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Friday, September 27, 2013


Moments after I warned Joash and Jayna not to run so fast in the house and play so rough, I heard a sickening thud and an abnormally loud wail of pain. 

'Not the eye, Lord, not the eye!' I prayed silently while I approached the scene of the accident. I let out the breath that I was holding when I saw Joash rolling on the floor holding onto his chin. He took a peep at his hand and let out an even more tortured scream when he realized that it was covered with blood. 

I checked the wound. Yup, he had split his chin open. I took a wet wipe to clean away the blood and asked him to hold the wound close while applying light pressure to stop the bleeding. Joshua carried him onto the pram and pushed him to the 24 hr clinic cos that was the only nearby clinic open on a Sunday evening. Unfortunately, the clinic did not offer surgical procedures for young children so they had to go down to KKH's A & E to get the stitching done. 

Joash was a brave boy. He did not flinch when they sewed up the gash, even though they only applied numbing gel on the area. In fact, the experience had not made a dent in his boisterous nature. He was bouncing on the bed that very night after bath-time! *faint*

The monkey of a boy was extremely nonchalant about the healing process. Joshua and I were the only ones who 'suffered' real consequences cos I was the one who had to change the dressing on his wound twice a day. He actually seemed to have enjoyed the additional attention that I give him because of it. Joshua had to take leave to send him to the hospital to remove the stitches a week later cos I had to take the rest of the kids to BSF at the same time as the medical appointment given to us. And of course, there was still the hospital bill to take care of. 

After all that has been said, I'm still very thankful that it was nothing more serious than that. What's a small scar on a boy's chin? No big deal. Yet, I pray that Joash has somehow learnt his lesson from it all before something worse happens to him or those playing with him.

Before the stitching

The stitches

The dressing

Finally... a scar to remember by.

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