicopters live. However, the children would have been far more excited about it if not for the hot and humid weather. Thank God we managed to squeeze under the limited shade near the lift lobby while waiting nearly an hour for the show to start. 

Finale heart-shape condensation trail

After the show, we proceeded to fly the Captain America kite which we got FOC from somewhere quite a long time ago. The children took turns to try their hands at flying it after I got it up into the air. We did not stay long afterwards because we were beginning to suffer from heat exhaustion and sunburn. Our horrid climate is one of the worst things about living in Singapore. Sigh.

Friday, August 10, 2018

National Day 2018

This is the first time I gave in to the children's request to buy National Day tees. I've always thought that it is quite a waste to buy something that you can only wear once a year and they outgrew their clothes so quickly when they were younger. For every year's celebration in school, I simply dressed them up in whatever random red top they happened to own at the time. Look at how happy they are to wear their new shirts!

3 years ago, we brought the kids to the Jurong East Swimming Complex for our annual National Day water fun. Back then, they were still too young to enjoy the wave pool, lazy river and the water slides. We spent all our time at the kiddy water playground and I managed to get Joram to overcome his fear of water at the small mushroom toddler wading pool. 

We revisited the place this year. I decided to fully experience the place with the children so there are no photos since I did not bring out my camera. Sadly, the children's water playground was no longer around and was replaced by a shallow pool with balls and nets for games which were still plenty fun for them. We also spent some time relaxing at the wave pool using the giant floats. The older two could appreciate the lazy river with me and my eldest even braved the water slides. He did not try the tallest slide though. Next time perhaps. *wink* My elder girl also wanted to learn how to use the kick-board like her older brother so I took half an hour giving her pointers.

After a full 4 hours of great splashing time, we left for home to wash up. I am so happy that there is finally a company (Honest Bee) which can deliver food from our favourite restaurant Mos Burger now. We could savour the rice burgers we love so much in the comforts of our home for lunch. Dinner, as per our tradition, was pizza eaten while watching the National Day Parade. Joram was so excited to, once again, see from our balcony the aircrafts flying by and the fireworks in a distance!

We ended the day with a prayer for our beloved nation and it was nighty-night for everyone. 

Monday, August 6, 2018

My 39th Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, Joshua took me out for an advanced birthday celebration at Seoul Yummy and we tried watching a movie sitting on Golden Village's Dbox seats for the first time. We were not very impressed with these seats which move and vibrate at suitable portions of the show “The Darkest Minds”. It would have been far more suitable using this tech with a movie entirely told from a first-person perspective. 

Later on, I was treated to a relaxing 30 min shoulder massage at Spaze. The older three kids pooled together some of their pocket money as a love gift and I bought a pair of pants with it, something I had been wanting to get for quite some time. I also happened to chance upon the most comfortable pair of covered shoes I’ve ever tried on that is suitable to wear when I’m on worship duty. So I bought them with the red packet money my MIL gave me. With these memory foam flat pumps, I’m hoping to say goodbye to changing shoes whenever I go on and off stage due to painfully pinched toes!

I returned home to handmade cards from the kids. Funny story: I opened Joram’s envelope to find nothing inside. At first, I thought he forgot to put the card in only to realise he wrote in very faint pencil the words “I love you” on the inside of the envelope! I am truly a blessed woman to receive so much love from my family.

We shared a ginseng chicken soup 
and a bingsu dessert for lunch

Our dinner: Korean seafood army stew

Cards from the girls

The mysterious envelope...
... with nothing inside except the words.
Can you see them? 

My new exercise pants!
Finally, adhering to the worship
dress code isn't pure agony!