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Monday, June 21, 2010

Not Getting It

Biker Chick? Perhaps not quite.
View the video to see how Jayna responds to being on a vehicle.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Her growth

It's such a joy to see my children growing! Even though Jayna is still extremely dependent on and sticky to me, I rejoice over the milestones she has reached. One of the wonderful development is that she has begun to speak. Here are some of the words she has been consistently saying:

1) 爸爸 (She says this especially when I bring her to the door where Joshua will usually comes home from.)
2) Mamama... (She'll say that whenever she needs me)
3) There (together with pointing at the object of her attention)
She'll point to the bottle to indicate that she wants milk and points towards the window when she hears a loud noise from outside. She'll say that when she hands over something too.

Apart from clapping her hands, Jayna has mastered waving hello or goodbye on demand. She has recently also learnt how to do "Hi-five" after teaching her for a week. Yet another example of her intelligence is seen when she remembers that her Daddy will always carry her the moment he comes home. So when he appears through the door, Jayna knows to raise her arms up towards Joshua and whine to be carried.

Her physical progress may be slower than Joash's but she is getting quite good at pulling to stand even though she does not crawl much. I think I can expect her to cruise pretty soon. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Adult Bed

Since Jayna is going to graduated from the playpen to the toddler's bed as soon as she's able to climb up and down the bed safely by herself, which could be in a few months' time, I thought it wise to upgrade Joash to the adult bed first. This is so that Joash will not think that Jayna has displaced him from his own bed by the time it happens. That just might cause some unnecessary hurt feelings.

So I bought some nice bedsheets for him and told him that he is a big boy now and can sleep on the adult bed instead. Praise God! He took to it on the first night though he wasn't quite fond of the bolster and requested for its removal. Haha...

The real challenge would be when Jayna starts to sleep in the same room as him. (Since birth, Jayna has been sleeping in the playpen in the living room) Would they play or fight with each other and refuse to sleep? Let's pray that the training since birth would stick and they'll fall asleep promptly after being put to bed. We'll find out soon enough.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It was such a pity that we were too busy to bring the kids for a swim during the sunny season. When we finally have the time to get them the pool experience, we have to battle the uncertainties of the weather again. Thankfully, we managed to have some water-play in that brief one hour of sunshine.
Get set.Go!!!

Joash is still such a scaredy-cat when it comes to water.
Jayna: "Gor Gor, it's really fun to be in the boat. You must try it!"

Joash was finally convinced!

Watch the video to see how much fun they had. :)

Satisfied after a wonderful time.
And his sister?
Already asleep from all that workout. LOL

Driving Blooper

Never get tired of...

Revelation 4:8b-10a
"Day and night they never stop saying:
“Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty,
who was, and is, and is to come.”
the living creatures give
glory, honor and thanks to him
who sits on the throne and who lives for ever and ever,
the twenty-four elders fall down before him

who sits on the throne,
and worship him who lives for ever and ever."

Last Sunday, as I was listening to the sermon in church, a thought struck me. The 24 elders never get tired of worshiping God! Since the living creatures never stop giving God glory, it is fair to assume that the elders never stop worshiping God too!

This is a wonderful challenge to us. Is it even possible? Putting aside the physical limitations that we have on earth, (the elders have eternal bodies so getting physically tired is a moot consideration) it is possible to never tire of the people whom you love. As such, I can never get enough of my husband's company; neither will I tire of kissing Jayna's chubby cheeks; nor will I ever cease to derive great delight whenever I hug my boy.

So the question is: Do I love God so much that I never get tired of worshiping Him? That is something to examine within our hearts for a lifetime.

P/S: It is thus common sense that people who do not believe in God DO NOT belong in heaven. Wouldn't it be pure torture for them to worship for all eternity the very Being they ignore or disregard their entire life? Perhaps hell would be more palatable for them since God is absent there...

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Jayna (10 mths) is the same size as Joash when he was 7 mths old. :)
In case you haven't noticed, they are wearing the same PJ.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Joash's Twin?

The two Js
Can you tell them apart?

My friend's son is barely half a year younger than Joash. Not only do they look alike and are about the same size, they are very similar in almost every way: the way they do things and behave, their mannerisms, their temperament, the things that they like, the way they play etc. In fact, there have been people who thought that they are twins! Watch the video and see if you can tell who is who. *cheeky grin*

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Pink Bangle

Check out the new way to wear a bangle.
It was too big for her wrist so...

I'm absolutely sure I did not try to gender-stereotyped my kids in terms of colors.

I enjoy dressing them up in the full range available so long as we all match as a family. However, they are naturally inclined to the common ones for boys and girls. The first color-word Joash picked up was blue, a typical boy's hue and he is still very partial towards that shade. Whenever he had a choice in color, he would choose blue.

As for Jayna, I found out her favorite color only recently. I bought some matching bangles for my friend and her daughters and in order to get the yellow one, I had to buy a pack with 5 different-colored bangles. I let Jayna choose from the rest of the colors and she actually chose pink! I tried giving her the blue one instead but she took one brief look at it and tossed it away! In fact, she cried when I wanted to exchange the pink bangle for another color. She simply has a penchant for the pink one.

So interesting... I wonder what color will the rest of my kids like in the future...

Guilty Girl

Jayna: "Mummy, I can explain this..."

Waiting for Gor Gor

I'm always grateful when Joshua comes home early enough to pick up Joash from school. With the extensive carpark upgrading in my neighborhood, it's not feasible to pick up Joash with Jayna in the pram. It has also become really tough to put Jayna in the sling for the trip since she's getting pretty heavy. So I totally love it when I can wait at the gate with my girl for the guys to come home together.

Jayna: "Mummy, Gor Gor is coming back soon hor?"

Yay! Gor Gor is finally back from school!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Smart Phones

Joshua had been bugging me about getting an iphone too to match him. But I've been resisting. I really dun see the need to since I'm a homemaker. So this zero dollar upgrade to a smart phone is all I will acquiesce in.

Milk Guzzling Duo

Suave Boy

All thanks to our lovely friends who put up this photo taken from their wedding. *all smiles*


The way Jayna crawls looks more like tentative butt-shifting...
Watch the video and see for yourself. :)