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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SEA Games Carnival

The only photo with all of us together.

I seriously thought that going to the carnival on a weekday would be less crowded but the queues to all the stations were still at least an hour long!!! *faintz* Regardless, we adults valiantly persisted in helping the kids to queue up for the activities they were interested in. Thank God Joshua could take leave and come with us so we could split up the work: one to stand in line, while other entertain the kids. Despite that, the kids still spent 80% of their time simply waiting around.

There was even some passing rain which forced the kids to take cover in the mall with Joshua while I braved the bad weather to continue standing in the queue for an hour so that the kids could have their turn the moment they reopened the station. My super bear bear also spent most of the time carrying Joram in the sling so that our littlest one would not fuss. Poor dear...

I can only pray that the children can appreciate our sacrifice in order for them to have as much fun as possible. 

Colouring while waiting

Finally our turn!


Got themselves "tattooed"
during another round of waiting

To the top!

Jayna made it up there
in record time!
So proud of her!

Bouncing to their hearts' content

See the happy faces.

Relaxing at the mall while
Daddy stayed in the queue.

Nila's fashion show! LOL

Jayna really enjoyed taking pictures 
with all the pretty characters.

Flower power!

At first, only the older
ones wanted to try this...

... But Jaide decided last minute to join in.

They looked like hamsters
in a ball! Haha...

A pity one must be
at least 18 to ride this.

The night-view of the torch

The older two completed
their cards and
got the prize! Yay!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Of Hangers and Bicycles


When we first moved into our marital home, Joshua and I were on a shoe-string budget so our furniture were mostly hand-me-downs, although I did make sure they followed a certain criteria to attain visual uniformity. To save money, we also brought used hangers from our parents' homes for our wardrobe. However, because they were from our parents' era, they were almost as old as we were. Over the years, other than being an eye-sore with the multi-colours and different types/designs, the hangers showed signs of rust, bending out of shape and some even had strange cut marks on them.

I recently discovered a wholesale shop very near my place which sells simple and modern looking hangers at affordable prices. I decided that it was high time I buy a whole set of brand new hangers for our clothes. Now, with coordinated hangers, the wardrobe seems less cluttered and far more pleasant looking. I also pasted 3M hooks on the wardrobe doors for Joshua's tie hanger and my small purses, making them more easily accessible.


With two bicycles, a strider and a scooter to be kept in our store room, it became very cramped and made it hard for me to access my items. My daily work was hindered cos going into the store-room to retrieve diapers, refills of kitchen towels/tissue/wet wipes or not-frequently used things became pretty hazardous. As I researched online to look for a solution, I came upon this dual bicycle rack. I bought it and installed it at one side of my store room to keep the bicycles out of the way. Now, I can reach for my stuff easily again. Yippee!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Philatelic Museum

My firstborn went to the Philatelic Museum with the school during term time. However, he felt that he did not have the opportunity to try his hand at some of the installations and asked me if we could visit it during the holidays. And that was what we did last Friday. 

After a hearty lunch at Funan Centre's food court, we headed down to the museum. I was pleasantly surprised that it was more than just about stamps. Part of the exhibition even had an Elvis theme. The children enjoyed pressing the buttons to play his famous songs. Plus, I was glad we had the place all to ourselves most of the time! Yay!

Singapore stamps with my children's faces!?!

Checking out the shipping routes

Learning about the local spices.

A blast from the "past"?

My eldest took a pic of me
wearing the traditional clogs. 

It was really fun at the room with all the stamps showing sheep and goats, going along with the "Year of the goat" theme. We spent the most time there since the place had so many interesting things. 

Feeling the texture of wool.

Some of the kids' favourite stamps

Tracing the Chinese character
with a big writing brush

Cosplay as sheep and goat!!!

Since we were nearby, we visited the Central Fire Station too. 

Watching a video clip 
inside the fire engine

We had so much fun that the girls actually fell asleep at the MRT platform stone bench on our way back! Joram also refused to nap till we were on the train home, due to all the excitement of the day.