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Monday, November 21, 2016


I discovered, via a CG mate, archery courses for children. Thus, to kickstart the school holidays, I signed my kiddos up for the class. However, in order to use the ActiveSG discount, I had to go through a very complicated and troublesome process to make it happen. But what to do? With 4 kids, I can use whatever savings I can get my hands on. 

Regrettably, Jaide and Joram could not get our money's worth. For one, my little boy was too tired from the unexpected activities of the previous day and could only be coaxed to try the sport for a mere 5 mins before he retired himself to the stroller. Jaide had no stamina too. Halfway through, she said she was tired and wanted to draw instead. Looks like I should only sign them up again when they reach primary school age. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It Works for Me!

I am simply amazed how God brought along a brand of moisturiser which cured the last bit of itch from my crucible experience earlier this year. I bought it at first for my daughter with eczema to try. After weeks of application, her skin seemed to have no improvement. In fact, she said that the previous product she used worked better. I didn't want to waste the half bottle that was left and so I used it on myself instead. Lo and behold, my lingering pruritus vanished after a week! Hallelujah! It seemed like God prompted me to purchase this new line of skincare from Japan for my sake, even though I originally meant it for my girl. Truly, God works in mysterious ways...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jaide Is 5

Sadly, our little imp was sick on her birthday. Despite our best efforts to convince her to celebrate another day when she's well, she pestered me for the entire day that she couldn't wait. So against our better judgement, we allowed her to buy her presents and have her birthday ice-cream during dinner, hoping against hope that after two whole days of TLC from us, she'd have recovered enough not to relapse. Alas! She fell ill again the very next day. When will Jaide ever listen to reason??? May God have mercy on us!

At least there was one thing nice that happened. Jaide wanted to try her hand at the ice-cream crane machine and I allowed her to do so since it was her special day. I fully expected her to need my help in getting the ice-cream eventually but to my surprise, she got one all by herself! She is really very capable if she is sufficiently motivated. If only I knew how to do it all the time...

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Necklaces Galore

I made a whole rainbow set of necklaces for my MIL's birthday so that she could have something to match whatever she's wearing. My elder girl helped me do some of the beading too!