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Friday, June 24, 2016

Outings Galore!

This June holidays, I went utterly crazy with scheduling outings for the kids. Given my reduced energy levels, deteriorating health condition and my increased workload in terms of household chores, I gave up cooking entirely for almost 4 weeks. I concentrated my efforts on bringing the kids out, which I'm very sure they appreciate far more than mere home-cooked food. (Sad but nonetheless true) 

With the help of my husband who took quite a few days of leave, we actually clocked about 3 outings per week! That meant that we stayed home only for 2 weekdays each week. That is the most often the kids went out during the holidays. There were, of course, less significant visits to the various malls with their playgrounds and libraries. Here are some of the more notable outings:

The kids specially requested for this. With Joram much more agile and daring now than the previous time we went, he could thoroughly enjoy himself and thus I had a more rigorous workout than before. 

Vacation Bible School
Previously, only Joash qualified for the camp. This time, the three older ones could participate. Transport was thankfully provided. I went with them for the first day dragging Joram along because it was an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. While the camp was going on, I went City Square Mall to hang out with the little brother and took the transport home together after they were done for the day. 

I thought that it would be a good opportunity for the older two to learn how to give back to the community by distributing food to the home-bound elderly. Thus, Joshua went with them while I stayed home to take care of the younger ones.

I promised my elder girl that she'd have the chance to go ice-skating when she reaches P1, so I fulfilled my promise and brought the older two to The Rink. It was Joshua's turn to take care of the younger two instead for this trip. 

Movie Outing
For the first time, the younger ones are old enough to appreciate the silver screen and we went to watch Finding Dory together as a family. 

Kids Stop
Another special request from the kids. Things are really so different as the children grow older and become more independent. Joshua and I could have some nice couple time while the kids all went exploring the place by themselves. No more infant in arms/carrier or watching over the toddling and fearful ones. Yay!!!

ArtScience Museum
The kids really loved the Future World. They almost didn't want to leave despite starting to feel hungry as it was way past their normal lunch time. It was mostly dark however so I had very few pictures of them inside. 

Brought home jewel crafts as souvenirs