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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sitting Up

Jayna is able to sit up on her own! It may be a few minutes before she falls over for now, but I'm sure she'll be a pro at it soon. She is not turning over yet, much to my relief because I'll have to be careful where I leave she if she does. Hopefully she'll skip the crawling stage and go straight to walking when she's ready. *wistfully*

Doesn't she look like a big girl now? *beam*

Btw, she is teething but has yet to master the grasping skills to put them in the mouth properly to chew on. After much frustration on her part, I decided to spare her the agony and took the pacifier out. She's overjoyed! Finally, she can chew on something that can be held onto just by her mouth. hahaha...

When she finally masters the gripping skills, I intend to wean her off it straight away. I hope it won't be too late by then...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A day of testing

Yes, I've been tested and failed. I'd lost my temper.

It has been difficult enough for Jayna to take a nap in the day due to the cacophony the carpark upgrading causes these few weeks. (Unfortunately, it'll continue until next year March) I have to put her in the sling and carry her for hours before she can fall asleep and I can't take her out of the sling while she sleeps cos she'll be woken up by some sudden loud drilling very soon. Cos she's scared by the noises, she is also not willing to be by herself when she's awake so I have to put her in the sling and carry her while I cook and do housework too. I tell you: it's not an easy task to do so throughout the day since she is a 7 kg baby.

So yesterday, after I carried her for 2 whole hours and finally, pain-stakingly, managed to put her down onto my bed with pillows and blankets surrounding her to block out enough of the chaos for her to continue sleeping, I started to cook my lunch. It was already noon and I didn't have the opportunity to eat breakfast and was utterly famished by then.

Lo and behold, the Panasonic repairman came to fix the supposedly new microwave oven that decided to totally die on me in the middle of cooking rice. I told him to be as quiet as possible so as not to wake baby. He said he understood. Yet, 5 minutes later, I was shocked out of my skin to hear a resounding crash. The guy dropped the microwave oven on my glass dining table!

Needless to say, Jayna was rudely woken up but I was in the middle of frying something so I couldn't go to her. After I finished cooking, I was so hungry that I had low blood sugar and my hands were trembling badly. I had no choice but to quickly eat before I attended to my poor crying girl in the room. Because of this man's carelessness, she had to cry for 45 min in total!!! Worse still, he was totally unapologetic. Holding in my anger, I let him go as soon as he finished repairing though I was so tempted to give him a piece of my mind.

After this, knowing that the aircon repairman was coming, I didn't want to make the same mistake of putting Jayna to sleep before he came so I kept her awake till he did. He tested my patience too by not bringing the needed spare-part when my husband had already told him the model of the aircon countless times and when his boss already told me the last time he came to my place that he'll fix it the next time! So I kept my darling girl up for nothing since he just took a look at the aircon and left without fixing anything. I was so upset that I had a very bad headache and felt very nauseous while Jayna fell asleep on my chest later on.

My trial was not over. Later in the night, for reasons unknown to me, Joash refused to go to sleep and kept crying. He cried for a good half an hour before he got tired. I was very puzzled as he is usually so good at bedtime.

A few hours ago at 3am in the morning, I found out why. When Joash cried, Joshua went over and slept with him!!! When asked, Joshua revealed that he had been doing that the past few nights. No wonder Joash starts craving for attention and wants someone to sleep with him. When I asked Joshua if he wants to permanently sleep with his son, he actually said no!

Poor Joash could no longer sleep peacefully without Daddy and he kept coming back out to cry after we put him to bed and this went on for an hour. I kinda lost it and whacked Joash a few times out of anger. Knowing that it was wrong taking it out on my confused son, I retreated defeated into my room to let Joshua handle it.

However, even after Joshua caned and persuaded him countless time, he still kept crying. I couldn't bare it anymore and I went over to speak to Joash. I explained to him that he was waking everyone in the family up and disturbing the neighbors. After much reassurance and prayer with him, he eventually went to bed by himself.

I could no longer hold my anger in anymore. I totally lashed out at my husband cos this had happened many times before. My heart is broken by the fact that our son does not know what to expect from Daddy since he is so inconsistent in his treatment of him. Daddy will, all of the sudden, sleep with him and then the next moment refuse to stay in the room no matter how much he cries.

On hindsight, it was terrible that I could keep my temper in check when it came to strangers no matter how insensitive they were but I failed to do so for my dearest husband. I also find it difficult to keep it in check whenever my precious kids are made to suffer for no good reason esp from people who are supposed to love them like my husband.

May the Lord forgive my temper burst and help me to be patient especially towards my husband no matter what.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Long eyelashes

Thank God that my children both have beautiful long eyelashes from their father. I often admire them when they fall asleep in my arms. Too bad they didn't inherit the double eyelids from Joshua too...

Jayna's photo was taken while she slept whereas I asked Joash to pose for his pic. It was really funny how he tried his best obeying my two instructions of closing his eyes and not moving when he was so eager to see how the picture turned out. I had 3 failed attempts when he opened his eyes to see the picture taken or moved out of excitement while I pressed the button.

Jayna's eyelashes
Joash's eyelashes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My adorable son

It is such a privilege to see how God has helped Joash grow into a helpful and obedient boy. Not that he has no tantrum displays or crankiness, esp when he is hungry or sleepy, but he has responded very well to our instructions from the Word of God.

He is a wonderful brother to Jayna. Whenever she cries, he'll let us know so that we can do something about it. If we are busy and ask Joash to help talk to her instead, he'll go and try to entertain her and make her laugh. He even offers her his own toys! He'll always call out "Mei mei, Mei mei!" whenever he's home from school. Sometimes, he insists on saying goodbye to her before he sleeps! Many a time, he also requests for us to bring her near him so that he can hug her or sayang her. He actually exclaims "So cute!" when he looks at his sister!

Joash is a helpful boy. He helps to throw trash, get things for us and keep things for us. He actually knows where the things belong. When my phone rings, he'll help me fetch it esp when I'm busy feeding his sister or otherwise occupied. He may need a few reminders but he is able to do mundane things by himself such as washing his hands and wearing/taking off his shoes.

For a few months in the past, Joash was very reluctant to greet people or say goodbye to them. However, after explaining to him how God wants us to love and respect others, he has been very obedient in doing so when prompted. He has learnt to say please and thank you too. In fact, there are times when he automatically says "Oops sorry!" when he accidentally steps on or bangs into us!

For half a year, Joash refused to eat anything except corn, carrot, potato and plain white rice when he's with us (he eats anything the school gives, surprisingly). We thought it was just a phase and decided to wait it out but we got worried when it didn't seemed to end. So last week, I spoke to him about how we had already thanked God for the food by saying our grace and we would be unappreciative of what God gives if we are to be choosy. Though he is still extremely partial towards his favorite foods, Joash is willing to at least finish half a bowl of the rest. While we're at it, he is able to say his own grace too when prompted.

Joash is also willing to hold our hands whenever we cross the roads/carpark or use the escalator. He may even remind us to hold his hands if we are not quick enough to do so! He has learnt not to put his left hand on the door of the lift while pressing the buttons though for his safety, we still keep a close watch in case he lapses into carelessness. He trusts us when we tell him something is too spicy for him to eat or something has caffeine and thus not suitable for him to drink. He will also blow at his food to cool it before eating when we tell him it is hot.

Although he refused to put on the bib when he eats for a period of time back then, he is now willing to do so and will remind us if we are too slow in putting it on him. With the bib in place, he is now completely left on his own to finish his own food, even soup and drink, without creating too much of a mess. He'll request to be cleaned if things get too messy and will tell us "Eee, yuck yuck!" He will even ask us to wipe his mouth or nose if they're dirty when before, he would scream and run away if we want to clean him.

As for bedtime, he is often such a darling. He knows that after being dressed in his pajamas, Joshua will pray with him so he occasionally asks him to do so. Unless something is bothering him, Joash will say goodbye in a sweet voice to his Daddy, much to my husband's pleasure, and will sing or play with his favorite toy bus on his bed till he falls asleep by himself in his room. We always smile to ourselves whenever we overhear him sing or notice the squeaking of the wheels indicating that he has yet to turn in.

Without us teaching him explicitly, Joash knows that we go to church on Sundays to praise God as he will shout "Hallelujah!" whenever the church comes into view while we're on the road. It is also extremely amusing as he tries to identify all the vehicles he sees on the way. I've been teaching him the difference between the MRT train and the LRT train and it looks like he is catching on rather quickly.

Joash is a splendid two-year old boy and I never cease to thank God for him! May he continue to be teachable and one day place his trust in his everlasting Father.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our Third Anniversary

13 Jan 10 was our 3rd anniversary and we made plans to go for another sumptuous meal at Kuriya and watch the Avatar in 3D at Great World City. It was a little rushed cos we only had half a day to ourselves but it was a fabulous time. It was quite funny that both of us felt nauseous after alighting the cab of a hell-rider to get home. A 3-hour long 3D movie and taking a cab that speeds along the expressway and swerves dangerously are definitely recipe for disaster to the stomach.

I'm very thankful for God's blessing to let me marry my male best friend. Joshua had been so supportive and loving to me. Granted, we had our fair share of difficult times but God brought us through all the trials and made us stronger together. As Joshua learns from God to be a godly leader to us, I learn to respect him more and submit willingly to him. I love the fact that we know each other so well (even the bad parts) and still accept each other and encourage each other to grow in Christ. I've dated many guys before but he sure is the ONLY man who loves the silly side of me and even joins me in my crazy antics.

I realise that even without all these celebrations, we have plenty of fun on a daily basis with each other. Thanks to the children's early bedtimes, we have couple-time pretty much every night. However, it is still nice to dress up and put on make up once in a while since it's very inconvenient to do so with the kids around.

In a cab on our way to Great World City.(NOT the hell-rider's cab of course
or we wouldn't have been able to take the pics)

We are both such habit eaters.
We ordered the exact same things as we did the last time.

After the movie

May the Lord help us to mature in our love for each other and serve our Lord together more effectively as a couple in the many years to come!


Jayna is outgrowing her clothes
faster than I can replace them!

And so did Joash when he was 7 months old. LOL

Monday, January 11, 2010

Breakdown Season

For some mysterious reasons, things around my house chose to malfunction recently. You all knew about the microwave. Even the new one I bought 2 weeks ago had some sporadic problems and yet worked fine when we took it the shop so we can't get it replaced. *growl*

Then there's the bathroom lights which no longer have any casing on them so they're rightly "naked". Not to mention the faulty aircon's switch which remains working even though we switched it off, skyrocketing our electrical bill. Of course, how can I forget about the leaky water spray? It fills up an entire bathtub, wasting precious water if we haven't been collecting them. And oh, there's one more: the wire cable in our room fell off the wall. Haiz...

Thank God that these occur at a time when I'm no longer pregnant and we're not too broke to make the repairs. May God help our household stuff function as they should soon. Amen.

The Saliva Machine

Yeye's Birthday

Grandparents with their lovely grandkids. heh heh...
Don't you think Jayna looks like her grandma
and Joash looks like his grandad?

Birthday lunch at a great restaurant

A Birthday Cake for Yeye

May the Lord bless my Father-in-law with His ever-presence and saving power!


Joash went to sit at that mirroring position on his own
after I placed Jayna down at the left pillow. *amazing*
It's scary to have the responsibility as role models for our children. We have to be careful how we act and speak in our daily lives or we'll see it mirrored back from our kids. Thankfully, Joash has so far not picked up anything negative from us. He has only called us by our nicknames for each other (Bear bear and Meow Meow) and some speech patterns such as "Aiyoyo", "Oh dear" and "There you are!". Recently, Joash has imitated the way I play with his sister in an uncanny manner.... Look what he does to the little yellow bear that represents Jayna in the following video.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My New Oven

My First Grill and Convection Oven!

The cheap microwave oven that we bought when we first got married finally conked out last week after serving us faithfully for 3 years. I thought that since I'm cooking almost everyday, I'll invest in an oven that can help me cook a wider variety of food. So we bought one that also allows me to grill and bake.

Today is the first time I'm using the bake function to make shepherd's pie (with only corn instead of the carrot-pea-corn mix since Joshua doesn't like the peas). I ever once tried doing it with the microwave oven but it just doesn't taste right. It has to be baked to create that nice crispy top layer of potato. Now, I can bake cakes and muffins or grill meat too whenever I feel like it. :) Yippee!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today is the first time, Jayna gets to spend some quality time with her Godmother. She's on winter break now and is here to stay for 3 weeks before heading back to Boston. It's wonderful for her to finally meet Jayna since she could not be here when she was born.

I really missed her even though she was only gone for half a year. Felt like years to me... Looking forward to the day when she's back for good. :)

All dressed up to meet Godma!
Doesn't this dress look like a school uniform?

Jayna and Godma

Monday, January 4, 2010

"Horse Racing"

Yet another one of our favorite activities together...

Crossover to 2010

After the disappointing family stay at Fragrance Hotel before I delivered Jayna, we decided that we'll spend the extra money to get a much better experience at a 5 star hotel. So we booked a room facing the harbor in the Swissotel The Stamford for the night of New Year's eve.

To be able to see the fireworks was indeed an unexpected bonus!

We had a great time there and we definitely felt like we were tourists in our own country. I simply can't believe how much the city has changed in the 3 years I've been a stay-home mum. There were many new structures and restaurants and my favorite "La Mian" place was no longer around. Even Kenny Rogers at Suntec has gone high class...

Below is a photo video I compiled to remember the wonderful time we had since uploading the many photos would have been sheer madness. I hope you can catch a glimpse of how much we enjoyed it! *huge grin*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Neck Power

Somehow, Jayna has very good neck and stomach muscles but her grasping skills are quite lacking. Thus she seems to has compensated her weak area with her strong point to accomplish what she wants. Too cryptic for you to understand? Watch the video for an illustration. *wink*

ORPC ex-YAFers

You know, I've not seen some of these these ladies in the photo since 6-7 years ago! Back then, most of us weren't even married yet, let alone have kids! But now, we all are married and each have ranging from 1 to 3 of the little ones. It was so surreal meeting them again after so long. I had to ask all the basic questions to keep up to date with their current status before even having a decent conversation. It's like getting to know them all over again! Pity, it was a short time with them since I had church combined CG meeting till 4pm and Jayna needed to get her sleep by the time we hit 8.30pm. (usual bedtime is at 7.30pm) Sure hope we get to do this again. :)