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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Toilet Trained Finally!

It has been a long-drawn battle to toilet train Jaide. It started all the way from last year September when I wrote a post about it. For the longest time, she had been able to make it in time for the big businesses. However, she was EXTREMELY headstrong with regards to going to the toilet to pee. I really wish I could get inside the mind of my little wilful princess to know what actually went on in her mind when she refused to be toilet trained. 

Thankfully, the teachers in school helped by letting her go diaper-less during the three hours daily school-time since June. We discovered that she was completely capable of holding her urine and relieving herself appropriately if she wanted to. It baffled me to no end why she simply didn't want to cooperate at home. I tried all the methods which worked for the older two kids but everything failed. Even the stickers method didn't make a difference. Her older sister had been such a darling to try brainwashing her too but to no avail. 

Given the crazy schedule I manage each day, I really do not have the extra energy and the presence of mind to start a boot camp. I simply can't spare the time neither to clean up her "accidents", borne out of pure pigheadedness, nor continuously manhandle her to the toilet.

For some strange reason, (perhaps prompted by the Holy Spirit?) I decided that enough is enough. Earlier this week, I went and invested in a full set of Hello Kitty panties, personally hand-picked by the obnoxious girl herself. I told her that if she were to refuse going to the toilet and blatantly choose to wet herself, I would give her pretty underwear away to someone else more teachable. It somehow did the trick. There have been no accidents so far for the past two days. 

What a blood-vomiting journey! *faintz* I can only pray that by the grace of God, Jaide will eventually blossom into the godly and powerful leader I saw in my vision during one of my prayer sessions over her... For now, I can only see a wilful child hell-bent on driving me up the wall everyday. But then again, the righteous shall walk by faith and not by sight, right? *wink*

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