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Monday, June 23, 2014

Trampoline Workout!

We went to have a workout session on the trampoline with our CG friends this morning! The kids had a blast and it is very worthwhile to go on a Monday because the rates are the cheapest at $10 per person! The exercise really tires the kids out as they actually came out on their own even before the hour was totally up. LOL I will definitely go there again the next holiday.

Watch them have their jumping fun!

Friday, June 20, 2014

GBTB Children's Garden

Can you spot my three older kids
literally running off into the sunset?

It was a blazing hot day and we were out playing at the water playground at GBTB. The last time I bought swim suits for the older three kids was years ago and they have all outgrown theirs. Today, I got the big brother and sister new ones while Jaide wore her sister's hand-me-down. Looking forward to the day when the little brother can also join in the water fun!

 007 & 008???

Armed with water guns...

... and ready to conquer the world!!!

The Pink Sisters

Obsessed with the retractable card holder

Happy watching!

Tea Break: Quiche Time!

After the playground, we had a sumptuous dinner at Satay by the Bay and went for a leisurely evening stroll. (i.e. the adults strolled while the kids went on a hundred metre dash! LOL) We went up the Marina Barrage and enjoyed the fabulous scenery.


And off they went!

So hard to get all of them to look
at the camera at the same time!!!

Time to head home. A last look at the great view.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Teeth

Can you see the two pearlies peeking out of Joram's bottom gums? That's right! I'm saying goodbye to those sweet "bo gay" (toothless) smiles of my children as my last child grows his first teeth. Given his reflux, I seriously doubt he can be weaned off baby food with smooth texture anytime soon despite having his chompers at 13 months old. Still, when I see him being the "IT" in a game of tag with his older siblings, I have a great sense that the baby of the family is fast growing up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Grapes Keychains

Taking the opportunity of my 'annual leave', I went out alone (What a luxury!) to browse at my favourite Beads 'N' Crystals shop. Lo and behold, I found what I have been looking for! 

Just last week, I was lamenting that the grapes pendants I made for my girls would have looked more authentic with brown wires and suitable beads. Today, I found the teardrop fire-polished crystals and the dark copper wire which look absolutely stunning put together. 

These grapes keychains shall be gifts for the three mummies who are coming to my place for the accessories making workshop with their girls. I can't wait for Monday to come!

What I made for my girls previously.
(Cute but they don't look real at all.)

Purple Grapes

Red Grapes

Green Grapes

Just for laughs, I asked my pony
to be the model again. Hee hee...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Hand-me-down X 3

Joshua and I wanted 4 children even before we got married. When I knew that I was pregnant with my firstborn, I had in mind to purchase a piece of clothing which could be passed down from child to child. 

Almost all the kids' clothes were hand-me-downs from other people and were promptly given away to another mother who had a need for them once my boy/girl outgrew them. However, I wanted the outfit which all my children will be wearing to be personally selected by me. I chose an overall in a neutral colour so that it will suit both genders. Now, my wish has come true with Joram wearing it too.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Special Father's Day

This year, I've decided to put in more effort in helping the kids make Father's Day more meaningful for their beloved Daddy. I took advantage of the school holidays to do the preparations without Joshua's awareness. The big brother started having his own savings so I allowed him to use that money to buy a gift of his own choosing. 

The big sister made the card while the little sister napped and the little brother roamed the house happily. She made it with such love and care! I'm so amazed how good she was at sticking the tiny paper snowflakes onto the card using glue. She also wrote the message inside the card. It is simply wonderful that she thinks that her Daddy is a "good man"! *beam*

I noticed that there were only Mummy and Daddy in the picture of the beach, so I asked her what happened to the children. Both of the older siblings actually replied in unison that if the kids were around, Daddy would not be able to have a restful vacation since he'd be busy taking care of them! Awww.... So sweet!!!

Gift from the eldest
(I think the boy didn't recognise that
this is the logo of the Decepticons. :P)

I made this name keychain to go with it.

All nicely wrapped up

The card cover

Inside the card

All ready!

Watch the video to see how we managed to surprise Joshua 
while he was busy changing Joram's diapers. Hee hee...
The last part was simply so touching. Even Joram cooperated!

Father and son

Father and daughter

Gifts made in Sunday School
by the girls

Family shot

Gift made by Jayna in school before the hols

Gift made by Jaide in school before the hols

Sunday, June 8, 2014

1st Wedding with 4

A cousin of mine tied the knot today and we attended the church wedding in the early morning and the wedding dinner at night with the kids. This is the first full day event with all four of them! It was a great challenge keeping all of them quiet during the 1.5 hour-long solemn ceremony. We had to endure the not-so-sympathetic stares of the other attendees while we struggled with the younger two. And nope, there was no cry room and there was no air-con too in the sweltering heat. A double whammy indeed.

Dinner was a lot easier with the cool weather and refreshing temperature in the hotel ballroom. Still, it was a weight-lifting exercise for both of us the second half of the program, carrying two tired and cranky little ones. Somehow, by the grace of God, we survived. The bath-time routine once we reached home was a nightmare with all 4 feeling the strain of the whole day and wanting us to do everything for them. We braved through the storm and it is finally peace on earth now with every kid in bed after so much crying and whining just half an hour ago. 

We have half a year to recover before embarking on another such journey when the next cousin gets married. *sweat*

Going as Elsa and Anna
(plus bodyguard? Hee...)

At the reception 'armed' with cake lollipops

The girls and I wore matching
bracelets for the wedding dinner

Coincidentally, the waitress actually
prepared utensils in their fav colours!

Jaide: "The yellow ones are mine!"

Carrying my brother's son again!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Museum Encore

This time, we went with just one other family but it was no less fun. The kids got along swimmingly well. It was awesome watching them play together!

However, I may have to hold back on bringing all four kids by myself to somewhere that needs multiple train transfers and for an entire day until Joram is able to walk. He could hardly sleep with all the excitement going on and I ended up having to put a cranky, nearly 10 kg baby in a carrier to sleep, hours past his naptime. After the back-breaking (for me) nap, he was struggling so hard to get down on all fours to explore the new places. I wrestled valiantly with him till the last hour when I finally threw in the towel and allowed him to play with some toy chicken eggs on the floor in a corner of the room. 

Coupled with having to deal with a disobedient and strong-willed toddler, the whole experience exhausted me so much that I knocked out right after I put the kids to bed at night. Zzz... 

All raring to go!

Playing giant "Gor-lee" (marbles)

So tired but can't sleep...

Giant 5 stones

Big bro's demo

Now it's little sis's
turn to show off!

Somehow the game degenerated into a
"hum-tum" (target) uncle EL time!!!

Balancing act

See who has speedy fingers?


Craft time!

Contorting the body...

.... to make the letter T!

Embossing away

Jayna chose Ice Kachang
while Joash chose Chicken Rice
(As usual, one has a sweet tooth
and the other a savory tooth)

A Tent Show

Getting more challenging to take
a decent shot with all 4 kids

Joram on the big sofa...

... and Joram on the small sofa.
Seriously running out of safe places to put him!!!

Chef in the making

I finally surrendered and
'released' him to the floor!

Learning the 'secret' recipe

Reading the description
with her best buddy

Captivated by the
National Day Parade

And Jaide found the ducks!