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Friday, October 11, 2013


Just now, while I was coughing my lungs out as I did the laundry, Jaide looked at me for a few moments. Then, she came closer to me, squatted down, put her hand together and started mumbling, " God, Mama... (gibberish)... Mama... (more gibberish) AMEN!"

"Are you praying for God to heal Mummy of her cough?" I asked. Immediately, a beaming smile spread across her face and she nodded vigorously. I was extremely touched by her gesture and gave thanks to the Lord for His wonderful work in her heart.

I do try as much as possible to demonstrate reliance upon God through prayer in all that we do. Apart from saying grace before meals and bedtime prayers, whenever the children hurt themselves, I will pray for them before I administer first aid. When anyone falls ill, we gather together to pray for healing. If they come to me with any difficulty, I remind them to approach God and His word. If we encounter good things, I lead them to give thanks to God's grace and mercy. 

During the many times when I find myself struggling to handle the children's tantrums or needs while having so many chores to be done, I cry out verbally to God for help. Whenever I lose my temper and make mistakes, I ask them to pray on my behalf to ask God for forgiveness and abide in Him. I recite verses when I start feeling overwhelmed by everything despite how much like a deranged woman I must look. 

I want my children to know the depths of God's love and care for us and our great need for Him in our daily lives. I desire for them to know that God is our first, and very often only, line of defense. There is only so much I can do for my children no matter how much I give of myself. However, God is infinitely more powerful, all-knowing and is able to be there for my children when I'm not with them. If they know nothing from me except how to depend on the Lord, I would have fulfilled my purpose as a mother. I am humbled by how mightily God can use a broken vessel like me regardless of my many failings and inadequacy.

Now that I see how the Holy Spirit nourishes the budding growth of prayerfulness in my children's lives, I am filled with thankfulness. How wonderful it is to see them pray for one another without my prompting and even remind one another to depend on God when they are afraid or in trouble! 

Let's take Joash for example. He previously developed a sudden fear of being alone after watching some shows about monsters at my in-laws' place. Yet, after much reminder of God's presence with him everywhere he goes, especially through BSF, he gradually overcame his fear. Jayna, too, says that she asks God to help her be obedient and I can indeed see the fruit of the Spirit in her life. May the Lord continue His amazing work in their lives and I'm utterly privileged to see that first hand.

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