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Friday, April 8, 2011

Braving it for the third time

Can you see the faint second line?
(Tested positive at week 3)
Many people say that giving birth to a kid is easy but raising one is tough. It seems to be the opposite for me. Not that taking care of my children is without challenges but I find coping with the kids far less daunting than suffering the extreme pregnancy symptoms for such an extended period of time. There are countless moments when I enjoy raising my kids but there is nothing enjoyable about the 9 long months of torture. It really irks me when people try telling me to savour the pregnancy. I can only say that I'll have lots of fun with my baby only when he/she is out of my body!

What I hate most about being an invalid while pregnant is that I miss out on my older children. I can tell that Joash and Jayna miss me very much ever since the symptoms began 2 weeks ago. They keep coming into my room while I'm resting just to lie their heads on my lap wordlessly. I miss playing with them too. However, I'm ever so grateful for the super bear of a husband I have who has already been well trained to take care of them by himself while I was serving in the worship ministry previously. Their school is also doing a wonderful job of teaching and caring for them during the workdays so my children are in good and safe hands. We are more than prepared for this but it really does not make my suffering any easier to bear. At least, the likelihood of developing pre-natal depression as when I was expecting Jayna is so much less.

For now, I sleep most of my days and when I'm awake, I try my level best to do the laundry and straighten up the place a little and get myself fed so that Joshua only has to worry about handling the kids before and after school. Every meal for me is a battle to keep the food down. What takes me a mere 15 min to do normally can take up to 2 hours as I need to take frequent breaks to catch my breath, settle my stomach or lie down when I become too dizzy.

I seriously wonder if my family and I have the steel to go through this for the 4th time in the future...