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Monday, January 6, 2014

7th Wedding Anniversary

It gets much harder to arrange for some getaway time with just the two of us during the day now that we have four kids. We had to engage the help of my mum-in-law plus 2 cell group friends to look after the children in order to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary! I'm really glad for the last minute offers to babysit. It was almost a no-go for us due to lack of manpower to replace us.

Relieved that we could manage the feat of stealing time away, we set off in style. Joshua surprised me by booking the Uber Black for the ride. I was absolutely delighted! I loved the way the seats could recline comfortably. It was so relaxing to chat with my wonderful Bear Bear in that cozy position that I almost didn't want to get off the vehicle. LOL

I was intrigued by the sign post when we arrived. I remember seeing something like that somewhere else but for the life of me, can't seem to recall where... All my grey matter has gone to the kids, I guess. :P Anyway, the restaurant I wanted to try was not open so we went to Brussel Sprouts & Mussels instead. It was a great choice. The food was much better than I anticipated. We ate so much that we didn't even feel hungry come dinner time! We had a blast enjoying the company, food and scenery.

Joshua actually took a pic of me
photographing the food without
me noticing. Hilarious!

I read that Quayside Isle is one of the few places in Singapore where we can imagine ourselves overseas. I guess it is made easy with so many yachts and speedboats there. It reminded me of our honeymoon at Gold Coast. Best of all, it was pretty secluded and quiet. The weather was perfect for strolling along the coastline being cloudy and windy. It was indeed a very good place for a date.

However, the sun came out and it soon became too hot to continue. We still had another two hours before we needed to head home. Guess what we did? We went back to the mall within walking distance from our place to explore the recently opened/renovated shops which we had no chance to visit with the kids in tow! So deprived... Haha... It was fun though. *grin*

God has truly blessed us with much. It's our prayer that we will be a blessing to others in return.

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