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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sensorium 360

Their favourite exhibit

Ok, I know I swore off bringing the kids to the museum on my own till Joram can walk steadily. However, I simply couldn't resist after reading a friend's blog about it. It looked like something even Joram could enjoy. What's more, with the new Bras Basah MRT station right in front of the museum, we can take the train all the way there! The 3 train transfers actually worked in my favour because it kept us on the move and the kids did not have enough time to start getting bored and act up during the entire trip. What a blessing!

This time, I didn't manage to get any of the CG mates to join us for the trip so it was totally "own-time-own-target". God is so gracious to provide a nice quiet corner for us right next to our favourite Japanese stall at the nearby Kopitiam where the kids, high chair and the pram did not get in anybody's way. We managed to beat the lunch crowd too, by getting there early.

The most incredible thing was that Joram actually started nodding off in the middle of eating. Sensing the perfect moment, I transferred him to the stroller and continued feeding him till he completely fell asleep! LOL I'm so glad I didn't have to put him in the baby carrier for his nap like the last time... Phew!

And the rest was history. The kids had a few favourite sections and they actually asked to revisit them before we left. As commented by my friend, it was fairly deserted so the kids could really enjoy having the place to themselves most of the time.

Learning from past mistakes, I allowed Jaide to sit in the pram as we left and I timed our departure to coincide with her nap. She KO-ed minutes into the train ride to our tea break destination. By the time she woke, I could straight away present her with the tea break, immediately cutting short her usual after-nap fussiness. Praise the Lord!

It was a wonderful and worthwhile trip. Thank God for His small mercies along the way which made a lot of difference to my physical energy and emotional health. 

Shaking their bon bons...

The boys especially loved this!

Spent a lot of time here.

Watch Joram have great fun with the curtain of strings!

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