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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Finally, a little brother!

A bear to represent him

I've never been anxious about the gender of my babies. I had simply presented to God my preference and will leave it up to Him to decide. So far, God has deemed it fit to give me what I asked for. Previously, I had eagerly wanted to know the gender only because I wanted to prepare the clothes for the child's arrival.

This time, it's a little nerve-wreaking. The main reason we tried for the 4th one so soon was the visions that God had shown me, indicating that there will be another boy in the family. From the time I realised I was pregnant, I had my concerns: If this were to be a girl, does it mean I would have to keep trying for a boy? We shudder at the thought of having to go through another 9 months of hell. And where would we put the 5th one? We had planned for 4 kids staying in one room. Any more than that, it'll get rather crowded. 

And there's also the issue of the older kids. I had asked them if they wanted another sister or a brother if we were to have another baby. They both exclaimed that they wanted to have a younger brother! So, I told them to ask God for one and see if God is willing to give them what they want. 

Jayna had such great faith in God answering her prayers that she started telling everyone in school that she has a little sister at home and a little brother still in Mummy's tummy! I didn't know about it till the teacher called me to congratulate me on a new boy. Imagine the amount of explaining we'll have to do if it turned out to be otherwise. Phew!

My father-in-law would most likely be glad to have another grandson to dote on, looking at the kind of indulging attention he gives to Joash. All in all, everyone is happy that it's a boy.

Now, we're only left with his newborn photo!

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