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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jayna is cycling!

The strider bike was such a wonderful investment! It has now taught my second child how to ride a bicycle Yay! Jayna took a year longer than her older brother to master the strider but now that she is adept at it, I bought her a pretty pink bike of her own. Within 2 hours, she could ride it on her own. I'm so proud of my elder girl. *double beam* 

Ok, two more kiddos to go... I can see Jaide making very obvious progress with the trusty old strider. 

Here's a clip of Jayna's successful attempt:

Friday, May 1, 2015

My Mother's Day Celebration

As a teen, I used to dream of housing many cats in my home. It would have been a cat haven and I would thoroughly enjoy taking care of and playing with all the kitties. However, I have my hands full with taking care of 4 young children so I hardly have the chance to enjoy the company of such feline friends. 

Thus, for this year's Mothers' Day, I chose to celebrate it at a Cat Cafe and indulge in my teenage fantasy for an hour there. Before I set off, I was hard at work in the kitchen cooking fried rice for the kids so that my mother-in-law would have an easier time during lunchtime when she took over my duties for a few hours. I also packed, in advance, the bentos for the picnic in the afternoon so that we could bring the children out once my short reprieve from my homemaking work was over. 

Lunch was all ready and I was set to go!

Here we are!!!

Enjoying my chamomile tea

Tried an interesting dessert...

Ah... What a luxury!

Pretty cat paintings on the wall

So cute!!!

Joshua's gift for me:
A set of cat-themed accessories

Posing with the gifts

Picnic Bento @ U Town

We joined a homeschooling event this afternoon: a picnic at the University Town. The lawn was very well manicured and the space was great. However, the heat and humidity was horrid. We had to escape to the air-conditioned Fairprice Express nearby quite frequently! LOL The older three played some soccer with the other kids. As usual, the big brother seemed to have had the most fun. 

Star-shaped sandwiches for the big brother

Hello Kitty heart-shaped and flower-shaped
sandwiches for the girls

Time to dig in!

Water comes first...

Me too!


Enjoying the mayo corn

Having a lovely tumbling time on the comforter
(for a very short while... Hahaha...)