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Sunday, July 28, 2013

2 More Left

Jaide's upper cuspids had sprouted nearly a month ago but I've just been too busy (or lazy... Heh heh) to update the chart. So now, she's just left her lower cuspids for her teeth to look complete. :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

She Turns Four!

This year, Jayna requested for a princess-themed birthday party at home. Joash had a Thomas the Train themed party when he was 2 so it's high time for Jayna to have one of her own. There were lots of preparation to make:

Sample wands for art & craft

Colouring Activity

Party Favours

Room Layout

Personalised party bags

Movie Title

House Decor

Table Setting

The above is a replacement balloon. The huge gorgeous pink bubble balloon which I bought all the way from Vivocity was burst by Joash before I could even take a picture of it! In the end, I had to get this one from West Mall.

All dressed up!

The Protector

Despite stating on the invitation card that there was no need for gifts, Jayna was still blessed by our guests with presents. Thank you all so much!

First activity was colouring, followed by the making of their princess wands. Then, they watched Veggietales' "Sweetpea Beauty" and the eating of the birthday cake came right after. We ended the party with some bubble fun at our corridor with the bubble wands in their party bags.

9 kids in one room!

Jayna and her best friend Elizabath

7 princesses with their handmade wands

Show time

Lovely Cake

Birthday Girl

Say Cheese!

Bubble Fun

The children seemed to have enjoyed themselves so all the effort was worth it. I'm sure Jayna will remember her princess party for a long time to come. Our little princess is finally matured enough to enjoy the company of her friends and be amiable in such a social setting. She has come a long way through the grace of God. I'm so proud of her!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Differentiating Belongings

I have an obssession with labeling and matching things, so I find great pleasure in making sure that all 4 kids have their belongings properly differentiated. The above picture shows their weekend bags with their name keychains.

The next photo shows the name keychains attached to their respective water bottles. Joram does not have a water bottle yet but I made one for him too anyway. :)

These are special keychains that have cartoon characters meant for their school bags. So far only Jayna and Joash are going to school. Notice also that Joash's cartoon had faded off through time. Might as well, since his character was Winnie the Pooh, one that he had already long outgrown.

I'd also made cartoon stickers to label other belongings. Even Joshua and I have one set each! Hee hee... Joshua: Naruto, Me: Mermaid Melody, Joash: Cars, Jayna: Disney Princesses, Jaide: Marie the Cat, Joram: Thomas the Train (I chose it randomly for him)

First Spiritual Birthday

7th of July last year was the day Joash and Jayna accepted Christ into their lives. Thus, last Sunday marked their first spiritual brithday! We engaged Joshua's mum to help take care of Jaide and Joram so that we could bring the two older ones to Swensons to celebrate the milestone. It was a good time discussing with them about their spiritual growth in the Lord.

1) What did you learn about/from God:
Joash - He is the God who sees us.
Jayna -  God wants us to obey our parents.

2) In what ways have you pleased God in the past one year?
Joash - Giving his best in learning his spelling and 听写.
Jayna - Being much more loving, helpful and obedient.

3) Which area do you need to work on with God's help?
Joash - Perfect love casts out all fear. Need to remember that God is with him even when he's alone.
Jayna - Love is patient. Need to learn to wait upon the Lord for good things.

I was quite glad that they loved their presents and were very much able to put the lego pieces together by looking at the manual with some help from us. *beam*

May the Lord continue to help them overcome their weaknesses and grow in the understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ, revelling in His love and grace.

1st Real Smile

He finally did it at 2 months old! Because of his reflux, I can understand why Joram tends to look miserable most of the time. He was pretty smiley after his milk and burp in his sleepy state but that was mostly out of his natural newborn reflex. This time round, he gave me a very distinct smile when he saw me entering the room and continued to smile when I spoke to him. He is the latest in doing so among the children and I was concerned for a while... Praise God that my worry was unfounded!