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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blessed Birthday, Bear Bear!

Enjoying lychee and grape yogurt

With all the kids under the capable care of my mum-in-law and sis-in-law, I took Joshua out to celebrate his natal day. First stop was at one of his fav dessert outlet Sogurt. We normally have the kids with us when we visit this shop so we hardly get to enjoy the flavours and the toppings that we like and eat in peace. 

My favourite red velvet flavour. Yumz!

Next stop was a nice relaxing massage at Refresh Bodyworks. It was so comfortable that Joshua fell asleep on the massage chair! LOL I'm glad he had a good rest.

Feeling refreshed after the massage

I am so glad to successfully surprise my husband by secretly inviting our good old friends to join us for the birthday lunch. As an extrovert, he really misses chatting with his buddies. It is really hard getting free time to meet up with friends as a parent with four kids and trying to cope with a demanding job at the same time. I was delighted to see the broad grin which spread over his face when he saw our guests. One of them got Joshua a cute birthday balloon and everyone even treated us to the meal! Thank God for great and generous friends!

Birthday balloon. Yay!

The reason I chose the Lavastone Steak House was the special cut wagyu beef steak which they serve as the birthday "cake". The conventional cake would have compromised his low-carb diet. I have made a cake out of fruits for his past birthdays so it is made out of meat this time round! LOL

The legendary birthday "cake"

Thank you all for making my Bear Bear so so happy!

On such a special occasion, we all urged Joshua to be more adventurous than he normally would be. We got him to try two new things he had never tried before. One was Adstrapple Cider which was complimentary for the birthday boy. (I couldn't believe his first choice of a free beverage was actually the conventional orange juice! *faintz*) The other was raw oysters. He looked like he had fun trying them. Hee hee...

Raw oyster
with a dash of tabasco sauce

The staff did the grilling for us.
How nice of them!

To end the beautiful day, we packed the famous East Coast Road fried prawn mee opposite the restaurant on our friends' recommendations. Unfortunately, it was pretty soggy by the time we ate them but the taste was still awesome. *beam*

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