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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Getaway

One thing about having children is that it becomes really difficult to have a leisurely and peaceful meal together as a couple. Joshua took the opportunity of Valentine's Day to apply leave to have a nice lunch with me at a memorable restaurant for us: Nandos. I suggested going to the one in The Star Vista as I had dined there before with the kids' Godma and found the food there better than those in other branches, i.e. the sauce more spicy and the chicken more tender.

It was wonderful for once to let Joshua eat their peri peri chicken piping hot since during the last few times when we ate at Nandos with the whole family, he started eating only after the kids were settled. By then, the chicken had turned cold. I loved the 'bottomless ice lemon tea' and had three refills!

There wasn't anything else we could do apart from enjoying a lovely meal and indulging ourselves in meaningful conversation due to my pregnant state. In fact, I tire so easily that after a mere 1.5 hours of walking around after lunch, I felt ready to zonk out. And, nope, no flowers this time. The last time Joshua got me a bouquet, the roses wilted before I had the time and the presence of mind to admire them! So I told my hubby: no fresh flowers till the kids are older. :P

Great food and even better company!

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