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Monday, December 31, 2012


The upper incisors are coming in. However, this does not mean that she has improved in her eating ability. I guess this is one area where Jaide is much slower than her older siblings...


At 13 months, Jaide has started walking in earnest! Here are two videos of her lastest accomplishment: one using a push cart and another entirely on her own. I'm so proud of her!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Willow

The area named "PLAYPEN"

At first, we planned to visit "Happy Willow" on boxing day because the kids had no school and Joshua could take leave. Unfortunately, we realised Daddy still needed to return to work for an important meeting during the exact 3 hours slot that was ideal for us to go. (The playtime is payable every 3 hours) Not wanting to disappoint the kids, I decided to bring them there myself despite my physical limitations. 

The first 45 min was pretty relaxing for me as Jaide was still taking her nap and the older ones were exploring the big structures. Jayna, however, quickly grew bored and started pestering me about silly things. She has been acting up recently so once again, I find myself having to spend quite a bit of effort to deal with her unreasonable demands and tantrums. And of course, her crying woke Jaide up from her nap prematuredly.

Despite all that, the trip was quite worthwhile. The children seemed to like the playpen area the best and spent half our time there. I noticed that Jaide was cruising and walking to get to where she wanted to go a lot more now. It's so cute to see her toddling around. *beam*

Pretending to be a chef

The loyal 'customer'

Want some too?

The big structures were completely empty during the last hour we were there so we had the place to ourselves. There was a huge horse and the 3 of them had so much fun laughing and screaming in delight as they rode it together that I was glad there weren't anyone else to be disturbed by their noise. Pity that there were no pics or videos cos I had to hold onto Jaide the whole time in case she fell!

How do I play this?

Jayna enjoyed the colouring corner too. I wonder why the Hello Kitty was coloured blue though...

Here's a video of Jayna bringing Jaide along for a merry-go-round ride inside the big structure. They were at it for nearly 15 min while Joash went off on his own having a fabulous time exploring every nook and cranny.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Slow Down, Baby!

For the first time, my husband actually told me that Jaide is so cute that she can take her time growing up. I've always cherished the baby days of each of my children but for Joshua to wish that our daughter would stay a baby, I was quite surprised, considering that he has to do much more caregiving now that I'm not functioning at my full capacity. 

Of course, I can attribute that to the fact that Joshua is getting more experienced and adept at taking care of the kids so he can focus more on enjoying them. However, it is also true that Jaide is learning things and reaching milestones pretty quickly.

She took her first step even before she hit her first birthday. Now, we're seeing her walk a few steps unassisted and she's able to stand without support for long stretches of time. We were quite taken aback to watch her learn to "cook" with the toy utensils from her sister and move the toy vehicles around, complete with engine sounds, the exact replica of her brother at play. You can imagine how far our jaws dropped when she started keeping her own toys after playtime too! Even Joash didn't do that despite my constant drilling and coaxing till he was almost one and half years old. As for Jayna, well, she was being spoiled by her brother who was eager to keep her toys for her so she didn't learn to clean up after herself till she was more than two.

Jaide will no longer be the baby of the family in a few months' time. So, my little cutie pie, you can take your time for the moment. You can take your time. :)