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Monday, August 23, 2010

Godma Again

Godma is back from the states for another holiday. Yay! Jayna has the chance to play with her once again.

Doing their own things at first.

Jayna: "Oh, what a nice watch you have there!"

Jayna: "May I touch the bracelet too?"

"I should give you something in return.
How about some imaginary biscuits?"

Godma: "No! I want a kiss instead!!!"
*evil laughter*

Jayna: "Would you like some too?"

Click on the following link to see the first time the little girl met her Godma: The First Visit. How she has grown in half a year!

More Hairclips!

I suppose this is one of the pitfalls in having girls. You just wanna doll 'em up! So far, I've valiantly resisted buying her clothes since we already have so many nice hand-me-downs. But I can't stop myself from getting Jayna the affordable hairclips to go with her cute apparels! Okay, now that she has quite a few clippies, I have to hold myself back from purchasing more... *pout*

Jayna: "Mummy, I have purple ribbons in my hair!"

Left clippie

Right clippie

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pretty PJs

Last year, a friend passed me 3 sets of really sweet-looking PJs that could not fit her daughter. It was way too big for Jayna but now she can finally wear them. *grin*

The hot pink one
My favorite!

The yellow one

The baby pink one

Juggler Wannabe

For the longest time, Joshua has been attempting to juggle in order to entertain Joash. It amuses our boy greatly when he sees his Daddy tries and fails to keep the balls in the air. Like father, like son, it's his turn now. The video says it all. :P

Musical Talent

Joash has always loved music and seems to have a natural flare for it. However, I have never expected Joash to pick up tunes so quickly.

One day, we heard him sing a worship song and we couldn't really tell where he had learnt it from. It is highly unlikely for his school to teach it and he doesn't attend the adult Sunday service which is where the song would be sung. The sunbeam ministry for the kids during service also doesn't use the adult songs in class.

I then realised that he must have picked it up simply from hearing it during my worship rehearsals! All the while we thought he wasn't really paying attention to what was happening on stage since he was busy running around playing among the seats. What a marvelous memory for songs!

Anyway, I've created a game in the video below. Try guessing the songs that he has been singing. I've included the worship song that I mentioned too. Enjoy!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Helpful Brother

With helpful Joash around, I can even eat my own lunch in peace since he is able to help me feed his sister! Watch the short clip to see what I mean. *grin*


Jayna's advanced cognitive development really surprises me. I've never taught Jayna explicitly how to use a phone and she actually picked it up by herself simply from observation. I was quite taken aback when she instinctively knew how to play with this toy at our CG mate's place...

This video was taken after we got over the initial shock.

Sworn Sisters

The friendship between my children's Godma and I goes way back to our student days 14 years ago. It has already become a custom for us to celebrate together on a day between our birthdays since they're only a fortnight apart. This year is no exception. We dressed up and went to Marina Square for a relaxing time eating, chatting, lounging about and watching the movie Street Dance. We were "trigger-happy" too in the effort to remember the nostalgic occasion.

Close-up Shot

Medium Shot

Full-Length Shot

Individual Shots

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My 31st Birthday

On the actual day, Joshua took half day off to celebrate with me. *beam* I was treated to a great meal at Sakae Sushi. It was followed by a rare opportunity to shop for clothes. Then, off I went alone to enjoy some 'me' time at the pedicure. Hmmm... Shiok!

We also watched the movie The Last Airbender. It was great cos Josh and I had seen the entire animation series and could really appreciate the gorgeous replication of the landscape from the cartoon. It was a fantasy brought to life! The story was also very faithful to the original which I loved. I was kinda disappointed in the character Sokka though. He just wasn't goofy enough. We also agreed that the actors playing the roles of the Fire Lord Ozai and the uncle Iroh should switch their parts. They will look more like the 2D version that way. All in all, it was a fantastic show to watch on the silver screen.

The spread at lunch and it's all mine to eat!

Jaclyn: "Hmm... Which one should I start on?"

The beautiful bouquet that Joshua got for me. :)


Jayna's hair has grown longer and the strange thing is that the hair at her temples keep growing towards her face. When she perspires, the hair will be plastered to her cheeks. Despite constant attempts to tuck those hair behind her ears, they keep popping right back to the sides. So I bought a few clippies to keep them in place. Alas! Jayna will pull them out without fail after a short while. I guess she's not used to having things in her hair. Ah well...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Just wanna see!

Incredibly hilarious!!! It was drizzling a little and in order to protect our dear princess from the rain, I covered the pram with the hood. Jayna was so curious and desperate to look where we were going that she was in that position throughout the journey to the train station! She simply refused to budge no matter what I did. I guess she got some rain on her face in the end... Silly girl! LOL

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jayna's 1st Birthday

As per tradition in Joshua's family, we're celebrating both Jayna's and my birthdays on the same Sunday the week before the actual dates. We decided to bring the kids to Fidgets to celebrate Jayna's and have dinner at one of my favorite restaurant New Garo to celebrate mine.

Resident "Muscle-man" carrying both kids at the same time.
(It was really hard to capture a picture with two kids
since they took turns to smile.
This is the only shot where they both look decent enough.)

Jayna's birthday gift
- Two wrist rattlers
(She couldn't stop waving her hands
the first time I put them on her. LOL)


It was only there that my suspicion about Jayna is confirmed: I am now certain she is an introvert. While Jayna and I were alone at the play area, she was happy to explore the place and smiled a lot. The moment other kids entered the picture, she immediately froze and looked lost. She was much more content to look at the other kids play from the sofa a distance away.

She behaved the exact opposite from Joash, cos back then, he was even more thrilled when other toddlers joined him at play. Looks like I made the right decision in not having a real party like the one I had for Joash. She would have been traumatised by the many kids in our house playing with her toys! No prize for guessing who actually enjoyed himself most when we were at Fidgets... Heh heh...

Admiring herself in the mirror...

Don't forget to pose for the camera!

Jayna: "It's so fun when we have the place to ourselves!"

Exploring the sides...

Playing with the giant beads...

Jayna: "Nice duckie..."

Let's climb the mountain together!
(It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good photo of the siblings playing together as they moved soooo much! What's more with a camera that has a terrible lag time between the click and the shutter. I think I need an upgrade!
*hint hint*)

Watching Gor Gor play...

Let me rest at the sofa with Grandma instead!

My "three" kids???

Jayna: "Oops! Sorry, Daddy!
I didn't mean to hit your face with my flower..."

Joash "sheathed his sword" to have a water break.

A cute and pretty muffin for my dear princess!

Trying to blow out the candle herself?
Her helpful brother blew it out for her in the end.

Eager to have a taste of her birthday muffin!

Now it's my turn at the restaurant...

Candle-blowing Take 2
(Joash was really upset that I blew out the candle by myself
We relit the candle so that he could 'help' me blow it out too.)

May God bless my relationship with my daughter with much mutual love and affection. It is definitely no coincidence that we have our birthdays so close to each other's. Let us glorify God as a team as we celebrate our natal days together!

Here's a video featuring the fun Joash and Jayna had. Jayna enjoyed herself the most when she was surrounded by familiar family members and shielded from other kids she didn't know...