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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Joram's Graduation Concert

My youngest child has graduated from preschool! *applause* 

It has been a turbulent time the week leading up to the day of Joram's performance. He fell off his bike coming down a slope on Monday and split open his chin, with multiple road rashes all over his body. I had to bring him to the hospital to stitch up the gaping wound. Due to that, he was not well enough to attend the full-day rehearsal the very next day. I, then, specially looked for brown plasters (less obvious than the typical white ones) to protect his healing cut and it also took me really long to use make-up to cover up the abrasion scars on his face for the full-dress rehearsal two days later and for the actual thing this morning. 

Thank God that he only started having an allergic reaction to the plaster after the concert. Phew! I was expecting that to happen because of his history of eczema and had prayed that it wouldn't flare up before he had to go up on stage. It would have been very risky to expose the wound during the show with all the dancing if his skin could not tolerate the plasters any earlier than it had. 

Here's a clip of him receiving his 
certificate in his graduation gown.

Another sad part was that the teachers placed him all the way at the back during his segment and he was mostly blocked by the bigger-sized girls in his class. The only time when he was shifted to the front, they had him situated at the other end of the stage, furthest away from where we were seated. Thus, the video I took of him performing was not very clear. Well, I tried my best. 

I am simply grateful that he managed to attend his own graduation ceremony despite the awful accident. May the Lord grant him a full recovery soon!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Children's Day @ Esplanade

Due to the haze, I have been home-bound for the past few weeks due to respiratory problems. I couldn't even take my eldest out to celebrate when he finished his PSLE. *shake head* Thankfully, the recent bouts of rain cleared the air and I finally felt well enough to bring the kids out for Children's Day. Today was the first time in a while since I saw blue skies when I looked up. With the company of a dear CG sister and her kids, we visited the Esplanade Library for a session of Chinese cross-talk. It was good exposure for the younger ones but the older boys were far more interested in playing a game of chess with each other! ROFL 

Next up, we sat through a performance of Malay music Dendang Anak. Once again, the boys were mostly engrossed in buddy-fighting each other and the girls listened to the songs while fiddling with the notebook they got from one of the booths. Looks like us two adults could appreciate the musical arts far better than the children. *face palm*

There was some PVC pipes available for the kids to build structures. However, it only occupied them for a short time before they went chasing after bubbles blown by two of the nearby toddlers. *faintz* 

I had already bought them their Children's Day gift (RISK board game) in advance during the June holidays. Still, I couldn't resist getting them these cute cartoon macarons to enjoy.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Mid-Autumn 2019

There were many years when we wanted to get the ice-cream mooncakes which the kids fancied but they were all sold out. So this year, I decided to buy them in advance especially since there was a Super Early Bird discount. These cute mooncakes stayed in my freezer for a month before I busted them out for our annual mid-autumn festival celebrations. The children totally loved them! It was great that each kid had a flavour which he/she enjoyed from the set: kid #1-vanilla, kid #2-berry, kid #3-mango and Joram-chocolate. It also just happened that they liked the respective cartoons that they came in. 

Despite feeling under the weather, I took the kids out to Jurong Lake Garden's Forest Ramble where we previously failed to get the chance to play at due to, on the first occasion, immense crowd, and on the second occasion, the premise being closed for maintenance. The weather was extremely hot and humid but thanks to that, we had the whole place to ourselves most of the time. I hid under the shade with a handheld fan as much as I could but ultimately the heat got to me and we had to leave before we could finish exploring the place. 

We headed back to Jurong East and I started running a fever. I had no choice but to leave the second half of the program for Joshua to continue as he rushed down from work and I took a cab home to rest. He managed to help me settle dinner and brought the kids on the lantern walk home, complete with the playing of sparklers at our void deck. Thank God that Joshua and I make such a great tag-team!

Friday, August 9, 2019

National Day @ Funan Mall

As I have mentioned in June, we can't go swimming on National Day this year because I am still not totally healed from my operation from less than a month ago. I had brought it forward and we went during the holidays instead. As a replacement, I chose to revisit Funan Mall with the kids, as I had wanted to when I went there for my birthday celebration. 

But first, I filled up the bellies of my family with lots of Hello Kitty pancakes for breakfast. I made so much that there was even enough for the next day!

At the new mall, the children really enjoyed themselves with all the high-tech and interesting elements. They had a ball at the Gong Cha's ball pit (pun totally intended LOL), tried their hands at the VR game Beat Saber and I even managed to clinch two plushies for my girls at the crane machine using less than $20's worth of tokens! Needless to say, they loved the swing at the rooftop garden, just as I expected. I also bought Joram a foam airplane that comes with colourful flashing lights to his absolute delight.

Look at what the kids did at the ball pit...

We ended the day with our traditional Pizza Hut dinner sitting in front of the TV watching the NDP. It has by now become automatic for everyone to stand up and sing the national anthem and say the pledge without any prompting. Even before the show came to an end, the little ones scampered to the balcony for a glimpse of the real-life fireworks which we could see from afar. May the children never grow tired of doing this every single year as a family. *wistful*

P/S: Joram made the flag
decoration in school *wink*

Thursday, August 1, 2019

I'm turning 40

I usually just tell Joshua exactly what I would like to do for my birthday. However, for my 四十大寿, I didn't want to be the one doing all the brainstorming. Even though what he planned was not exactly what I was hoping for, I must give him an 'A' for the applaudable effort. 

I really loved the place he chose for our lunch: Sushi Airways. The airplane-themed Japanese restaurant was such a novelty and it had been such a long time since I last ate sashimi. They even served freshly-grated wasabi too! 

The next part of the plan was quite unfortunate. He asked me whether I wanted to go KTV at our regular location, so of course I said no, since it was something we could easily do on a normal day. We ended up at the newly renovated Funan Mall to watch The Lion King. Sadly, the movie was mostly a rehashing of the original cartoon. Apart from fantastic 3D animation, the show was nothing to rave about. It was later on that I realised we could have gone to a new super-fancy karaoke room, which I was very interested in. It had initially crossed Joshua's mind to go there but he strangely decided against even mentioning it to me when he consulted me about KTV. 

Ah well, at least I got to sample a new drink by 纯粹。喝: rose honey milk tea for tea break. It was delicious but I would have preferred a stronger tea flavour to avoid it tasting like mere bandung. The edible garden at the mall's rooftop was pretty cool too. The best part was the wooden swing bench. I will definitely bring the kids there one day. 

The main event finally arrived: Sandbox VR. It is a virtual reality place where Joshua chose the game "Amber Sky 2088" for us. If you can tolerate the smelly equipment and heavy gear, this is a fantastic entertainment to enjoy with your friends and family. I wished they had made it clear on their website that us participants are not allowed to wear our own spectacles. I would have worn my contacts if I had known, especially since their lenses' highest degree was only 700. My virtual experience was thus extremely blurry. Still, we managed to clear the game before the time ran out and I was the team MVP, though it was nothing to brag about since there were only the two of us! LOL

We ended the night with dinner at SKAI on the 70th storey of the Swissotel The Stamford. It used to be called the Equinox where I had visited once before with my best friend. At this atas restaurant, Joshua and I could finally fulfil our long-time dream to relish the different types of Wagyu beef. We had the Japanese A4, Australian strip-loin and the USA tenderloin on the dish "Signature Beef Tasting". All the fine dining was done while marvelling at the gorgeous view of our city and my seat position gave me a vantage point to gaze at the MBS light show from afar. 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Little Gifts

Over the years, I've made many charms and trinkets for those around me as presents. I thought to showcase them here. :)