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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Round and round we go...

Joash has been cruising around for quite a long time but the recent favourite place to do that is none other than our coffee table. It's quite fun to play along with him and go merry go round...

Up and down, up and down...

"很忙啊,很忙啊。。。" (Busy, busy...) That's what I always say whenever I see Joash climbing every furniture he knows how to. At least I know where he got that trait from: ME! His favorite ones are definitely the bed and the sofa. Here's the clip below. I get tired just looking at him. *sweat*

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bona Fide Chipmunk

This afternoon, I went to the library with Joash. Although I usually would read the book to him and guide him (meaning restrain him lah) with my full attention, I decided to let loose a little by giving him a few board books to explore by himself on the seat while I lounge beside him reading my own book.

But alas! I've forgotten that he now knows how to climb down the seat by himself. Within minutes, Joash was gone!!! I looked up to see Joash crawling at lightning speed four aisles away. Oh no! I dumped my book and gave chase. By the time I reached, I could only catch a glimpse of his legs before he vanished into another section. It took me a while to find him pulling down half a shelf's worth of books. He squealed in delight as I gasped in horror. I scrambled to pick up the books with an annoyed librarian breathing down my neck. Guess what? Joash went missing again! The next time I caught up with him, I grabbed him, plonked him unceremoniously into his stroller and briskly left, utterly embarrassed and horrified.

I am always amazed at how fearless my boy is. Many babies would not have dared venture far from their mothers in unfamiliar territory and even need time to warm up to a new environment. Joash will take off gleefully in a split second anywhere. Not only that, I worry that he'll be kidnapped in a flash as he has no stranger anxiety. Once, I was at a friend's place when her sister visited her. Though we've never seen this lady before, it was a while before I realised she actually took Joash for a walk without a single protest from him! I foresee tough times ahead when he eventually learns to walk. Should I strap on him a GPS tracking system as suggested by my husband or just put him on a leash?

1st Birthday's Prep

I'm getting so excited about Joash's first birthday... *grin* In preparation for the private party inviting only SYFC mums and their babes, I have bought some decorations, party favors, and even a pair of inflatable wings for Joash to wear on that day! Apart from whipping up a feast for the adults, I'll be making a strawberry birthday cake and some Mango+Banana ice jellies that babies can eat. Here are my test results... Joash (my guinea pig :P heh heh...) simply loves them.

Recipe courtesy from a Nov Mom.

My own recipe. No sugar added.


Joash: Come, let me show you how this works.
Baby S: Don't worry. I'm much better at this.
After all, I'm months older than you...

Joash @ Central

Latest "Fad"

Ah yes... He definitely knows how to shake his head but recently, he shakes his head vigorously whenever he is bored/feels like it and perhaps for no apparent reason? Amusing, to say the least. :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Attention Seeking

Joash is such a performer. How so? I have to start from the beginning.

Ever since he knew how to climb up the bed, there is no longer any sanctuary in the house where I could eat my meal and use my computer in peace. At first, he did not know how to get down from the bed after climbing up and I had to rescue him countless times in the day. Incredibly tiring, I tell you... So I shifted everything that was a temptation for him to climb up. He still gets a kick out of doing so occasionally even when there's nothing interesting there for him anymore.

So I thought: "Maybe, if I teach him how to get down on his own, he'll not need my help." After a week of training, Joash quickly mastered the art of climbing down the bed, or sofa for that matter, by himself.

But you know what? He will still call for me whenever he gets up there. I'll abandon my chores and go to him, asking, "What's wrong, Joash? Don't you know how to get down by yourself?" He'll then simply flash me a mischievous grin and make his way down without my help. Naughty little chipmunk... He just wants me around to witness his stunts!

The next Mozart?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Joshua's Birthday

On the 28th of Sep, we celebrated Joshua's birthday. Since I had already organized a surprise birthday party at Swenson's last year, I was hard pressed to create the element of surprise again. In the end, I thought to have the party at our very own home instead.

Thanks to Joshua's best friend for getting to my place early (I secretly passed the keys to him beforehand) to receive the pizzas, open the door for the guests and prepare them for the moment of surprise. Meanwhile, I was out with Joshua on a wild goose's chase, hunting for food to fill my not-so-empty stomach. *wink* When I received the message from my co-conspirator that some guests will be late, I nearly choked on the chendol which I was struggling to finish. I had to employ all the delay tactics I knew to make sure we did not arrive before our guests. Thank God that Joshua did not suspect anything and was duly astonished by the chorus of "Happy Birthday" from his friends the moment he opened the door.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Male Bonding

Is this some kind of new generation male bonding? :P


Joash has got a neckfloat for swimming! Here's the video of his first experience with it. Enjoy! :)


Recently, there had been some sales going on which applied to baby products we regularly use such as NTUC diapers (16¢/pc) and Pigeon Wet Wipes ($19.90 for 6 packs). We also stockpiled on milk powder, baby accessories cleanser and laundry detergent to clock the amount to collect the Shop N Save stickers in exchange for the $9 discount vouchers... I must be getting very "Auntie" to actually feel a sense of accomplishment looking at them stacked up nicely in my store room... *silly grin*

Colorful Dinner

My husband just casually commented that the dinner I cooked tonight looked very colorful and suggested that we take photo of it. So here goes nothing... (Joash's porridge included) Even though I dun think this is the MOST colorful fare I've prepared... Haha... This is so random.

Sea Asparagus + Broccoli in Oyster sauce.
My fav dish back when I worked as a
part-time banquet waitress in my uni dayz