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Monday, November 25, 2013

Primary One Orientation

It was such a surreal feeling, entering a school structure very much like my own primary school which no longer exists. It brought me back to my childhood days to step into the assembly hall holding hands, only this time, I'm the adult instead of the child. 

Many would call me foolish, for I knew next to nothing about the school which I had enrolled my eldest in. It was a no-brainer for me since we live within 1km and it was my husband's alma mater. Yet, in God's sovereignty, the school's philosophy matches my own: Character is of upmost importance and that we should seek to nurture the whole child. I heard the very words I told an MOE interviewer just a few days ago regarding my views on education echo in the principal's speech. I found myself nodding in agreement at many points of the talk. Now, all that's left is the practical outworking of that philosophy and the teachability of my son.

I was extremely surprised that Joash seemed to love the school surroundings very much. He looked as if he was at a theme park. He dragged me all over the place exploring, from the computer kiosks to the display microscope and stopping for the longest time admiring the tiny snails in the aquarium outside the general office. He couldn't bear to go back home despite my numerous attempts to call it a day. He asked a thousand and one questions about everything he saw. We were literally the LAST to leave!

I'm not sure if his curiosity and passion to learn will continue to be nurtured in this school but I think Joash is off to a great start if he is so excited about the whole experience. I will watch over his progress and if I observe anything that is of concern, at least I still have the very viable option of homeschooling him. 

Thus, with my eldest beginning primary one, a new era of parenting has begun for me. May the Lord continue to tutor me to be a good steward and shepherd for my children.

At the garden

Turning the cogs

Moving giant chess pieces

Joash: "Hello!"


Favourite seat

Recognising many places

English corner

He managed to find the switch!!!

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