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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Home Sweet Home

At the door...

When my friends heard that I was going to pack all our things in one day and move plus unpack everything in the new place the next day, most thought that I was overly ambitious. There was a reason for my decision. Two of my children suffer from eczema and all the kids are already battling respiratory problems due to the recent haze. I didn’t want their physical condition to deteriorate even further with the dust and dirt that inevitably come with all the packing. I have heard of many such cases from my close friends so I really wanted to avoid it as much as possible.

Thanks to two of my friends who took a pair of kids each during those twin days of intense hard labor and chaos, Joshua and I managed to accomplish the incredible feat, unhindered by the need to take care of little children or keep them out of trouble. Praise the Lord!

One of the major decisions to make in this house-moving project was to choose a contractor. We had wanted an acquaintance to do the job but my father-in-law recommended someone else. After much prayer and deliberation, we decided to go with the one who had my father-in-law’s stamp of approval since he will be staying with us in the future. It would have been a very sad thing if problems with the renovations crop up and it becomes a source of conflict between my father-in-law and us if we were to disregard his opinion. 

His recommendation was indeed wise. Jason, from the Swiss Interior Pte Ltd, had been extremely prompt in his response to my queries and is obviously very experienced. After all, he was in this line of work since his teens. He bent over backwards to fulfil my requests with a spirit of excellence. He and his team of workers truly helped to make my vision of the new home become a reality. I am very grateful for his warm and jovial personality while we collaborated on this potentially stressful endeavour. In fact, we had become friends over the past few months. 

When the time comes for my in-laws to move in with us, we will let them have the master bedroom with the attached toilet and we'll take over the playroom. All the children's shelves will be moved out to line the walls outside the bedrooms and the kids can play in the living room instead.

Now that the journey is over. I can only thank the Lord for hand-holding me the entire way. May our new place be used to glorify His name in every way!

The Master Bedroom

The Children's Bedroom

The Bicycle Shed

The Balcony

The Dining Room

 The Kitchen

The Laundry Area

The Storeroom

 The Playroom

The Toilets

The Living Room

The Photo Wall

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