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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Girls' Dresses

As the girls grow taller, they wear longer dresses. Their wardrobe used to be divided between the top and the bottom halves but the dresses are going way beyond the boundaries. In fact, I had to start folding the longest ones over their hangers. There were also many articles of clothing that were outgrown by Jaide or garments which neither of them desire to wear for whatever reason. 

I figured I have had enough and it was time for a revamp. I decluttered the unwanted pieces, took out the middle bar and divided the wardrobe between left and right halves. I hung the dresses but folded the skirts, pants and other accessories to be placed at the bottom instead. Now, that's better!

As I peruse many handiwork, I am struck by the epiphany of that one marvellously satisfying thought: How have my girls grown!



Friday, March 18, 2016

March Holiday Outing

Jaide: "The world is my oyster!!!"

This holiday, we decided to try something different. Joshua and I divided and conquered!!! Bwahahaha... :P

Since there's a 2.5 years of age difference between the older two and the younger two, some places that are good for no. 3 and no. 4 would be too boring for the no. 1 and no. 2 while the little ones will find it hard to fully appreciate places where the big brother and sister are interested in.

Joshua brought the big boy and girl to Jurong Bird Park while I took Jaide and Joram to Kiddy Fun, an indoor playground safe and suitable for little kiddos.

Drawn to their fav
colour as usual

Having fun together

A wefie before we left

It was sooo tough to take a combined shot because the two of them were bouncing from one installation to the next. They were hardly at one place for more than a few seconds! LOL After we left, we went to Giant to get some toys as mementos of the trip since the older kids will be buying their souvenirs from the park's gift shop. Just to be fair, you know? Then, we had ice-cream for tea break at the Treehouse Cafe to their great delight. When they adjourned to the play area at the cafe to play with toys, that was when I finally had the time to eat the first meal of the day! *famished*

Yay! Rollercoaster ride!

Easy to tell which is whose. Haha...

Meanwhile at the park, the big kiddos were having a field day exploring the different portions of the place. Joshua became a tour guide facing their inquisitive minds and a barrage of questions. They went to the penguin and owl enclosures, the dome about all sorts of bird eggs and the eldest even had the chance to feed a bird some water. *nice* They brought back little bird plushies for keepsake. So glad they enjoyed the trip!