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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CNY 2013

This year, we had 2 reunion dinners cos my sis-in-law was going for her honeymoon on the eve of CNY. It just so happened that the children's school also requested for them to wear CNY clothes on Friday too. It was a good thing that I had traditional costumes in abundance since I had accumulated them over the years as the kids outgrow them pretty quickly.

This is my second time pregnant during CNY and I'm glad that I'm pretty functional this time round. With our CNY spanning over 5 days, I thank God that I could share much of the load with Joshua so that he would not be over-tired caring for the kids by himself for such an extended period of time.

Our CNY started with a dramatic story to tell. It was also the day we had a gynea appointment. Joshua and I got stuck in a cab for nearly half an hour after it stalled while driving through a flooded stretch of road!!! Thank God for a kind lady who offered to drive us to the next bus stop and for the cab driver who refused to accept our payment for the first part of the journey due to the inconvenience caused. The only unfortunate part was that Joshua's shoes were pretty much ruined as the flood water seeped into the cab on his side. Poor dear...

For the first reunion dinner, Joash and Jaide wore red while Jayna wore her blue cheongsum. She insisted on it even though it was too short for her. I compromised by making her wear a pair of black tights with it and the effect was surprisingly nice. We had a simple fare packed from the coffee shop and simply spent time within the family.

Sharing the keyboard before dinner

We went for the actual reunion dinner with the extended family at Calton Hotel. We girls were all in pink while the guys were in blue. The most hilarious thing was that Joshua forgot to help Jaide put on her shoes in the hurry to get out of the house and she ended up having to run around the hotel lobby in her socks! Blur blue Bear Bear!

Heh heh... Catch me if you can!

Gor Gor bringing 小妹 around

Auditioning to be comedians???

The extended family

All decked in red for the first day of CNY, we visited the house of God first for worship. After which, we headed down to my in-laws' place for visitation, followed by the home of the eldest in the extended family. This year, we taught the older kids to carry the mandarin oranges and greet the home-owners with new year blessings. I was so proud of them when they managed to do that pretty well! 

My father-in-law commented that we collected more "rent" than anyone else simply because we have 3 kids. Well... next year will be the ultimate: 4 red packets from each relative! :P

Don't they look alike?

Me and my sweetie pie


On the second day, we went back to my parents' place. We all wore normal pink clothes so there was no picture taken. My Godma commented on how well-trained the kids were, saying grace before food and eating at the table properly throughout. Frankly, I cannot imagine eating our meal any other way cos mealtimes are sacred in our family as it's a time for quality conversation among family members regarding our day.

Next, we visited a cousin's place and the kids had lots of fun playing with their toys. 

By then, Joshua and I were pretty exhausted with all that traveling so we contented ourselves with going to Jurong Point to buy Joshua's new work shoes (the old ones were ruined by the flood, remember?) and my new watch (the old one ran out of batteries).

Somehow, by the grace of God, we managed to survive it all intact. I'm praying for a less tiring time next year when I don't have to carry a huge 'watermelon' around with me everywhere I go! LOL I can also get to wear my cheongsums once again. Yay!

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