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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 Grace-filled Years

It's really hard to enjoy ourselves during my pregnancies but we somehow managed to still get time-off to celebrate our wedding anniversary, thanks to my in-laws' help. It's quite hard to put my emotions into words but to put it simply, it amazes me that we'll soon be parents to 4 precious children. The vision that God had shown me as a teen is quickly coming to pass. Joshua had calculated for me that by the time I deliver Joram, I would have spent literally half my married life pregnant! (Okay, 48% to be exact)

If my husband were to be anyone else but Joshua, I'm pretty sure that he would have told me to stop at having one kid, or at most two, after experiencing the extreme difficulties that inevitably come with my pregnancy. God has indeed sent me the perfect husband who is willing to weather through the really trying times to be a true father to the children. I sure look forward to saying goodbye to my child-bearing days and focus on simply raising my children in the ways of the Lord. 

This year, we found a new place with food which we both enjoyed: Hoshi at IMM. Their wagyu beef shabu-shabu was heavenly, even to my pregnant taste buds! This was far better than the ones we had last year at the high-end restaurant, not to mention that it was cheaper too. We'll definitely go back again for another celebration. Farewell, Kuriya, for good! :P

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