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Thursday, January 18, 2018

What's in the purse?

Recently, I have been made aware by different friends on separate occasions that despite the deceptively small size of my bag, I actually have A LOT of stuff in it. Out of curiosity, I decided to do an inventory check of what I have in it. 

Size of bag in relation to me

My bag can also be classified as the bona fide Mummy's purse, since most of the stuff are children-related. For example, I would hardly have any need for first aid if I don't have accident-prone children with me.

I have a stash of first-aid / emergency items:
1) Plasters of all sizes for different types of wounds
2) Eye-drops
3) Lozenges 
4) Lip balm
5) Small container of moisturiser cum antiseptic cream
6) Medicated oil
7) Sewing kit

Next, mealtime and grooming equipment purely for the kids:
1) Wet wipes
2) Food scissors
3) Hair clip
4) Comb

And then there are things to do with kids' entertainment:
1) Mini colour pencil set complete with eraser and sharpener
2) Tiny toy vehicle
3) Note pad for drawing
4) Candles and lighter for birthday cakes

The following are necessities with regards to what I do very often as a homemaker: bringing the kids to the library and grocery shopping. Although we can now use the phone app to borrow books, I prefer to let the children do their own borrowing with their library cards to cultivate independence. The foldable recyclable shopping bag is a must to reduce the use of plastic bags. However, when it comes to cooked food or wet items, there's still a need for plastic bags. That explains the existence of the two blue handles which make it easier to carry multiple plastic bags without them cutting into my palms.

Finally, here are my personal belongings:
1) Wallet
2) Handphone
3) EZ Link card
4) Hair-tie
5) Dental floss
6) House keys
7) My own medicated lip balm
8) Spectacle cloth

Over time, a more items were added to the purse out necessity:
1) Bag clipper - for unfinished packets of snacks
2) Olaf led light - to search for things in the dark and double up as a toy
3) Measuring tape - useful when buying clothes and household items of specific sizes, which can also be used as a toy :P
4) Pen - can't believe that in this time and age, we still need to fill up paper forms!
5) A small power bank with cable
6) My supplements
7) Tiny nail clipper

I actually found this mini screw-driver that have 3 different heads. When assembled together, it takes up almost no space at all! You can tell its size with the 5 cents coin as a reference. 

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