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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Joash's 'Big Six'

Breakfast at Macs

Last year, we went to the Underwater World for Joash's birthday without knowing that there was an even better one nearby which was due to open a month later. To make up for that missed opportunity, we brought Joash to S.E.A Aquarium this year to celebrate his last birthday as a preschooler.  

After breakfast, we took 2 cabs (can't all fit into a single cab!!!) to get to Resort World Sentosa. We made it for the opening time and enjoyed the relatively deserted place before going in. The kids were very impressed with the decor at Candylicious and Joash was especially enamoured by the revolving Universal Studios globe.

Joash was so eager to get into the aquarium that he asked me repeatedly why we were not going in yet 15 min before the opening hour at 10am.

Raring to go!

We're all ready to conquer the world! Bwahahahaha!

Here we are, finally!

I'm happy to be here too.

Milk break

The kids enjoyed themselves but the star attraction to Joash was the sharks. He kept asking about it till we reached the grand finale at the end of the tour.

The star of the show

Enjoying the view

We had our late lunch at the Malaysian Food Street and the adults were very impressed with the design of the place. A lot of heart must have been put into making the food court look authentic. The food were pretty nice too.

Night street in the middle of the day.

We could have gone back in for an hour before the weather was cool enough for beach play but our dear Jayna couldn't wait any longer and kept pressing for us to leave. Joash kindly agreed, so we relented and went to Siloso Beach ahead of time. We had to endure the hot sun for a good half an hour before the sun started to hide behind the clouds while it made its way to the horizon.

Arrived in style

Fetching water from the sea

Mucking around in the sand

Time for the big artillery

Took over the watering can

Needed a caffeine boost...

Can you guess what this means?

Joash made this on the sand. Both Joshua and I guessed that it was to tell the fishes to go into the sea. But our son was far more logical than we give him credit for. He shot us a puzzled frown and said in a condescending tone, "No [silly, implied], there are fishes in the sea."

While the two older ones had great fun at the beach, we were trying very hard to convince Jaide to join in too. However, we were unsuccessful. She screamed murder when we attempted to put her down on the sand. After a few times, we gave up and let her gaze longingly at her siblings and later on simply to chill out together with her grandma and the baby under the shade.

After having a blast at the beach, we headed home. Thank God for a Maxi-Cab which allowed us to travel back all together in luxury, complete with cartoons for the children to occupy themselves while we were caught in some pretty heavy traffic. I'm grateful that we were charged a flat rate or the trip home would have cost us a bomb. To get the normal cabs would also have been near impossible with the super long and slow-moving queue at the taxi stand.

Joash asked to eat pizza for dinner so we trouped to Pastamania. I wanted to get a nice cake for him but he strangely asked for the eclairs which he totally hated because it was whipped cream inside instead of the lovely fillings of the mini ones he tried in the past at weddings. Ah well....

Blessed birthday, my fabulous firstborn!

As souvenirs, we allowed the older two to choose a sea creature plushy each from the aquarium gift shop and let Joash have a go at the penny printing machines. He was so proud of himself that he managed to turn the crank without help after the 3rd attempt. At the beach, the kids actually independently found quite a few nice cute seashells but we encountered technical errors with some of the pictures we took and we lost that particular photo of them finding the shells. Despite that, I'm happy that they could look for the shells themselves as I was the one who found seashells for them last year. They are indeed growing up fast. *nostalgic*

Dolphins are still their favourite

Memento pennies

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