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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Melbourne, here we come!

In a couple of hours, Joshua, Joash and I will be on our way to Melbourne to visit my bestie. I'll be the maid of honor for her wedding to her beloved man. Since I'll also be singing the wedding song during the ceremony and make the wedding speech at the reception, I'm rather nervous as I really don't want to make any mistakes.

God has been so gracious to us as He reminded us to get the visa and travel insurance just two days ago... Can you believe that we had totally forgotten about them!?! Praise God for His just-in-time prompting. It would indeed be terrible if we were delayed in any way cos we're not there just for fun. I want our efforts to be a blessing to the wedding couple.

I even went to get a hair highlight (For the first time in my life!) and a manicure+pedicure to look more presentable. (Hmmm... Why am I doing so much more than what I did for my own wedding??? *shake head*) The manicure is rather irritating though. I'm so self-conscious of it while I do housework, cook and care for baby that I wonder if it is worth the effort. I suppose I'll only do manicures after I become a rich "tai tai" and has no need to lift a finger to do the chores. Hee hee... Pedicures will do for now.

Now, I'm so delirious with excitement that I don't know what to do with myself! I really enjoyed packing the luggage for the trip. It was so fun, and challenging though considering the chilly weather over there, coordinating the clothing for all three of us, enough for the whole week at that. Many people find it a hassle to pack for baby, but since we're buying the diapers, wet wipes and baby food over there, it is not so bad. We managed to pack everything into a huge luggage and a small backpack. I do hope that our medicine kit passes the Australian customs. Of course, it'll be great if none of us falls sick but no harm being cautious.

Just for today, no housework or cooking for me. I'm even too lazy to do much flashcards or reading to Joash. :P

God, please help Joshua to clear his work so that he'll come home in time... Last night, Joshua and I hardly got any sleep as we were trying to finish up some of the work that he has to hand over today. Even though it was tiring, it felt very intimate for us to work together on the task during the wee hours of the morning. It reminded me of my uni days when I had to work on projects with my teammates. Ahhh.... so nostalgic. It is also indeed my privilege that my experience as a teacher in the past enables me to be a helpmate to my husband in his new career as a Polytechnic lecturer. *all smiles*

I'll definitely post the photos/videos after I come back. So till then. *huge grin*

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Akan Datang

This is an exciting time for me! Joshua has finally told me when he'll tell me whether to stay in his church or transfer to the new church. Here's what he emailed me:

"Hello Dear,

As a follow-up to our conversation, we will hear the final decision on the Sunday, 7th Sept 2008, at 8pm.

Thank you for your patience.

Bear Bear."

Those of you who care about me must be holding your breath too waiting to hear his final decision. What kind of decision will Joshua make for his family? *drum roll* It is scary to think that after this, I'll either continue to enjoy a vibrant church life with Joash and, finally, my husband or simply make do. But as I've said: *singing* I will follow him... follow him wherever he may go.... *grin* Please pray for God to speak clearly to him, yah? *wink*

He decided to enter the "promise land"!!! Hallelujah! To God be the glory!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kiss Mummy

Though he has been kissing me on the cheek for a while, I've not the chance to have a picture taken of the lovely sight since I have always been alone with him when he planted his lips, perhaps more accurately, mouth and tongue, on my face so far. (and whether he did it, largely depended on his mood) But now, he is able to do it upon request and thus this photo. So sweeeeeeeet! *heart melted*

Second season of teething

Updated Baby Tooth Chart

The top two front teeth are emerging!

Dim Sum Boy

Joash is getting so much better at walking with support. He seems to enjoy the toy pushcart at a church friend’s place immensely. Once Joash learns how to walk unassisted, the process of trying for our second child will commence... heh heh... Perhaps the day is not far off at all. *Really big grin*

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Like Father Like Son?

This is really the ultimate... Joash can actually fall asleep on the floor while playing with his toys!?! Remember that he also fell asleep at the highchair once? (Click HERE for the post.) Aiyoh... Joash must have inherited Joshua's superpower: falling asleep anytime, anywhere. And mind you, only at the most inappropriate occasion and place! I really wish Joash is able to sleep as easily during naptimes and bedtimes. *shake head*

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Just wanna help myself to remember that Joash has finally learnt to clap his hands this week. *clap clap clap* Been wondering for ages why he enjoyed banging toys together so much for the past 2 months and just never thought to "bang" his hands together...

Words he knows to say at 9 months old:
1) Mama
2) Papa
3) Yeye
4) Bear

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hair Salon?

The only thing missing is the mirror in front of Joash! Heh heh...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meow Meow's Birthday

Yes, meow meow is me!!! That's what Joshua calls me in case you're new. (Please try not to puke) The itinerary was supposed to be a surprise for me but I was too clever to guess everything beforehand. I know my husband too well. (Bwahahahaha...)

Joshua got me a bouquet in my favorite colors and brought me to a very nostalgic place: the Fish and Co at the Glass House, the place where I had the first inkling that he had romantic feelings towards me. After so many years of friendship, my buddy from engineering suddenly, for the first time ever, commented that the way I held up my skirt to go up the stairs was very elegant. Since when do guys like him notice such things!?! *shock*

Anyways, old history aside, the restaurant's service was great. They did a birthday cheer, gave me a sparkler and free ice-cream, took a polaroid photo of us and presented it with a birthday card and best of all, since it was the actual day of my birthday, we got a discount after presenting my I/C as proof. *all smiles* Thanks to my bear bear for the wonderful birthday celebration. And not forgetting my lovely Sis-in-law who came over to help us watch over Joash, in case he wakes up for milk. Thank God he slept soundly tonight. During the blowing of the birthday candle on my brownie, I prayed for a baby girl. I hope it'll come to pass... Pretty please?

P/S: The blouse was a birthday gift from my Mum-in-law. Ain't I blessed? *wink*

Swimming again...

Joash: And this time, Daddy finally joined us. Yeah!

Jaclyn: Come, Mummy teach you how to swim.
Joash: Why do I still look more like a frog when I swim?

Joash did not enjoy the experience as much as the previous time. You wanna guess why? See the following video for the answer...

Joash: Finally! I got my wish...

Precious Moments

Here are two of my favorite things that Joash has been doing since months ago:

1) Coming close to my cheeks and giving me a wet kiss (meaning it is not a completely closed mouth affair. He licks me in the process!?!)

2) Putting his head on my chest to rest for a couple of seconds before continuing with his play.

He does them a couple of times daily and I am savoring these heart-melting precious moments as I know the day will come when my boy will grow up and stop doing them...