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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My daily burden

Yupz! I have to piggyback Jayna in the sling while I cook and do chores most of the day. It's kinda give and take: Joash could play by himself for quite a while but slept very little in the day whereas Jayna cannot bear to be 'dettached' from me for more than a few minutes but sleeps long naps. So when people ask me who is easier to take care of, I can't really say for sure.

Even though according the instructional guide from Moms-in-mind (brand of the sling), we are to only piggyback babies 9 months and above. But due to her absolutely sticky nature, I resorted to doing this ever since her head was steady at 3 months old. By now, she's an expert in it and even tries to lean sideways to peep at what I'm doing.

I really hope that Jayna will learn to be more and more independant as time goes by. For now, she's my daily burden.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Impromptu shots

After our Macs breakfast... (Portrait)

After our Macs breakfast... (Landscape)

In the church cry room
Doesn't she look just like a school girl?

Friday, April 23, 2010


I tried taking a photo of the kids and I by myself but it was really tough cos I only have two hands and I'd two moving kids and I needed to hold the camera (some more there was only so far out my arm could hold the camera) and at the same time aim correctly by faith cos my camera does not have double LCD screen... Siongz!

This was all I could manage:

7 Interesting Stuff

Joash had been sick since last Sunday so he stayed home the entire week. Many things happened that amused me but would be of no consequence to other people. However, I wanna pen them down so that I'll remember them and look back fondly when the kids are grown.

1) Joash really loves going to school. When he was told he couldn't go to school, on Monday, he actually cried. He also asked about school a few times during the course of the week but when I told him he needed to take meds to get well enough to go back to school, he stopped asking. In fact, this morning, when I asked him if he wanted to go to school, he actually looked wary and said 'no'!?! He sure hates taking meds.

2) Joash and Jayna love watching me cook. While I was preparing the meal with Jayna piggybacked in the sling, she was straining her neck to see what I was up to and making unhappy sounds since she couldn't see clearly. Joash kept pointing out the things he recognised such as fire, eggs and fishballs etc. and followed me like a shadow. Later on during playtime, he imitated some of the things I did while cooking! Haha...

3) Jayna started to cry when I left her in the room while I went to the kitchen to check on the soup. Joash suddenly ran after me with a sense of urgency and asked for a straw. I was puzzled at the request but I gave it to him anyway, and followed him back to the room. He actually gave the straw to Jayna in the hope of pacifying her! Such a good brother! He knew that his sister likes straws. Jayna wasn't very appreciative of his efforts though...

4) Joash loves to hear me read him stories as I always have sound effects that accompany the narration. When he asked for me to read the story of David for the fifth time, I tried to shorten it by skipping the evil laughter of Goliath. Joash became upset and flipped back to the previous page and did the laugh himself! LOL

5) For some strange reason, Joash suddenly brought my bible to me and said, "Read Mummy's bible". Usually, he'll lose interest after a few verses cos it does not have the beautiful illustrations in his own bible. However, he actually quietly listened to a few chapters and helped me flip the pages once in a while. I managed to read to him from the book of Matthew, John and Proverbs for 15 minutes!

6) Because of Joash's illness and Jayna's light-sleeping habit, I had to put them in separate rooms to nap in. While they slept, I kept having to alternate between the rooms cos one of them would cry for my attention and after I put that one back to bed, the other would call for me after a while and I had to go back to the other room. This happened as many as 4 times for each kid and I somehow managed to do some chores in between their cries. I felt like I was running the "Getai". By the time either of them woke up with a smile instead of a cry, the nap time was over for him/her.

7) Many people keep telling me that the siblings look very alike. Since I think they have some very different features, I never thought they are that similar to each other. One of the days, I was playing with the both of them when they suddenly decided to climb onto my knees together, one on each knee. They both had the exact same cheeky grin on their faces. It was at that moment that I thought I was seeing two gender versions of the same person. It was quite an epiphanic moment.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Million Goodnites

Little feet pattering on the tiled floor. The door creaks open.

Joash: Bye bye, Mummy.
Jaclyn: Bye bye, Joash.
Joash: Bye bye, Mummy.
Jaclyn: Yes, bye bye, Joash.
Joash: Goodnight, Mummy.
Jaclyn: Goodnight.

Joash blows a flying kiss. Jaclyn blows the kiss back.

Joash: Bye bye, Mummy...

The sequence repeats itself a few times till Joash deems it sufficient and turns to leave, closing the door behind him.

This is the routine that occurs every bedtime. It can be annoying at times when I'm trying to get something done and waiting for him to finish his stipulated farewells can test my patience. However, I remind myself to treasure the many goodnights I'm getting from him and collect them in my heart for the future. Because sooner or later, when he's all grown up, I will not get to hear them every night anymore... *smiles ruefully*

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The kids again

Look at how sweetly I can smile...

...but don't you dare mess with me!

Fishing with a yoyo?!?

Video of the bouncing pair LOL
Joash simply loves imitating
his sister just for the fun of it. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Bro & Sis

This is rare photo of the two brother and sister sitting side by side and facing the camera. This is because whenever they are together, they just wanna play with each other and they would be all over the place, making it hard to capture a good shot of them.

Jayna being the 'hot babe' was perspiring till her hair was sticking to her head while her brother, the cool dude, still looked rather fresh despite being so active till he was almost bouncing off the walls!

Spot the differences.
Can you see that one has droopy eyes while the other has slanted eyes?
How about one with a sharp nose while the other with the flat nose?

Here's yet another video of Joash
entertaining his little sister. *grin*