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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bittersweet Times

Last Friday, when Joshua came home with a huge bouquet of red roses and asked me, "Will you be my Valentine?", I cried.

Things had been so tough taking care of Joash that I had not even thought of celebrating Valentine's Day. (Just like I didn't quite get to enjoy the previous holidays or celebrations) Still I was touched that he remembered. He got me in the mood and I went and bought him a laser mouse to be used at home. So far he had to bring his current laser mouse to and from work. I also got some mini Cornettos for us to enjoy. Then on Sat, we went for the movie "New In Town", our first couple time out since I was pregnant. Granted it was harder to enjoy the show while controlling the urge to pee and the lingering nausea (all part of being preggie), it was a much needed breather for me to be without Joash for a few hours.

And yes, I definitely need some break from Joash! He has become more and more demanding and difficult to care for. Not only does he need constant company and can no longer play by himself, he has become very difficult to feed as he has started becoming VERY picky with food. I have been cracking my head in experimenting with new types of food for him with hardly any success. He is eating so little nowadays that the pediatrician said that he is underweight. In fact, it had been so frustrating that I actually broke down in tears of defeat when he refused to even eat macaroni and cheese!

This problem spills over to taking medicine. While he used to have no problem taking them, he now refuses to swallow anything tainted with the medicine taste. He is also strong enough to force his mouth shut very tightly and push away the spoon or syringe with nothing getting into his mouth. I can try the whole day just to make him take one single dose of medicine. It definitely slows down his recovery process tremendously.

He has also started to hate having his hair cut. Letting a hairdresser do the job, from the previous experience, is out of question as he'll only struggle desperately to escape. While he used to calmly let me do the job, he now cries throughout the experience. It puzzles me incredibly...

So now, on top of the usual daily battle of toothbrushing, bath-time and sleeping problems due to not yet adjusting to his new toddler's bed, there is no moment in the day that is not a struggle caring for Joash. Yet, I have to still do it while battling with pregnancy discomforts, pre-natal blues and incessant tiredness. I really pray for better days to come soon...