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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jaide is 2 Years Old!

The last time we went to the Singapore Science Centre, Jaide was not even conceived yet. So taking the opportunity of the free entrance, I decided to take the kids there to celebrate Jaide's birthday. Too bad Joshua had to work so he could not join us. 

Wearing waterproof shoes for the water-play!

While waiting for the cab to arrive...

At the Science Centre

Intrigued by the "moving" Photo

Pressing buttons to her heart's content

Usually, Jaide will lose out to her older siblings when it comes to playing due to her small stature and age. However, I reminded Joash and Jayna that we were celebrating Jaide's birthday and thus they should help her enjoy herself as much as possible. I'm happy that they did respond to my urging and allowed their little sister to have her turn first at most of the stations. 

Amazed by the robot

I'm so thankful to have a friend's help during the lunch time. It was so crowded!!! She was also there with her three kids and could celebrate with us part of the way. At least we were able to take turns watching the kids at the table while the other queue and order the food. It would have been so much harder to handle the meal all by myself.

Ice-cream waffle as "cake"

Blessed 2nd Birthday!

The older kids singing the birthday song for her.

The most challenging part of the day was bringing them to the Water Works. I had to handle the changing of their clothes while having Joram in the baby carrier. Definitely back-breaking work! And to my disappointment, Jaide was afraid to play with all the boisterous kids around. Well, at least she seemed fine watching her brother and sister have their fun.

Refusing to let go of my hand

Having a whale of a time!

A short clip of the scenario

I wanted a simple dinner before we headed home but Joash requested to go Sakae Sushi. Since it was a birthday celebration after all, I obliged. Thankfully, Jaide, as the birthday girl, ate the most expensive stuff (Fried salmon skin and teriyaki cod fish) and totally enjoyed herself munching away. Thus, it was worth the expense in the end. Of course, I had to explain to Joash why we don't go to restaurants as often as he liked and teach him regarding spending money wisely.

Spoils from the excursion

Jaide came home with an ink stamp on her hand which she kept talking to me about for the next few days it remained visible. She totally loved her gravity stick too and since there wasn't any yellow ones, she chose her second favourite colour purple.

Joash was so eager to assemble the Lego police car that he requested my help to do it before bedtime. However, I was already dead tired by then that my hands were trembling from sheer exhaustion and could not handle the small pieces well. I had to almost beg him to let us call it a day and assemble the car the another time. Sigh...

I pray that God will grant me the opportunity to see Jaide come to know Jesus personally soon and give me the patience to mould her stubborn independence into dependence upon the Lord. I shall keep sowing the seeds of the gospel in the meantime and wait upon the Holy Spirit to prepare her heart... 

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