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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fidgets again!

Joshua was on leave today so we took the chance to go to Fidgets as a family. Poor Joash had been mostly trapped at home with me so this trip is meant to "reward" him. At the end of the day, we've discovered that he still like balls the best! Hahaha... So much for all the fun structures cos he mainly looked for the balls to play with. Since he is already very good on his feet, we took him to the section meant for older kids. At least he did like some of the things there. :)

The Family of Shoes

Father and Son eating together. Awwww..... So sweet!

Space shuttle?

Experienced driver wor.....

Weeee!!! This is fun!

Joash: Mummy, Mummy, may we come here again, please?

There are 8 now

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cheeky Boy

Joash is getting so cheeky and noisy! He will babble in a way that seems like he is speaking a foreign language. I've been feeling so guilty that I've not the energy for ages to take nice photos or videos of him so I overcame my inertia and tiredness today to take this video. Too bad he didn't "speak" as much as he usually does as he was busy posing in front of the camera. (vain pot!)


Words that he has spoken so far (in chronological order):
1) Mama (and later even Mummy)
2) Papa (and later even Daddy)
3) Yeye and Ah Ma (refering to grandparents)
4) Bear
5) Ball (his favorite, both the word and the toy)
6) Bird (he seems to see birds everywhere when we're out)
7) Star
8) Duck
9) Dog
10) Door
11) Book
12) There (Plus pointing)
13) Happy
14) Baby (He'll come to me and touch my tummy if I ask him "Where's the baby?" *grin*)

He refers to eating as "mum mum" as taught by my MIL. He is also still trying to say train (another of his favorite thing as we can see the MRT trains pass by from our door) but he has not yet succeeded.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Missing out

Is it even possible to feel soooo tired even after resting so much? This pregnancy is really taking its toll on my body. As much as possible, I parcel out the care of Joash to others, such as to my husband, my MIL and an ex-churchmate who is helping me a couple of hours every weekday. Even then, I feel so worn out all the time...

I really miss playing with Joash. I miss going out to different places and see different things with him. I even miss disciplining him properly when he misbehaves! I now have no energy to give him proper guidance when he plays the fool. Even though I see him everyday, I feel like I'm knowing him less and less as I cease to engage him totally. I'm just so sad. It almost seems like in the short time that I'm pregnant, my cute little chipmunk has turned suddenly into a strong-willed, mischievous toddler who wants to run wild and I'm powerless to stop him!

The little one inside me is also sorely neglected as I become so preoccupied with simply surviving yet another day. Even though I have been feeling its active movements since week 14, I simply cannot muster up the joy I used to experience when I was expecting Joash. In fact, its movements make me feel very uncomfortable most of the time.

I really hope that I'll get back to my normal self with decent amount of energy after giving birth to make up for lost time with both my children. May God completely take over and watch over their growth while I'm unable to do so in my present state... My Lord, I'm afraid this custodian of yours is unable to perform her duty for the time being.