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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ball or Belly?

I've had many people tell me that I look very "neat" pregnant. Basically, all weight gain has gone to my tummy and hardly anywhere else. I wish I could feel as good as I look. No point looking gorgeous when I feel so sick most of the time that I seldom get out of the house. *shake head* Recently, one primary school girl in church asked me, "Are you sure you are not hiding a ball under your shirt?" Amused, I showed her my belly as proof.

In fact, I dun think I even look pregnant from behind!!!

Now you see it...

... Now you don't!

Joash's Mummy

This is just something frivolous...

Yesterday, I went downstairs to get my lunch when I saw a class of kindergarden kids from Joash's school. One of the girls spotted me and called out excitedly "That's Joash's mummy!" Soon the whole class started chanting in canon "Joash's mummy" and waving at me. I couldn't help but smile. The teachers had told me before that Joash is a favorite among the older kids in school because he is so cute, cheerful and friendly but I didn't expect that "popularity" would rub off on me. *chuckle*

Backdated video

I feel so guilty that although Joash has been making so much exciting progress, I've not been able to post about it all these time. The camera has been very much untouched especially during this season of illness.

Anyway, his vocabulary has been increasing everyday but I'm too lazy to write every one of them down like many mothers I know do in their blogs. They actually have monthly reviews of new skills and words learnt! I really should be ashamed... :P

Here's video from a month ago when we went to stay at Fragrance Hotel for a night. We thought it would be fun but it turned out to be so disappointing. The room was claustrophobic, half the size of our own bedroom without windows, and the whole place reeked of cigarette smoke. Because of the smoke, I actually developed a bad sore throat the next day!

Joash, however, seemed to have enjoyed the stay as he loved to play with the phone, light switches and remote controls there. By then, he already knew how to say "Light light". He has always loved pointing to lights but never knew how to say it. But once he learned the word, he has been saying it non-stop. What's more, he says it exactly the way I taught him in the past whenever he pointed to the lights. So funny...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I miss a healthy Joash!

In the next few weeks, I have many things to look forward to: my brother's wedding, my own birthday and Jayna's arrival... However, I can't seem to get excited for any of them because my heart is broken when I see my beloved son still struggling with illness. It's been 1 and a half months since he was completely healthy and it has been extremely exhausting for all of us.

Joshua's work suffers as he has to take childcare leave whenever Joash's fever goes up and can't attend school and my body has definitely been weaker since I'm nearing the expected due date. Once, I almost fainted on my way to pick Joash up from school! Thank God that a food stall-holder helped me back home and called my husband to pick Joash up instead. I guess I was too anxious to get to Joash as the school had informed me that his fever went up again...

Since Joash is not well, he has been extremely fussy, throwing tantrums regularly and making unreasonable demands. We try not to discipline him harshly because we know that he simply wants to feel better but have no idea what can help him to do so. Still, it is soooooooo tiring for us. He has no appetite and sometimes even refuse to take his milk which contains the medicine he needs. A lot of coaxing is needed for every simple task.

There are just so many times that I wish I can just take care of him myself and keep him home till he has fully recovered but it is simply impossible for me in my current state. I'm truly at a loss and can only rely on God's strength daily, trusting that Joash is in His merciful hands. When I pray about it long enough, I realised that things could have been worse. At least, I'm grateful that after many visits to the doc, we are assured that the phlegm has not reached his lungs. He could have been down with worse diseases than the common flu.

I need to constantly remind myself to rest in the favor and love of God. Please do continue to pray with me for his full recovery. Thank you for your support all this time! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lethal Virus

Joshua and I caught the virus from Joash too! I think this is the first time we're ALL sick. May the Lord have mercy upon us...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Healing for my boy pls...

As I feared, Joash's health had taken a toll since going to the playgroup full-time. Despite having faithfully given him this super expensive enzyme drink daily to boost his immune system (which thankfully helped him to stay healthy for 4 months while he used to fall sick every 2 months), his body can't fight the germs that has been spreading like wild fire among his age group.

At first, it was simply some running nose for about 3 weeks. It was not very serious and we gave him the usual meds that worked in the past. His appetite and his behavior weren't affected by it. It was just tiring for us adults to keep wiping his nose whenever we see the clear mucus. However, 3 days ago on Thurs, I was surprised to receive a call from the centre that Joash was running a fever! By the time he saw the doc, his temperature had risen to 39 degrees! The infection had gotten to his chest level and we can hear the phlegm when he coughs. Out of concern for my health esp with the baby inside me, Joshua took care of Joash by himself on Thurs evening and the whole of Friday while I hide in my room. But when Joash's fever went up again for the third time yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore...

I want to shower Joash with TLC myself!!! I hate it that I'm only at 20 percent of my normal capacity. I wish I can give Joash the care and attention that I could give when I wasn't pregnant. But there's still 6 more weeks before Jayna is due... *sob* My heart breaks listening to Joash's labored breathing and whining in pain whenever he coughs.

It was also a pity that while Joshua was caring for Joash, he didn't have the experience and the knowledge I possess to give Joash the nose drop even in the day (up to 3 times) which can help him nap better and keep him hydrated by giving him the diluted form of the enzyme drink since he still refuses to take plain water despite his illness. Poor Joshua already had his mind full with keeping track of the 6 different types of meds to give to Joash!

Pls pray for his speedy and complete recovery too if you are reading this, ok?