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Monday, April 29, 2019

Joram is Six!

This year, Joram celebrated his birthday with his cousins. I thought that it'd be nice for the 3 of them to share a Thomas-the-Train themed 3D cake but I made the mistake of ordering a fresh cream cake instead of a fondant one. I had been sick for the recent two weeks so my brain was not functioning very well... *nervous laughter* The cake did not taste good and it was a nightmare cleaning the cream off the toy trains which acted as part of the decor. At least, Joram was happy with his Hot Wheels present.

Eating the tree cake decor
made of chocolate & fresh cream

Thanks to his aunt for
painstakingly cleaning
the cream from the train

Thursday, April 11, 2019


My older kids' primary school gives out character pins to students who exhibit the traits which the school encourages them to cultivate. My no. 2 has been doing very well in this area and was awarded with 4 of those pins: Ambition, Self-discipline, Integrity and Respect. When no. 3 entered P1 last year, she clinched the Perseverance pin, demonstrating how she can use her head-strong personality for good. Now, we are only left with the last pin Empathy to form the word A.S.P.I.R.E. which is the full set of values the school embraces. I wonder if Joram will be the one getting that when he goes primary school next year...

Successful Bike Trip

OTW at a traffic junction

We haven't had the chance to go cycling ever since I started serving in the youth ministry which falls on Saturdays, the day we go normally on our family bike trips. So I took one Saturday off to finally take the whole family to Chinese Garden. The first time we went there last June, I took only the older two and we didn't have the time to explore the place, except for the first pagoda. This time, we manage to all ride our bikes there and went around as a family. I'm so glad that Joram has developed the stamina and ability to go such a long way from home. As oppose to our first destination at Little Guilin, this outing was much more enjoyable. 

As mentioned before, I got down to buying a foldable bicycle online since renting has become so difficult. I also purchased a big cupboard to keep it as the bicycle shed is already full with the children's bikes. It worked pretty well so we are getting one for Joshua too before all the bike rental company go bust. 

Me and my spanking new ride

All 4 kids at the top

Family Photo!!!

Joram admiring the scenery

Struggling against gravity

All our bikes parked together

A bird photo-bombed us! LOL

Spotted a monitor lizard