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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Enjoying Eating

Watch my girl gobble up the cereal eagerly

Now that I found the brown rice cereal which I wanted to get initially, Jaide has been enjoying her mealtimes far better than before. She can down more than 3 tablespoonfuls of cereal, rivaling her older brother when he started out! With her getting the hang of eating, I could even mix in the barley cereal without a problem. Heh heh... Looks like I can start introducing purees to her soon. *grin*

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

My first breakfast in bed... on my first Mother's Day with 3 kiddos! Orchestrated by my husband, (Ok, ok, I confess that I kinda cheated and gave him the idea in the first place. :P) the children came into my room when I just finished washing up and presented to me prawn dumplings for my breakfast, accompanied by lots of giggling, greeting me "Happy Mother's Day". I didn't exactly eat it in bed but my hubby took pictures of us all in bed and that's really precious to me.

Me and my brood

We celebrated with my mum, my brother & his wife on Saturday and had a gathering with my mum-in-law together with her family on the actual day. My mum did not dress up so she refused photography and we were too busy enjoying the great food to take pictures during the Sunday dinner so there are no photos with the grandmas to show this time. 

Ready to meet Grandma!

The tarts for Mother's Day

The older kids made some really nice stuff, taught by the Sunday school teachers, for me as Mother's Day gifts. I wore them proudly for a few hours before keeping them in my bag. Hee hee... 

Flowers from Joash
(I tied them
on my scrunchie)

Necklace from Jayna
(Yay! After all the accessories
that I've made for her so far!)

It is my prayer that I'll continue to be a good steward of my children and teach them to love, trust and obey God and set a good example for them to follow. Hopefully, I'll receive gifts from my children that are given totally out of their own volition in the future. Will they truly think of me as the 'World's Best Mum' when the time comes?

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hopping Bunny

My brother should really see what Joash has been doing with the rabbit soft toy he gave me for my birthday eons ago. :P

First Taste

We started Jaide on her first taste of solid food and as with Joash, she thought the bib was the food instead! LOL 

But perhaps because I got her barley cereal instead of rice cereal, which the organic shop ran out of, she might not have liked the grainier texture. Let me try to find what I used to get for Joash or I'll have to settle for the sweeter (most likely less healthy) version that I see in the supermarkets near home. Hang in there, Jaide! 

A video of Jaide starting solids

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sitting Up

Look! I can sit on my own!
Even better with
toys around me!

I asked around for baby gyms to keep Jaide occupied when I'm busy with housework or the older children and I had wonderful mothers who blessed me with, not one, but TWO gyms! After letting her try both, I realise that she likes the toys of one of them better as they make louder and nicer sounds when moved but she hates the black and white arch which holds them and prefers the other yellow one which is less imposing on her line of vision. Thus, I decided to combine them! I placed the noisier toys on the more brightly colored arch and... Voila! The perfect baby gym for my girl. *double grin*

Fun galore in the baby gym
Watch me chew
the toys one by one...

From the Same Mold


God has indeed answered my prayers that Jaide would be more like Joash than Jayna. They even look so similar that she's like the female version of him. In fact, Jayna thought that an old picture of Joash was actually a picture of her little sister! She is as sociable and easy to take care of as Joash. (i.e. happy to play by herself, takes well to the pram, drinks and sleep well) It's however more difficult to wean her off breast-milk cos she much prefers my milk to the formula but thankfully, I'm more than halfway done with the process. :) Let's hope that she eats as well as Joash at this age cos I'm going to start her on solids soon...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Walking the Baby?

Joash has always wanted to help me push the pram with Jaide in it but I keep telling him that it's too dangerous as he's not tall enough to see where he's going and it can be very difficult for a toddler to navigate the crowds, steps and narrow spaces.

Thus, he was absolutely thrilled to have the chance to push Jaide around in the walker within the safe confines of my in-law's house. Jaide seemed very glad to be on the receiving end too. It was indeed one stone killing 2 birds... I mean, one activity entertaining two kids. Yay!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jaide's First Swim

Jaide had her first dip in the pool today! All thanks to our friend who was celebrating her son's birthday at the Civil Service Club so near our home. :) However, due to our morning appointment arriving late, everything had to be pushed back by nearly 2 hours and thus by the time we reached the pool, it was Jaide's nap time. She was a little cranky and kept rubbing her eyes but I guess she fared no worse than her siblings when they had their first swim. Will arrange for the next trip to be on a day when we have no other plans.

All ready to have some water fun!

Splashing around...

Jaide: "Gor Gor & Che Che... 
Can dun splash water on my face?"

As with Joash and Jayna, Jaide's first instinct when the neckfloat was placed on her was to lick it! LOL I supposed it's just that age...

Jaide: "This tastes weird..."

Wah... Almost look like she is swimming.

Enjoying her milk after the 15 min dip

Joash found a float

All the kids in their bathrobes.
Jaide: "Wah, Che Che's bathrobe is pink, wor..."
Jayna: "小妹, what do you think you're doing?"

Zonked out after all that exertion

Not sure why Joash and Jayna's favorite activity in the pool was to "sweep" the water into the side drain. They were at it for quite a long time. Only God knows what was so fun about it. I took a short video clip of it to show you what I mean.