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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Early Valentine's Day

Today, Joshua picked me up from my part-time work place so that we can have an early Valentine's Day celebration. We started the evening with a lovely dinner at White Kitchen where they sell the nicest yakisoba I've ever tasted and Joshua's newly discovered favourite drink, Summer Coconut, whereas my preferred drink was Okinawa milk tea with pudding, bought from Share Tea after our meal. Despite choosing 30% sugar level, my tea was still too sweet for me. It was perhaps due to the pudding. Looks like I'll have to go for zero sugar the next time I buy this beverage. 

This is so yummy!
I must remember to ask them to
withhold the sesame seeds next time.

After that, we went to watch The Lego Movie, the second part. We found the long corridor to the toilets, fraught with flickering lights, super creepy and I decided to star in my own horror movie! Bwahahaha!!! I asked Joshua to take a few short clips of me standing under the damaged bulbs from various distances. Then, I used an app to put them together with spooky filter, included some scary music and voila! Trailer for the latest horror movie acted by yours truly! *wink* On hindsight, I should have ditched my bags to make it even more convincing...

We ended off the night by challenging the special super spicy chilli sauce that goes with Eng's wanton noodles. I could only take a few bites before passing the rest of the bowl to Joshua to finish up. Hur hur hur...

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Movie Marathon

How To Train Your Dragon Trilogy

We did reunion lunch in advance on Saturday this year. Learning from last year's mistakes, our portion estimate was better though I still had enough leftover ingredients to cook for dinner. After the sumptuous steamboat meal, we watched the first "How to train your dragon" movie, followed by tea break and then watching the second installation. We finished up our fried rice and fishball soup before heading down to the theatres to watch part 3 on the big silver screen. 

This was the first time we attempted such a feat! We all enjoyed the strong sense of continuity very much and got to fully appreciate the development of the characters throughout the trilogy. Joram, being the youngest, was pushed to his limit since we ended the day later than usual. He got cranky the next day from tiredness despite being allowed to sleep in.