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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Lights

Ever since we had kids, walking down Orchard Road during Christmas had ceased to be an enjoyable event. We did try to do it once while I was preggy with Jayna and we had Joash in tow but it was really very difficult. (Click HERE for the post) Another year, we thought it would be easier if we drove down the road in a borrowed car but the traffic jam was so terrible, we were mostly very trapped and harassed with a tired and screaming baby and a bored toddler. We finally gave up the idea altogether! Sigh...

This year, having found it easier to travel with the kids during the holidays and survived multiple wedding dinners and night engagements, I decided it was worth a shot. God was simply so awesome to have held back the rain enough to let us enjoy the night without getting too wet.

We started the evening off with dinner at Coco Ichibanya and yogurt desserts at IIaoIIao. I was surprised that out of the many eateries and restaurants, the kids actually chose to eat curry! Thankfully, there were non-spicy versions for the younger ones. Yumz!

All enjoying their curry rice.

After filling up our tummies, we set off to enjoy the lights under feathery light drizzle which made the night breezy cool and somewhat romantic. It warmed my heart to see that the decorations were not simply for looks. There were murals and installations which told of the true meaning of Christmas. Praise God for that!

The older two were the most excited about the lights and kept asking me to take pictures of them with their favourite decorations. Joram fell asleep halfway through and Jaide, although not as enthusiastic, was extremely well-behaved. 

All loved this star

So many of these colourful
stars hanging on the trees!

I really liked the blue snowflakes

Admiring the lights

They were enthralled
by the colour-changing 
lights at the stairs

She wanted to pose
under the big star!


Can you spot the older two
already at the entrance 
of the Christmas tree?

They were dancing
around inside! LOL

Paragon is supposed
to be the
best dressed building

I saw this winter coat from one of the retail shops and couldn't resist letting our Princess Jayna try it on, and take a picture. Doesn't this give you the Winter Sonata feel? ;P

We ended off the night with a rest stop at Paragon's playground because we were too tired to walk the complete stretch after getting ourselves lost underground for half an hour at ION. That place has expanded by so much since the last time we came! It looks like it will get even bigger looking at the construction going on.

Other than the maze-like experience, we found the night rather enjoyable. We shall include this in our repertoire of family traditions from now on. *beam*

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