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Monday, January 25, 2016


Nine years... Just one year short of a decade. It sure feels like we've been married forever. 

I simply cannot imagine managing a household with four children apart from Joshua's tireless support and love. He may not be the most romantic of husbands but he is extremely dedicated to the family and helps out whenever he can. It is also remarkable that he releases me to serve in the worship ministry and takes care of the four kids for me when I'm on duty. This is something I never thought possible...

It was such a hilarious situation when I accidentally saw his handphone reminder to get the snowflake pendant I really love. He had intended to purchase that as a surprise anniversary gift. If my husband were a better liar, he could have gotten away with me being none the wiser but his embarrassed expression and response gave him away! ROFL After all, his honesty is one of the many reasons why I choose him as my husband. *beam* In the end, I got the pendant in advance. Hee...

He has always refrained from getting his favourite bak kwa for himself due to the cost. So I bought that as a gift for him on the actual day. Two days later, he got me a belated bouquet of flowers as he did not have time to do so on the actual day. Such is the life of busy parents. We even had to postpone our celebration by two weeks due to family and ministry commitments.

All along, I've been the one to plan celebrations because I'm good at it. However, after the exertion of moving house last year, I asked my husband to be the one to plan our anniversary celebration. It was lovely that he brought us back to the place where I first had an inkling of his interest in me. *wink wink* This is especially so since the place will be demolished in half a year's time. 

It so happened that I was actually craving for Fish & Co just the day before. Talk about coincidence!

It started to pour right after we entered the restaurant and we could enjoy each other's company while surrounded by rivulets of rain water cascading down the glass walls. Dreamy...

Knowing that I love cats, my generous and loving husband chose to spend the afternoon at a place which interests only me: a cat cafe. I was so delighted to have the opportunity to feed the cats! I totally love the kitty charm Joshua got for me there too. *swoon* 

I'm looking forward to many more years with the love of my life! (especially after the kids have flown the nest :P)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Joram's First Day of School

This year marks the beginning of a new "era" of homemaking when I finally can have a 2.5 hours slot during which ALL 4 of my children will be in school. Apart from the pregnancies, I have never had any time to myself during the day to peacefully and leisurely complete my chores without multitasking. As Joram, my littlest kid, enters nursery 1, I look forward to easier days. 

Joram has been so looking forward to going to school for the past few months. He started saying he wanted to go to school with her sisters whenever I was was sending them up the school bus. Today, he was absolutely delighted wearing his school uniform for the first time. He did very well the entire time at school and cooperated with the teachers perfectly. He only started tearing when the teachers asked him to keep the toys while he was playing with his favourite toy trains so that they could move on to the next program. He'll just have to get used to having only small pockets of time for toy-playing while at school.

I'm so proud of my obedient youngest boy! *beam*

No school bus today
so took a cab to school

Waiting for school
to start...

Putting his water bottle
onto the correct tray

And now his bag

Eating lunch

Drinking water

Lesson time!!!

Toy-playing session

Got a new school bag!

Going home on the public bus

Last post about Jayna

As Jayna enters P1, it is also time for her to graduate from my blog. From now on, I will be left with only the two younger children every school morning. No longer will I enjoy the company of my best helper who had been taking complete charge of the breakfast table for the past half a year. 

Even though I will miss her precious assistance, I am still very glad for her to reach a new stage of growth and development. Jaide will also need to eventually level up in her capacity and maturity and she can only learn to do so if the older two are not around to rely upon. 

May she adjust well to her new school and I look forward to seeing her excel academically as she has both the aptitude and the attitude for it. I pray that she'll find good friends of positive influence to her and that she'll enjoy herself thoroughly. 

Now, I am half-way done with my blogging journey. I have 4 more years to go. *wistful*