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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Joram is turning 5

The moment I came across the promotional video of Art Zoo, I knew that Joram would love to go. Even though Joram's actual birthday is in April, I decided to celebrate his 5th natal day there yesterday because the whole thing is going to be around only for 3 weeks. And since it's the March holidays and Joshua could take half-day leave, there was no reason to delay.

My darling youngest boy was absolutely thrilled with the place. It was such a joy to see him hopping from one bouncy castle to another with an eager grin on his face. Sadly, I had to permanently park myself under the shade of the ladybug installation after a while due to the sweltering heat. I have always been extremely susceptible to heat exhaustion. Thank God Joshua was available to be dragged around by the kids for the rest of the time on my behalf.  :P

Crossing the Helix Bridge

The place is huge!

Here we are!!!

Before the kids run off

The girls came up with this pose


Reaching for the sky?

Grinning from ear to ear

Big balls galore

Boy in action

Hide and seek

I'm gonna punch!

Ball pit

Joram was calling out the colours 
while he changed it by hitting the ball

When the kids started to get hungry, we went to the Super Heroes Cafe for a sumptuous dinner. Joram totally loved their crispy chicken drumlets. For his birthday cake, he chose the rainbow cake. The restaurant staff even gave the children free lollipops and a Flash apron FOC for the birthday boy. How nice of them!

Daddy praying over the
birthday boy

Trying to act innocent

We purchased the tickets to Art Zoo online using Klook and they gave us complimentary credits to the carnival and that was where we headed to afterwards. It was apparently a special deal given only to certain customers much like a lucky draw. What a perfect birthday present from God! There was enough for each kid to choose two rides. Joram obviously wanted the car rides. Out of the two types, Joram definitely enjoyed the bouncing one more because he kept laughing throughout the ride. 

The apron is too big for him
so it became a decor instead.

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