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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Birthday Program

When Joshua and I were dating, I created a birthday tour in the concept of The Amazing Race all over town. Fast-forward more than a decade later, it would be too tiring for us to travel to more than one place considering our aging bodies. So, I planned the birthday program with an itinerary within walking distance. 

First up, we had a Kagoshima wagyu buffet at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant. It was a dream come true for my dear Bear bear. LOL Especially since I was there to help him cook the meat optimally with different types of seasoning. Thank God for helping us find the perfect lunch place!

After the sumptuous meal, we took a leisurely walk along the Singapore River to digest the food before heading for our next destination.

As someone averse to exercise, going on the trampoline is probably one of the very few types of physical activity that Joshua enjoys. With that in mind, I booked a jumping session at Amped Trampoline. We've been to the one at Jurong before so we visited the one at River Valley today to check it out. It had a few things that were not available in the West. 

Joshua had some fun doing trust-falls into the foam pool, balancing on a rope, attempting to slam dunk a basketball into a hoop and somersaulting into yet another pit. There was an area dedicated to dodgeball but we did not come with friends so there was no point for us to go there. Also, the gladiator beam was always occupied by kids so we didn't get to try it too. 

What can be more blissful than a body massage after a workout? We ended the day with a relaxing time at Natureland Spa before heading home. It was such a pleasure to spend extended couple-time with my favourite person on earth. Blessed birthday, my beloved husband!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Washi Tape Projects

Starry skies & Northern Lights

A few friends of mine have been introducing to me the concept of washi tape craftwork. I have not really been too interested in them till I found these gorgeous ones at Tokyu Hands. I couldn't resist anymore. The first thing I did was to "zhng" (beautify) my Macbook. 

Then, I decorated my plain white balcony table in green clover to match the theme of that space.

Next, I added a touch of whimsical lilac to my yellow/silver kitchen. 

Finally, I did up the children's desks and drawers at their requests. You should see their great excitement while I was doing that. Hahaha... 


Bright Beautiful Moon

This year, I realise that we have gradually retired the baby sling and stroller. I just need to hold the hands of the younger two whenever we go out. However, keeping all four of them within sight and out of trouble is no less frustrating and exhausting... :P

We tried a different brand of ice-cream mooncakes but the kids could not appreciate the dark chocolate flavour. I guess the company caters more to the adult taste buds. 

I couldn't find the normal light stick bangles this time round but I found these wands instead. The kids loved them... and used them as lightsabers instead!!!

We did our usual sparklers and went home to rest after one last look at the bright and beautiful full moon. And I thank God that we are still able to keep our yearly family traditions going strong!

Saturday, September 3, 2016