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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Caught red-handed

This afternoon, Joshua took half day leave to help me take care of Joash while I rest. I woke up to something that resembles a scene of crime.

As I stepped out of the room, I saw my box of clorets on the corridor. It was originally in my handbag which was placed on the kitchen table. Puzzled, I went into the kitchen to discover that the door of the toilet was closed without anyone inside. One of Joshua's handphone was actually on the kitchen floor and Joash's ball was in his highchair. I entered the living room to see my snoring husband on the sofa and to my horror, I found Joash sleeping on the floor of his bedroom with Joshua's other handphone in his hands!

Apparently, Joshua was too tired and fell asleep on the sofa. Joash, with no one to supervise him, had a field day in the kitchen which was forbidden to him. He has always been eyeing our handphones but so far, we refuse to let him play with them and so this was such a golden opportunity for him to get his naughty hands on them. But then, the silly boy somehow fell asleep on the floor with evidence plainly in sight!!!

Thank God he didn't seemed to have played with anything dangerous such as detergent, medication or breakable things since our kitchen is not child-proofed. There was just never the need to do so as Joash has been trained since a few months old never to go into the kitchen and I don't remember him ever been unsupervised before.

I'm not sure whether I should find this incident hilarious or down-right harrowing...

It's gonna be a girl!

Week 21 Scan

Two Fridays ago, we found out the gender of our new baby during the FA scan... God has granted the desires of my heart once again! It's going to be a baby girl! The EDD is adjusted to 14 Aug. Hopefully this means that I can attend my brother's wedding and see Joash act as the page boy on 8 Aug before I deliver. *all smiles* Recently, we started to make some preparations based on the gender. So here they are:

The name and its meaning.

A new yellow bear to represent her

Some pink stuff we got for her.
We also cleared up the bottom bar of the wardrobe
and bought the hangers for her future clothes.

The more we get together...

Aren't Joash and Baby C simply adorable together? *wink*

Got Milk?

Look at the matching Pigeon Mag Mag Straw Cups!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Little Compass

Last Monday, I went for a medical appointment and since the appointment was late in the afternoon, it was near Joash's bedtime when I finally took a cab home with Joash from the hospital. He must have been very tired as he kept whining and putting his head on my lap and whined again throughout the ride. My MIL was supposed to come over to help with bathing Joash since Joshua couldn't be home that night so I alighted outside the coffee shop just next block to look for her since she was having her dinner there.

Strangely, when I tried leading Joash into the coffee shop, he kept pulling me in the opposite direction. I tired coaxing him to come with me but he was obviously very distressed. Eventually, I let him take the lead as I was curious where he wanted to go. We crossed the carpark, went up the stairs at our block, entered the lift and finally reached home!!! So Joash was eager to get home to rest since he was so tired! Amazing... He actually knew the way home despite the waning light of the evening.

That was when I remember that after letting Joash wear shoes and walk outside in our neighborhood for the first time, he went ahead of me to identify the right unit where we live, sat down on the steps and waited for me to take off his shoes before we get back into the flat! Also, whenever we are outside, perhaps at the shopping mall, if we are to take him away from some spot that he becomes fascinated with (such as the candy machine or a shop selling bottles), he is able to go ALL the way back by himself even if we are already quite far from the place! Such great sense of direction. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Personal Theme Park?

Joash loves the swivel chair. Not just to push it around or spin it with his hands. He loves to be on it while someone spins it! It's a long story why we let him do such a dangerous thing...

Ever since I was pregnant, I needed a long time to wake up. No longer could I jump right out of bed and wash up within 5 mins, ready to meet the challenges of the new day immediately. Now, I have to slowly wake up, sit up on the bed for a while, drink ovaltine with my multi-vitamins before I attempt to wash up. Or else, I would feel sick. So Joshua had to take the first shift of the day when Joash wakes up. After feeding him breakfast and changing him out of his PJs, Joshua will bring Joash into our room to prepare to go to work. Most of the time, I would still be in the process of 'waking up' so neither of us could entertain Joash during that 15 mins.

At first, we would put him on the swivel chair to keep him from playing with things he shouldn't play with. (eg. wires, body lotion, ring, watches and other electronic nick-nacks) But when he started trying to climb out of the chair, we accidentally discovered that he'll stay put while the chair was spinning, albeit slowly at the beginning. So that became our strategy to keep him occupied.

Eventually, we started spinning the chair faster and faster since he enjoys it so much and has never seemed in danger of falling off before. Thus, like it or not, this became our morning ritual.


Thank God that after 2 weeks, Joash had gotten used to his toddler's bed and has been sleeping through the night for the past month. Soon, we're going into phase two of our operation Big Boy: Showering Joash while standing without using the bathtub.

All the "equipment" is already in place (bath mat, stool, foam alphabets to stick to the wall for enjoyment, lamp for his room where we'll put on his PJs etc.) but I'm rather pensive about it as I foresee great difficulty since he hates bath time and tooth brushing. We are also going to bathe him in the other toilet cos we are expecting him to run away without the bath tub to confine him since it's smaller and has less space for escape. Well, we have already postponed this transition for as long as we could so... here we go.... :P

Major teething

Last weekend, Joshua and I were wondering why Joash was super fussy. I realised the reason on Monday when I brushed his teeth. He has four teeth emerging at the same time! Poor chap... No wonder he was so uncomfortable.